Barça will sign an important nine as a smoke screen

first_imgIt seems written that Barça will sign a smoke curtain this week to try to stop the storm of criticism for the chain of erratic decisions that the Barca club has taken in recent weeks, with assignments or marches of quarry players and a change of coach that is already questioned.And also the low of Suárez. Like it or not, Barça was going to miss the loss of a player who had participated in 25 goals this season. Nine will arrive, but Setién must explore the weaknesses of the system he has implemented upon arrival. Lautaro Martínez and Rodrigo are the great favorites to join Barça, although behind the scenes there is speculation with a cover. When Maxi Gomez’s ball took a diabolical trajectory after Jordi Alba’s rejection and Valencia made it 1-0, Setién looked at the bench and found no striker. There were Iñaki Peña, Lenglet, Junior, Lenglet, Semedo, Rakitic, Vidal and Collado.Carles Pérez, who had renewed his contract until 2022 last September, and that was supposed to be a club bet, was at home packing his bags without knowing his destiny because the club he has given part of the best years of his life has told six days to close the market to look for a team.And while Carles Pérez was sitting at home, Barça woke up in Valencia and only knocked on the door five times. Four of them from Messi and another with an almost joking shot of De Jong. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 25, 2020last_img read more

Why are older brothers more serious and little ones more fun?

first_imgThere are studies that analyze the personality of each brotherThe order of birth can affect the personality Everyone, at some point in our life, has met some brothers who have an incredible resemblance, but when we deepen their personality we realize that they are totally different people. It is hard to think that people who have grown and lived together for so many years together can have such a different personality. This fact has attracted the attention of many psychologists and therefore some different investigations have been carried out. In England, an investigation was conducted which sought the differences that exist between the brothers according to the position in which they were born. That is, if it is the largest, the middle one or the smallest. As a result, this study determined that older siblings feel they have more responsibilities than their other siblings and that little ones do not have that burden so they live life with more fun. Those in charge of this investigation also said that these conclusions are based in addition to the position they were born, the attention they have received from their parents and the age difference between them.On this same topic, the University of Birmingham also conducted a study that says that the brothers who were born in the last place, are more autonomous and rebellious, so they have more chances of becoming everything they intend to be.Personality according to birth order The great personality difference between siblings is a very interesting topic for experts and many have already developed theories that justify it. An example of this is the psychologist Alfred Adler, who established the personality of each brother according to his birth order.According to Alfred Adler, older brothers are safer, organized, responsible and in need of protecting their younger brothers. On the other hand, the middle brothers tend to feel more inattentive, they are competitive and rebellious, but they know how to relate and work as a team. Finally, the little brothers are more friendly, free and having a less strict upbringing are more capricious and carefree.center_img Image: iStocklast_img read more

The Champions League final goes to June 27 and the Europa League final to 24, if the virus allows it

first_imgFollowing the decision to postpone the European Nations Cup to the summer of 2021, UEFA has also decided on continental club competitions, moving the date of the Champions League final to Saturday June 27 and that of the Europa League to Wednesday 24 of the same month.UEFA’s intention is for both competitions to run in full, that is, that all the remaining games are played, although it will depend on the evolution of the crisis by the coronavirus COVID-19, something that is currently still unknown. In this way The options to shorten the competition to a Final Four format from the semi-finals or even the suspension are not completely ruled out. of them in the worst case scenario. At the time of suspension, Only four second leg matches had been played Champions League final (Leipzig 3-Tottenham 0, Valencia 3-Atalanta 4, PSG 2-Dortmund 0 and Liverpool 2-Atlético de Madrid 3) and the return of four other heats (City-Real Madrid, Juventus-Lyon, Barcelona-Naples and Bayern-Chelsea) remain to be disputed. Initially the final of the competition was to be held in Istanbul on May 30.In the Europa League only the knockout stages between Spanish and Italians could not even start (Sevilla-Roma and Inter Milan-Getafe), while in the rest the first leg was played (Eintracht 0-Basel 3, Istanbul BB 1-Copenhagen 0, LASK 0-Manchester United 5, Wolfsburg 1-Shakhtar 2 , Rangers 1-Leverkusen 3 and Olympiacos 1-Wolves 1). The final of the competition was initially scheduled for May 27 in Gdansk (Poland).last_img read more

Pier: from his mess with Lopera to put Betis’ salvation on track

first_imgPier Cherubino has managed to change the face of the Betis Females, team that manages since January. The former player of the Sevillian club appeared as a ray of hope for the Andalusian fans and he has managed to fulfill his mission in his first steps as a Verdiblanco coach: taking the team out of relegation. Pier, who had already earned the affection of the Betis, wins again in the club in which he amazed as a player and in which he left an anecdote in court with his former president Manuel Ruíz de Lopera.The story goes back to the season 1994-95, when Pier was transferred by Tenerife to Sporting de Gijón. The Asturian club included a clause by which the former striker had to pay 300 million pesetas, which were reduced to 150 later, if a return to Tenerife was a bridge to go to another team. This ended up happening, Betis being its new destination. So, Lopera verbally committed to Pier, with the presence of his lawyer, the president of Tenerife or the player’s representative, among other people, that he would take care of everything, but then he washed his hands. The former player had to pay 150 million to Sporting and filed a lawsuit against Lopera.The sentence proved him right, because Pier had numerous witnesses to what happened, and Lopera, who tried to use the name of Betis in this war between the two, had to pay this amount to a Pier, that marks this event as the only negative point of his time at the Verdiblanco club, in which feel the colors again like the first day.last_img read more

The last train for Diego Costa after completing a dark gray year

first_imgSimeone, the club and a large part of the fans still believe that Diego Costa has big nights left like rojiblanco. Although not with the regularity of the brand new 2013-14, but he is still a forward with intimidation capacity for the rivals. The 2019 preseason showed a much improved Costa compared to the previous year. It was not only the great night against Real Madrid, with his four goals, but already from training and in other matches. A finer Diego, more plugged in, hungrier and with a goal and that sponsored João Félix to make it easier for them to adapt to the group. Y Costa banded himself to get to Atlético-Liverpool, the first leg, and he did it. He was discharged just for that date, and when he entered the second half, the Metropolitan Wanda once again erupted. The coaching staff and the dressing room value that contagion effect the forward has. He is the first to put a good mood in training, but also the leader when it comes to battle. So, He started at Anfield, had a chance in 10 seconds and little else until he was replaced between fuss. Now, a new break, this global one. Upon his return, Diego Costa faces a new challenge, perhaps the last, to demonstrate that he still has much to say. The team needs its best version … A year ago, Diego Costa was still lamenting his expulsion at the Camp Nou two days before. That red one brought him an eight-game punishment, saying goodbye to the season. And in this, between injuries and droughts, nor was it the Costa that was intuited, especially for what was taught in the New Jersey summer derby. The balance of the last 366 days shows a rather gray year for the striker: he has only played 19 games, with 1,192 minutes and two official goals. For the return to competition, Costa has the challenge of convincing that his best version is not as far as his recent numbers suggest.center_img Lagarto’s started the official course with a muscle injury (and still dragging the final part of the sanction), but then it was indisputable for Simeone. With everything, he only scored against Mallorca and Valencia in the 15 games he played until, again, he had to brake, this time for a cervical disc herniation. To the operating room and to think about the eighth of Champions, about three months of leave and rehabilitation.last_img read more

Trejo and his Foundation mobilize to help Santiago del Estero

first_imgTo colaborate, the Chocota Trejo Foundation has set up a website and on his Social Networks he has appealed, especially to his compatriots, to whom ask for the donation of non-perishable food and clothing. They will not have to move from home, since they will be volunteers who will collect all that essential material in this serious crisis. An action that will be coordinated by Fernando Marmo ( Those who want to participate and follow this event – also the song and folklore will be represented – can do so on the YouTube channel ‘Fundacion Chocota Trejo’. “Of situations as hard as the one we are living we will only get out if we work together. That is why I want to lend a hand to the most disadvantaged in my land, Santiago del Estero. Dare to collaborate! “Asked the playmaker and Rayo captain, whose Foundation has been since 2012 taking care that the children of its region have their needs covered, organizing charity parties, raffles, distributing school supplies … People are mobilizing and, in just 24 hours, the 5,500 euros of collection have already been exceeded. Óscar Trejo will organize a charity event next Sunday, April 26, at 7:00 p.m. (2:00 p.m. Argentine time), to help his native Santiago del Estero, also plagued by this coronavirus epidemic. They will join the Chocota different players from Santiago (not only soccer, but also basketball) scattered all over the world, such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil … An initiative in which T-shirts and different sports equipment will be raffled with the objective of raising funds that will go to hospitals and dining rooms in this Argentine region. “The silver will be used to buy all the necessary materials in the hospitals, which are preparing a list,” confessed the redhead.last_img read more

Robert Moreno lost faith in Barça’s comeback to PSG

first_imgRobert Moreno has given an interview to RMC Sport, in which he recalled Barcelona’s unforgettable comeback against PSG in the Champions. The team then trained by Luis Enrique had to face 4-0 at the Parque de los Príncipes and get a heroic lap at the Camp Nou. He did it, with a six-goal victory at one and two goals in injury time. Cavani, at 62 ‘, seemed to have destroyed all Barça hope, but in an agonizing end they managed to pass to the quarterfinals. However, even the protagonists of that story did not have faith until the last moment. “I was in the stands during the game, but at 4-1 in the 88th minute I thought it was all over, so I went back to the locker room. Then I heard the fifth and sixth goals, so I quickly went out onto the field. It was something incredible, “recalls the Monaco coach, who admits to having thrown in the towel prematurely.He also gave credit to his club back then: “It is difficult for PSG, because they did not think to fit that result after a 4-0. When you arrive at the Camp Nou it is difficult. 90 minutes in Barcelona are very long.” However, throughout the previous weeks, the Barça coaching staff conscientiously stated the match: “Justo after the defeat in Paris, we began to prepare for the return. We wonder how to win, how to turn the result around“last_img read more

I work in groups of six, and without a shower, water or car

first_img3. No more than two: The gym of the sports city will be considered a risk area, so it will only be allowed the presence of a maximum of two players in its facilities, which must also be disinfected after each use and be provided with sanitizing hydro-alcoholic gel. The protocol advises against using the gym in the first two stages.Four. Groups of six: The Training on the field will be divided into groups of six players, they could be expanded to eight in the second stage. Including footballers and coaches, there can be no more than ten people on the field. The coach will be able to do three working groups of eight players, but they will not be able to coincide on the ground. They may not mix in any of the sports city facilities, neither to train nor in the locker room.5. Confinement: In the fourth stage, the last week before starting to compete (scheduled for the first or second week of June, will work in a concentration regime well in the right hotel closest to the training center or in the club’s own facilities, if available. It will work in a confinement regime and closed to the outside.6. Test: The tests will be passed during the four stages of the protocol, according to the criteria and frequency ordered by the doctor. In the event of a positive during the stage, the infected person and his colleagues will be separated from his work group. to quarantine and LaLiga will be informed so that, via CSD, it can be forwarded to the health authorities, who will decide on the process. The protocol that the Superior Sports Council (CSD) has sent to the Ministry of Health for the recovery of the activity of professional soccer teams is a 25-page document to which this newspaper has had access and which details the staggered return of the players to training. The protocol for the return of footballers to activity It is divided into four one-week stages and has been designed to compete again from June 5 to 12.. The phases that it contemplates are the following: 1. Autocovid: Tests prior to returning to the activity for the so-called ‘first team staff’, which will be reduced to one person per job, which must be listed. It will be limited to the coach, technical assistant, soccer players, doctor, physical therapist and utillero. They will be carried out in each person’s car 72 hours before the start of training. That same vehicle will be disinfected and it will be the one to be used during the four phases of the protocol, without more people entering it.2. Masks: The staff of the List of the first team must come to the facilities at intervals in groups of maximum 10 people, protected with gloves and a mask, which they will wear in all training areas except on the field, in the case of soccer players. Showering in the training center will not be allowed. Fruit will not be allowed in the locker room or water, unless it is bottled.last_img read more

Gabri, ex of Andorra: “Piqué professionally disappointed me”

first_imgEverything was conceived after a deep slump, which resulted in seven consecutive games without winning, three in a row falling defeated. The elimination in Copa del Rey, which was the ideal competition to show the world the dimension of the project, did not help either. “I lost three games and Piqué and the sports management understood that they had to stop me. They told me that they did not see me capable of reversing the situation to enter the Playoff, “he explains. And, despite the fact that the objectives were different, the exciting start of Andorra was already looking on the horizon one more step in the dream of Gerard: Let the anthem of the Champions League sound in the Principality.“The team had been built in two weeks and was designed to play in Third and try to fight for promotion to Second B. We went up, but even the players we signed were told they might suffer to keep from going down. In the first matches it was assumed that Andorra would be in the bottom of the table“adds Gabri. Transfers like Palanca, Gaffoor or Víctor Casadesús set other goals, but the change from Regional to the previous step to professionalism offered too much contrast. Despite this, it was given to Nacho Castro, formerly of Horta, the command to seek to classify among the first four. With the season in ‘stand by’ it seems that the challenge will have to wait.Even so, the first experience in Second B could be rated high. Andorra is ninth with 41 points, with the descent very far and the Playoff zone at eight points. Gabri, in RAC1, scores as much: “We were leaders for four days and we were the third team in the table that came first most times. They are not bad numbers for a team that had just moved up and had not played in that category for twenty years. Despite the fact that going from Second Division B to Second was easy“ The Piqué Andorra project was born last season from a regional category. However, the ambition and investment of the Barcelona central made possible the promotion to the Third Division and, later, Second B thanks to the purchase of the place. However, despite expectations, it seemed complicated that the team could make the leap to professional football in just one season. But, one way or another, It was around the head of Piqué, who gave Gabri the helmsman to try to achieve it. The squad started thrown, occupying Playoff positions regularly, but a poor streak of results forced the change on the bench.That news, which came as a surprise to many, also angered Gabri, who showed AS her frustration and disappointment. But it has not been until today when the ex-technician of Andorra, in RAC1, has spoken publicly after his dismissal. “It was difficult for me to understand the decision, which was obviously Piqué’s. First the sports management told me and then he. He was the one with the last word. What is the personal relationship turned out well, but professionally I was disappointed“, recognizes the trainer despite the fact that his team was in a comfortable position in the table.last_img read more

The Liberbank Santa Teresa, with a contained promotion

first_imgThe Liberbank Santa Teresa returns to Olympus two years later. And it does it in a approach that by no means imagined, after a season abruptly suspended by the coronavirus. Nothing is identical. Not even the magic of ascending after two years of battle. “We’re with blended emotions. With contained want and emotion, with out with the ability to bodily let go “, the president of Santa Teresa, María Jesús Vega, tells AS after studying of the choice of the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation (RFEF). Within the absence of affirmation, ready for the Delegate Fee to ratify the federative proposal in the present day, the promotion “is already a actuality”, as indicated by the Badajoz Provincial Council.“We made a video name and there have been a lot of feelings. I began crying. We’re all excited. It was a combination of laughter and tears of happiness. It’s a nice pleasure for each your complete membership, town and the Extremaduran followers and soccer, “continues Vega, who has devoted altruistically these previous two years to the presidency of this humble Extremaduran membership. María Jesús, who combines his work in Santa Teresa with well being administration in a personal firm, took over the reins of the entity from La Paz nearly with out wanting when his earlier president, Pablo Ritoré, resigned from the publish after descending to Second.That was left behind, alongside with two years of laborious work. “We now have optimized what little we needed to get the most effective efficiency”, declares the president, who has a very particular affection for the membership the place her daughter is a member and who was born from the varsity, Santa Teresa, the place she, her youngsters and kinfolk have been educated. “We’re a humble and really acquainted membership, during which we even have varied social tasks for the mixing of kids with disabilities or with social issues. Additionally they have the fitting to have the potential of taking part in sports activities in a group,” says Vega. Now, María Jesús has entered the historical past of the pacense group. Maybe he has not accomplished it the best way he needed, however his group returns to the class they have been in between 2014 and 2018. Though there’ll nonetheless be a wait to see if the subsequent season can begin with out issues. “It’s an atypical uncertainty. You might be fearful of not understanding when the season will begin and what is going to occur “, says María Jesús, who admits feeling a sure “prudence” earlier than making the bounce to Primera. “These years we have now labored on a strong membership construction for every little thing that lies forward. The calls for are going to be better and we are going to attempt to stay as much as it,” he factors out.“We now have tried to be a reference and an instance”The Liberbank Santa Teresa has proven that it’s as much as the greats, even combating for the Iberdrola Problem. “Few golf equipment like us have had the gamers registered within the Second Division and we wager on that, as a result of ladies’s soccer is getting nearer to males’s soccer. We now have tried to be a reference and be an instance for everybody “, highlights the president of the Extremaduran membership.Lastly, Vega talks in regards to the protest by some golf equipment, that are demanding that the RFEF cancel the season. “If that have been so, all of the funding and energy that we have now devoted stays on the identical degree as different golf equipment that haven’t. We all the time belief that the present rules could be taken under consideration. We now have not entered into whether or not it’s truthful or unfair however into what we consider to be authorized. I think about that for this choice it would have been thought of what was essentially the most right “stresses the president of a Santa Teresa who returns to be First.Estefa Lima: “We went as much as keep”.Estefania Lima, captain of Santa Teresa, declares that there have been days of “a lot uncertainty”. “We might have appreciated to get the promotion within the subject and have a good time it because it deserves“, confesses one of many pichichis of the Iberdrola Problem, with fifteen targets.The Extremaduran soccer participant assures that the promotion to First “offers a little bit of vertigo”, during which it has been demonstrated this 12 months that there’s a excessive degree. “It’s a nice problem for the membership”, declares Lima, who sentences: “There will probably be opinions of all tastes however Santa Teresa deserves this promotion. We go as much as keep. “Captain’s phrase.last_img read more