Gabri, ex of Andorra: “Piqué professionally disappointed me”

first_imgEverything was conceived after a deep slump, which resulted in seven consecutive games without winning, three in a row falling defeated. The elimination in Copa del Rey, which was the ideal competition to show the world the dimension of the project, did not help either. “I lost three games and Piqué and the sports management understood that they had to stop me. They told me that they did not see me capable of reversing the situation to enter the Playoff, “he explains. And, despite the fact that the objectives were different, the exciting start of Andorra was already looking on the horizon one more step in the dream of Gerard: Let the anthem of the Champions League sound in the Principality.“The team had been built in two weeks and was designed to play in Third and try to fight for promotion to Second B. We went up, but even the players we signed were told they might suffer to keep from going down. In the first matches it was assumed that Andorra would be in the bottom of the table“adds Gabri. Transfers like Palanca, Gaffoor or Víctor Casadesús set other goals, but the change from Regional to the previous step to professionalism offered too much contrast. Despite this, it was given to Nacho Castro, formerly of Horta, the command to seek to classify among the first four. With the season in ‘stand by’ it seems that the challenge will have to wait.Even so, the first experience in Second B could be rated high. Andorra is ninth with 41 points, with the descent very far and the Playoff zone at eight points. Gabri, in RAC1, scores as much: “We were leaders for four days and we were the third team in the table that came first most times. They are not bad numbers for a team that had just moved up and had not played in that category for twenty years. Despite the fact that going from Second Division B to Second was easy“ The Piqué Andorra project was born last season from a regional category. However, the ambition and investment of the Barcelona central made possible the promotion to the Third Division and, later, Second B thanks to the purchase of the place. However, despite expectations, it seemed complicated that the team could make the leap to professional football in just one season. But, one way or another, It was around the head of Piqué, who gave Gabri the helmsman to try to achieve it. The squad started thrown, occupying Playoff positions regularly, but a poor streak of results forced the change on the bench.That news, which came as a surprise to many, also angered Gabri, who showed AS her frustration and disappointment. But it has not been until today when the ex-technician of Andorra, in RAC1, has spoken publicly after his dismissal. “It was difficult for me to understand the decision, which was obviously Piqué’s. First the sports management told me and then he. He was the one with the last word. What is the personal relationship turned out well, but professionally I was disappointed“, recognizes the trainer despite the fact that his team was in a comfortable position in the table.last_img read more