Canadas E coli outbreak steps lag US because of caseloads experts

first_imgCompanies in this story: (TSX:EMP.A)Tara Deschamps, The Canadian Press TORONTO — When news broke Tuesday that consumers should avoid eating romaine lettuce because of an E. coli outbreak, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention swiftly demanded retailers remove the vegetable from store shelves and restaurants stop including it in meals.But in Canada, the country’s public health and food inspection agencies stopped short of insisting on its removal, despite it being linked to the illnesses of 18 people in Ontario and Quebec — six required hospitalization.Experts said the difference in approach likely stems from how many cases crop up in a country, how cautious nations want to be about protecting industries and how comfortable a country is with their hunches about the outbreak’s origins.Norman Neumann, the vice-dean of the University of Alberta’s School of Public Health, said during outbreaks impacting Canada and the U.S., health bodies from both countries will likely consult each other on investigating the source, but don’t always co-ordinate their responses.He suspects the U.S. has gone a step further than Canada in part because U.S. authorities reported 32 cases of E. coli, 13 of which involved a person who was hospitalized.“The caseloads are higher in the U.S. so it might suggest a little bit more of a severe response in the U.S.,” he said.Pinpointing the exact cause of the outbreak can be difficult because public health officials often have to search for similarities in places those who fall ill have visited or what they’ve eaten.It can take a week for symptoms to appear in some cases and by then, asking someone to recall everything they ate the week before might be difficult and thus, impact a health agency’s comfort in taking action against a particular source of the outbreak, Neumann said.“When there are outbreaks, certain things have been implicated only to find out years later the epidemiology evidence wasn’t sound or secure,” he said. “You can pinpoint a potential source only to find out a few weeks, months or years later it was maybe not the source and we ruined an industry in response.”The Canadian Food Inspection Agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment about why it had stopped short of instructing grocery stores to stop selling romaine lettuce and restaurants to cease serving it.However, the CFIA has said if the contaminated food products are identified in Canada, they will take the necessary steps to protect the public, including recalling the product.Nova Scotia-based grocery giant Empire Company Ltd. didn’t wait for an official request from the CFIA though. On Wednesday, it said it was temporarily taking 300 products containing the vegetable off shelves at about 1,500 Sobeys, Safeway, IGA, Foodland, FreshCo, Thrifty Foods, and Lawton’s Drug Stores locations.Jim Chan, a former health inspector and manager at Toronto Public Health, said he believes it is within the provincial public health body’s abilities to issue a warning to all food premises, including restaurants, quick-dining options and supermarkets, to stop serving romaine until the CFIA confirms the product is safe.“I strongly believe that Health Canada/CFIA should call for retailers and wholesalers to remove all off shelves, as well as a recall to consumers,” he told The Canadian Press. “I think food safety should take priority.”Chan added that most of Canada’s romaine lettuce is imported from the U.S. because Canada’s growing season ended in August.The Public Health Agency of Canada said the 18 people who fell ill in connection to the outbreak in Canada reported their cases between mid-October and early November, and one complained of suffering a severe complication related to it.Those affected were between the ages of five and 93 and were located in Ontario and Quebec.The agency said before their illnesses occurred, the people affected reported eating romaine lettuce at home, in prepared salads purchased at grocery stores and from menu items ordered at restaurants and fast food chains.Typical symptoms of illnesses caused by E. coli include stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting, though the bacteria is usually benign.last_img read more

Tunisian Parliament Votes to Remove Prime Minister From Power

Rabat – The Tunisian Parliament voted almost unanimously to dismiss the Prime Minister, Habib Essid, on Saturday. In his two years in office, Essid received tremendous criticism over his inability to pass economic reforms. Only three of the 188 ministers voted in support of Essid.Tunisia has experienced economic turmoil since the 2011 revolution. Now, more than one third of young Tunisians are unemployed, according to BBC.This vote comes after pressure was placed on the Prime Minister to resign. Essid refused to step down without a parliamentary vote of no confidence. Essid’s successor has not been selected, but BBC reports that negotiations will begin on Monday.

55 children in Mozambique die each day from unsafe water – UNICEF

Unsafe water and poor sanitation are killing almost 55 children every day in Mozambique, a country plagued by one of the highest child mortality rates in the world, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today. Cholera – which thrives where filthy water stagnates – is still endemic in parts of the country, and the threat of the disease looms over the most vulnerable children, UNICEF said. Over the past nine months, 12,433 people were treated and 109 people died from the disease. According to UNICEF, of every 1,000 children born in Mozambique, 246 die within their first five years, with 13 per cent of these deaths directly attributable to a lack of access to clean water, proper sanitation and poor hygiene practices. “This translates into 55 children under five years of age dying every day from diarrhoea. Thousands more are at risk because of cholera, infections caused by dirty water, and inadequate sanitation conditions if conditions are not improved and work is not speeded up,” UNICEF warned. A study conducted in November 2002 showed that 25 per cent of households surveyed were spending more than an hour every day to reach their water source. Efforts to obtain fresh water place enormous strains on family members, particularly women and children. “These chores fall heavily on children, particularly girls, preventing them from attending school. Furthermore, many schools have no latrines. The lack of privacy spells a powerful deterrent for parents to keep their daughters out school,” UNICEF said. In rural areas, only 26 per cent of the population can get clean water, while 29 per cent have access to latrines. UNICEF has responded by providing the Government’s public works department with funds and chlorine for emergency water treatment, and has implemented massive hygiene promotion campaigns. read more

Queen expresses concern after shakeup of royal security

first_imgThe Queen has expressed concern about a shake up in her security detail that means her protection officers are regularly rotated, it has been claimed.Scotland Yard has been gradually implementing a new policy that provides protection to the royal family on a pool basis, meaning back-up officers are sometimes assigned to government ministers and sometimes to royalty.A senior source told the Evening Standard: “Her Majesty is not the only one who has expressed concerns.“A number of senior officers are not happy either. Personal protection is all about building a relationship with the principal. How on earth is that supposed to happen if the officers are rotated every five minutes with new faces?”Ken Wharfe, who was a personal protection officer for Diana, Princess of Wales, said: “The security will be less effective.“Understanding the behaviours of the person you are charged with protecting is crucial. Understanding the machinations of the royal household is very important too. “If you are from a pool, one minute looking after a Cabinet minister and the next a member of the royal family, how are you able to build up that rapport with the principal? It doesn’t make sense. No wonder Her Majesty has privately expressed her disquiet.” The Queen is said to have expressed concerns following a shake up of royal securityCredit:Ian Jones The Royalty and Specialist Protection unit was formed in 2015, with the merger of squads that protect politicians, diplomats and the royal family.The bigger team of pooled officers was said to have been introduced to reduce the huge overtime bills being racked up by royalty officers.Mark Rowley, a Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, said at the time: “We’re constantly looking for ways to save money that don’t impact on the quality of protection.”Last November, Scotland Yard announced it was recruiting 120 armed officers to protect the increasing number of key individuals the group was tasked to protect.The advert said recruits would be tasked with providing armed close protection to members of the Royal Family, senior government ministers, and visiting foreign dignitaries.A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “We never comment on anonymously sourced reports claiming to represent The Queen’s private views. Security is a matter for the police.”A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “The process for appointing personal protection officers has not changed. Equally their roles and responsibilities remain unaltered. We do not recognise the commentary from the anonymous source.”center_img The Queen is said to have expressed concerns following a shake up of royal security Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Parnis Manufacturing gets drum winder order from Canadian gold mine

first_imgSouth Africa’s Parnis Manufacturing has a global reputation in manufacturing and refurbishing mine winders and it recently delivered a 23 t, 3 m single drum winder to a gold mining company in Canada. The unit will be used as a man winder and service hoist, and will be used to reach a depth of 2,000 m. Manufacturing the winder using material that is safety critical, Parnis Manufacturing’s contribution was to profile and roll, fabricate and weld, inspect, machine and paint – among other specialist services.Its quality systems, depth of expertise and range of heavy machinery are among the factors that have ensured its success in this field, according to Brian Berry, Works Manager at Parnis Manufacturing. “We work from drawings supplied by our customers, first inspecting the material to ensure that it complies with the specifications, and then preparing it for welding. This is essential to ensure an optimum quality result,” says Berry. “A critical element in the fabrication of the winder drum is our specialised welding and boilermaking skills.”Boilermakers fabricated the drum using S355J2+N steel, a raw material that can be sourced either from a local supplier or imported – depending on availability and the demands of the project’s timeframe. “Winder manufacture is certainly a complex engineering task, with the final product comprising a drum, two brake carriers and two brake discs, as well as a shaft, gear box, couplings, bearings and bearing bases,” he says.After the welding process is completed, the drum goes through full non-destructive testing (NDT) and dimensional inspection to ensure that it conforms to the drawing specifications, and that the requirements of the customer are met. This large component is then sent for stress relieving, after which the gussets and stiffeners are removed and another full NDT and dimensional inspection conducted.“All this testing is done to ensure the integrity of the material has not been compromised at any stage during the manufacturing process,” says Berry. “The large fabrication is then marked up to ensure machining allowances are within specification, and joint faces are pre-machined on the horizontal boring machines, making use of temporary holes.”Parnis Manufacturing’s facility is equipped with horizontal borers which have capacities of up to 5.5 m longitudinal travel and a height of 2.5 m. The drum is then assembled with temporary fasteners and is inspected once again. Following this process, it is set up for further pre-machining on the drum, leaving material for the final machining phase. “The drum is then dismantled and final machining of the joint faces – with joint holes – is conducted,” he says. “Final assembly is done followed by final machining using the vertical boring machine.”Vertical boring capacity at Parnis Manufacturing extends to a table size of 4.5 m, a turning diameter of 5.3 m and a turning height of 3.2 m, with a maximum load of up to 50 t. Other equipment at the company’s facility includes milling machines with 4.5 m longitudinal travel and a height of 1.8 m, as well as overhead crane lifting capacity of 50 t (tandem).“We mark off hole positions for the brake disc carriers, as well as for the positions of the shaft, and then drill and ream for brake and shaft carriers,” he says. “A simultaneous process is carried out for the two brake carriers, after which shot blasting and painting can be done. The components are trial assembled before being packed for shipment.”Berry highlights the depth of expertise in mine winder fabrication and refurbishment which continues to reside in South Africa, and emphasises the value of close communication with the customers during construction, to ensure that the final quality product is perfectly to specification.Parnis Manufacturing tackles not only new winders, but also has an established track record for the repair and complete refurbishment of mine winders. Outlining the refurbishment process, he says the work includes stripping down, cleaning and building up of worn areas, as well as extensive machining.“This is all done on the strength of comprehensive dimensional reports and in close consultation with customer,” he adds. “The machining of the main winder shaft, for instance, requires the customisation of all the related components in line with new size requirements.”Items like white metal bearings and seals have to be procured in accordance with the exacting tolerances of the reconditioned shaft. The facility even has capacity to refurbish double drum winders, which comprise clutching equipment, drum bushes, stub shafts and various other components.“It is important to remember that customers expect the refurbished equipment to function as new, so our artisans and technicians must be at the top of their game to get the most out of our reconditioning facility,” says Berry. “Where possible, we also work closely with original equipment manufacturers to ensure that the right quality procedures are followed to achieve the best quality result.”Parnis Manufacturing’s engineering capability covers the design, fabrication, machining and manufacture of medium to heavy equipment, which includes crushing equipment, mining skids, e-houses, mills and mill heads.last_img read more

Mattel to release Angry Birds board game this May

first_imgWhen developer Rovio decided to expand the platforms its ultra-popular Angry Birds game was available for, we expected all the usual suspects such as PC, consoles and Facebook. What we didn’t expect was a physical board game being created. That’s exactly what’s happening, with board game pros Mattel handling creation and release.The board game will be called Angry Birds Knock on Wood and will have support for between two and four players. As you’d expect, the pieces included in the set comprise of birds, pigs, a slingshot, and lots of structural pieces to make obstacles.AdChoices广告Gameplay consists of a strategy card game coupled with actually using the slingshot to fire your angry birds. As Electricpig describes:Player One pulls a mission card. Player Two then builds the structure shown on the card for Player One to attempt to knock down to score as many points as possible. The first to 1,000 points wins. If you’re eager to play Knock on Wood you’ve got a few months to wait yet as it’s not out until May (worldwide). It also costs a bit more than the iPhone app does at $14.99. Unfortunately, there’s no online access for multiplayer, you’re going to actually have to interact with people in the real-world for this game.Read more at Electricpiglast_img read more

Ryans break from Trump prompts talk of GOP rebellion

first_imgWASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan’s abandonment of Donald Trump is aimed at protecting Republican control of the House. But it may test his hold on his own job, and his long-term ambitions.Ryan’s announcement that he won’t defend his party’s presidential nominee and that GOP candidates should choose their own paths to victory — with or without Trump — has led some Republicans to suggest they may not back Ryan’s re-election as speaker.“Given the stakes of this election, if Paul Ryan isn’t for Trump, then I’m not for Paul Ryan,” Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla., said Wednesday on Twitter.Assuming Republicans remain in control of the House after November’s elections — which no longer seems assured — Ryan may need every GOP vote he can get to keep his post. That means Ryan, R-Wis., cannot afford to let this week’s trickle of defiant Republican lawmakers grow much larger.Ryan, 46, was the 2012 vice presidential nominee and many think he could run for president in 2020, or beyond. Losing an election for speaker could be a blow to any loftier political ambitions.last_img read more

Toddler dies after falling into culvert on Yakima River

first_imgKENNEWICK — Authorities say a 2-year-old boy died after he wandered into the Yakima River while his father was asleep.The Tri-City Herald reports the boy died Monday at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland.Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher says the child’s father took a nap with the boy and his 3-year-old brother around 12:30 p.m. inside the family’s trailer.Investigators say although the father barricaded the door, the boys were gone when he woke up.Hatcher says the father looked along the riverbank and pulled the boy out of a culvert, starting CPR with a neighbor’s help.The 3-year-old went to a neighboring house. He wasn’t hurt.Deputies arrived and took over CPR before medics took the child to the hospital.Hatcher says the boy died around 5:15 p.m.last_img

Report Lyon plan talks with Fekir over his future

first_imgLyon president Jean-Michel Aulas reportedly plans to hold talks with Nabil Fekir over his future plansThe 25-year-old forward nearly left Lyon at the end of last season for Liverpool before medical results saw the Premier League outfit attempt to lower the asking price.But Lyon wouldn’t budge which resulted in a break down in talks with Liverpool and saw Fekir remain at the club.However, with 18 months left on his contract, Lyon want Fekir’s future to be resolved before the winter break in France – which starts on December 22 after their game at Montpellier.Neymar responds to PSG criticism with a stunning winner Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Despite all the backlash he got today at Parc des Princes, Neymar responded by scoring a stunning winner vs Strasbourg.We all knew that Neymar’s…Le Progres reports that Lyon president Aulas plans to hold a meeting with the World Cup winner to discuss his plans.Amid reported interest from both Chelsea and Bayern Munich, Lyon wants answers and are not renown for allowing player contracts to expire.Fekir has managed four goals and four assists in 14 appearances this season for Lyon, who lost 2-0 at home to Rennes on Wednesday.last_img read more

Full Show Mayor Sylvester Turner Answers Your Questions March 12 2019

first_imgOn Tuesday’s Houston Matters: Mayor Sylvester Turner says the cost of Proposition B creates a significant budget issue for the city, which will likely mean layoffs of both firefighters and city employees.The mayor joins host Craig Cohen to discuss the matter along with other issues the city is facing, from hurricane preparedness, to Houston’s failed bid to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention.You can submit your questions now to this hour: Horticulturist Chris Ludwig of Mercer Botanic Gardens answers your gardening questions.We offer a daily podcast here, on iTunes, Stitcher and other podcasting apps. This article is part of the Houston Matters podcast Share X Listencenter_img 00:00 /50:21 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

Team Geeks Favorite Movies of 2017

first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Solar Energy Outpaced Fossil Fuels in 20174 New Gadgets You Should’ve Bought in 2017 Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was the prime suspect to become a Wolverine fanatic. I collected the original run and dove deep into Claremont’s Uncanny X-men, the animated series it was based on, Origins, the Ultimate line. All of it! When I saw Logan’s adaptation in Singer’s 2000 X-Men film, I thought it worked. I felt there was so much more that could be shown to develop this character. Fast forward through all the abysmal Wolverine films, and we land on its final film in the franchise, Logan. This one adapts elements from the Old Man Logan comic, along with a few others, all while fitting it into the preexisting X-men film universe. For fans, this just spelled a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly enough director James Mangold worked pure magic with the screenplay work he was given. Not only is this the best Wolverine film; It can also be considered to be the best X-Men film to date. If you told me back the 80’s that a new Star Wars film would hit theaters starring Luke Skywalker and I’d still pick a Wolverine film over it; I’d say “You’re losing your sleigh bells, bub.” This entry is visceral, brutal and full of so much damn heart that I’d say it’s easily one of my top three comic films of all time. I know there are rumors with Disney buying Fox that Hugh might reprise the role of Wolverine one more time on screen in an Avengers film. But I’m simply okay with letting his portrayal of Logan end with this beautiful piece.      Mother!Submitted by Brittany VincentI went into Mother! knowing very little about what to expect. I’ve never been a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence, but this Darren Aronofsky flick enticed me from the moment I caught a glimpse of its ornate and grotesque poster with Lawrence seemingly offering her bloody, beating heart up to someone just in the distance. What I got from the film was more than I could ever have expected. If you’ve ever heard that you should go into the movie blind, or that the end product is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, know that those rumors are absolutely true. I gained a new appreciation for both Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem as well as the depth of their acting chops, and I can’t wait to be able to add this unique and wholly bizarre film to my 4K Blu-ray collection when it finally arrives.ColossalSubmitted by Sheilah VillariColossal was one of those movies that hit me right in the gut. And it’s not just because I have the same tic as our heroine, which I do in the exact same spot. (I hit my head on a cabinet years ago and still pick at it when I’m nervous.) Anne Hathaway plays a writer looking for redemption or inspiration or both. At a dead end in every way in her life, she returns to her childhood town and reconnects with old “friends.” Through supernatural forces, she begins to find her place and purpose. As she learns how her actions impact not only herself but those near her and around the rest of the world she begins to rethink it all. We should all connect with our inner “monster” and evaluate the damage we do to ourselves and our environment. Colossal while not a perfect film, it plays with imagery that should be supported for daring to try something different. In 2017 we returned to some of our favorites franchises and watched those worlds expanded and advanced. But we also had some pretty provocative and innovative storytelling come out of the cinema too. Whether you like comedy, drama, horror or anything in between, this year there was definitely something for everyone. We here at Geek had a hard time picking our favorites but here’s what we chose.Thor: RagnarokSubmitted by K. Thor JensenSure, one could say that I’m a little biased because my parents named me after Marvel’s God of Thunder, but Thor: Ragnarok gave me everything I’ve ever wanted from a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Taika Waititi jumped in with both feet and just had fun with everything that the comics had to offer, giving us a wildly likable Thor on an alien planet forced to battle for his life. Brisk, beautiful and candy-colored, it did everything right that Justice League did wrong. Logan LuckySubmitted by Insha FitzpatrickI can not say enough good things about this movie. I will not stop until everyone knows how fantastic it. I’m a huge fan of simplicity that packs a punch, and that’s precisely what Logan Lucky does. It’s another take on the heist movie that’s straightforward, ambitious, painful to watch and utterly brilliant. It’s an “everyman” movie. We’re given different types of heist movies in Hollywood, but this goes back to the everyday man trying to make his life better. Steven Soderbergh allows you to get to know each of the characters in a different type of development. You want to be their friends AND want the heist to work out. The hilarious moments come sharply, which allow you not to miss a beat of the jokes and the action. Every actor no matter how small or large of screen time they received, pulls it off. It’s a movie that’s uncomplicated but demands it’s presence to be known for its emotional punches and character dynamics. Logan Lucky is a movie that made Soderbergh come out of retirement. If he keeps making things like this, please never leave us again. Get OutSubmitted by Jordan MinorI’ve enjoyed Jordan Peele since his MadTV sketch comedy day. But seeing him blossom into a full-blown auteur has been a highlight of a bleak 2017 when it comes to the race relations Get Out brilliantly tackles.Tense, horrifying, hilarious, and razor-sharp in its depiction of how society unfortunately still is, Get Out is one of the best and most timely films of the year. It’s also the most fun you could have had in a theater with the right (Black) audience.MenasheSubmitted by Stephanie MlotYou’ve probably never heard of one of the best films of 2017. Film festival darling Menashe is a simple story of a man (Menashe), his community (Hasidic Judaism), and the daily grind. Recently widowed, the character—based loosely on star and namesake Menashe Lustig—tries to regain custody of his 10-year-old son. Things, of course, are complicated by the traditional Rabbi, a difficult boss, and critical family. The movie is as inspiring and culturally informative as it is charming. Most impressively, the film’s entire cast (save for Menashe himself—a comedian and actor) had never performed a day in their life, and risked extradition from their ultra-orthodox community for appearing in the Yiddish-language feature.Star Wars: The Last Jedi Submitted by Nick MangioneYeah, I know we’re all still high off of seeing the new Star Wars, but Rian Johnson delivered the best Star Wars movie since 1980. In fact, The Last Jedi may have unseated Empire Strikes Back as my favorite Star Wars movie. It’ll take another marathon of all eight movies to make sure, but it really is that good. The fact that people are so divided over it is only proof to me that it’s one of the best, if not the best, movie in the franchise. A truly great work, one that has something to say and nails its messaging, one that really speaks to people, is going to rub others the wrong way. Anything that elicits such a strong positive reaction from one person is going to draw a strong negative reaction from another. Both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi did exactly what they had to do. The Force Awakens had to remind us of what Star Wars was. The Last Jedi had the tougher job of expanding that definition, and showing us what Star Wars could be. It assured us that we’re not going to be watching the same story play out over and over again. It fleshed out the world, and gave us a small glimpse of how ordinary people in this galaxy live. It reminded us that The Force is in everyone and a talented Force user can come from anywhere. The Force Awakens brought Star Wars back. The Last Jedi allowed it to stay.LoganSubmitted by Keenan McClellandlast_img read more

Nintendo confirms NES Classic Mini has several display modes instant saves

first_imgOne of the problems with trying to play games using a retro console such as a NES, SNES, or Genesis on a modern HD TV is that the games don’t look great. That’s why the XRGB mini has proved so popular as it solves the problem. It’s also why the Retron 5 works so well because it also solves the display issue by default.Thankfully, Nintendo has taken the time to ensure the NES games included with the forthcoming NES Classic Mini all look great on a HD TV. But that’s not all. Julie Gagnon, communications manager at Nintendo of Canada, has given a French-language radio interview where she goes into more detail on the display options.It seems the Classic Mini will be a lot like the Retron 5 in terms of the display options you have available. As well as a standard HD-resolution output, the tiny NES will allow you to simulate the look of the game as you would experience it on a CRT. There will also be a 4:3 mode and a pixel-perfect mode where every pixel is a perfect square. So that’s all 30 games with multiple viewing options available.Gagnon also commented on game saves. There will be permanent save points within each game, but Nintendo has also added instant temporary saves. That means you’ll be able to stop playing at any point and return later without losing progress. The fact they are instant suggests the save may only last as long as the Classic Mini is powered on, where as the permanent saves are, well, permanent.The Nintendo Classic Mini is set to go on sale on November 11 for $59.99 including 30 games and one NES controller. <> 1/20Game Boy 1/20Game Boy Color 1/20Game Boy Advance 1/20Game Boy Advance SP 1/20Game Boy Micro 1/20Nintendo DS 1/20Nintendo DS Lite 1/20Nintendo DSi 1/20Nintendo DSi XL 1/20Nintendo 3DS 1/20Nintendo 3DS XL 1/20Nintendo 2DS 1/20New Nintendo 3DS and New 3DS XL 1/20Nintendo Entertainment System 1/20Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1/20GameCube 1/20Nintendo 64 1/20Wii 1/20Wii U 1/20Nintendo NX?last_img read more

Be positive to keep heart disease at bay

first_imgPeople with a positive psychological state such as those who are enthusiastic or interested are likely to develop long-term healthy habits that are important for lowering the risk of heart disease, says a new study.The researchers found that patients who reported higher positive psychological states were more likely to be physically active, sleep better and take their heart medications and were also less likely to smoke, compared to patients with lower levels of positive states. “Negative emotions and depression are known to have harmful effects on health, but it is less clear how positive emotions might be health-protective,” said Nancy Sin, postdoctoral fellow at Pennsylvania State University in the US.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’“We found that positive emotions are associated with a range of long-term health habits, which are important for reducing the risk of future heart problems and death,” Sin noted.The researchers assessed psychological well-being of participants at baseline and again at a five-year follow-up. Physical activity, sleep quality, medication adherence and alcohol and cigarette use were also measured at baseline and again five years later. Higher levels of positive emotions were associated with less smoking, greater physical activity, better sleep quality and more adherence to medications at baseline, the study found. They found no correlation between positive emotions and alcohol use.  “Efforts to sustain or enhance positive emotions may be promising for promoting better health behaviours,” the study said.The findings appeared in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.last_img read more

Bengali film screening cancelled sitin protest planned

first_imgKolkata: A day after the screening of his film “Bhobishyoter Bhoot” was cancelled, director Anik Dutta on Sunday said he was yet to get any “official communication” though people have offered support and asked him to join a sit-in protest. “Still, I haven’t got any official communication’ regarding the cancellation, all they said was that the instructions were from higher authorities. But I have received immense support and the film fraternity has shown great solidarity,” Dutta said. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata Bose The film, released on Friday, is a comedy that explores the current political scenario. On Saturday, it was taken off from almost all multiplexes and single screen theatres in West Bengal for “political reasons”. Dutta mentioned that various groups have planned to organise a sit-in protest at Metro Y Channel on Sunday for upholding the democratic rights. “I have been invited by them. Senior film personalities like Soumitra Chatterjee will send their support via letters.” Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata Asked if they would face a problem with the venue, he said: “The organisers will seek permission, if given fine else we will move. We will not be aggressive in any way and also the Chief Minister sat there on a protest few days back.” Earlier, the Mamata Banerjee-led government had imposed a ban on protests at the Metro Y Channel citing traffic disruption. But on February 1, she held a 45-hour sit-in at the Metro Y Channel following a face-off between the city police and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Dutta had approached a multiplex-chain in a city-based mall on Saturday where they said that the “film cannot be shown”. Expressing shock and dissatisfaction Dutta had earlier said: “The screening has been stopped even after the film was passed by the censor board without any major cuts. The hall owners are responsible for running the film and I seek an answer from the ones who have given them instructions.” “This film criticises all political parties without taking any name, then how can there be any issue of intolerance. We want to know what is the exact problem,” said critically acclaimed actor Kaushik Sen, who features in the film. Dutta is known for his 2012 blockbuster film “Bhooter Bhabishyat”. The current release is not a sequel and the only similarity is that both are ghost films of the satiric genre.last_img read more

Ensemble honours top producers and members at annual gala

first_img Share Tags: Ensemble Travel Group Posted by The Canadian Press Thursday, October 27, 2016 center_img Ensemble honours top producers and members at annual gala SAN DIEGO – Ensemble Travel Group honoured its top partners and members in Canada earlier this month at its annual Circle of Excellence Gala during the 2016 Ensemble Travel Group International Conference at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.Lindsay Pearlman, co-president of Ensemble Travel Group, was on hand to congratulate group members on their “strong performance and support” of the company’s preferred partners, which he says is the driving force behind Ensemble’s success.The organization’s top producers in Canada based on 2015 sales of Ensemble preferred partners are: Adventure House Travel, Oakville, ON; Cruise Connections Canada Ltd., Vancouver, BC; CruisePlus Management Ltd, Lantzville, BC; Jubilee Tours & Travel Ltd., Burnaby, BC; Travel Inc., Vancouver, BC; TierOne Travel Inc., Calgary, AB; TravelOnly, Brantford, ON; Travel Masters, Vancouver, BC; Tully Luxury Travel, Mississauga, ON; and Ucruising of Unionville, Markham, ON.In addition, the ‘Highest Growth Award’ went to 5 10 Travel of Toronto for achieving the highest year-over-year growth based on 2015 preferred partner sales compared to 2014.More news:  Venice to ban cruise ships from city centre starting next monthAs for partners, the following were honoured based on member votes and input:2016 Cruise Partner of the Year – Regent Seven Seas Cruises2016 Outstanding Agency Support (cruise) – Holland America Line2016 Outstanding Marketing Partner (cruise) – Oceania Cruises2016 Tour Partner of the Year – Globus family of brands2016 Outstanding Agency Support (tour) – WestJet Vacations2016 Outstanding Marketing Partner (tour) – Transat2016 Air Partner of the Year – WestJet Airlines2016 Air Outstanding Agency Support – Air New Zealand2016 Business Services/Insurance Partner of the Year – ManulifeIn addition, nine North American awards, reflecting the input of both Canadian and U.S. members, were announced at the Circle of Excellence gala:2016 Transportation Partner of the Year – AvisBudget Group2016 Transportation Outstanding Agency Support – Vitesse Worldwide2016 Ensemble On Location Partner of the Year – TFL Tours (Italy)2016 Hotel Partner of the Year – Hyatt Hotels & Resorts2016 Hotel Marketing Partner of the Year – Fairmont Hotels and Resorts2016 Cruise Specialty Partner of the Year – Paul Gauguin Cruises2016 Land Specialty Partner of the Year – Rocky Mountaineer2016 River Cruise Partner of the Year – Avalon Waterways2016 Experiential/Adventure Partner of the Year – Kensington ToursMore news:  Windstar celebrates record-breaking bookings in JulyLooking ahead to next year, Ensemble announced that its 2017 international conference, set for Oct. 16-20, will be held at the Hyatt Regency Dallas, and that its closing conference part will be held at AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys. << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Thieves make off with 300000 in works by famed Costa Rica artist

first_imgNo related posts. Art thieves may be once again targeting works by one of Costa Rica’s most famous artists.On Saturday night, thieves made off with nearly $300,000 in stolen paintings and sculptures from a private residence in San Pedro, east of the capital.The Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) reported on Monday evening that the thieves stole six paintings by artist Rafa Fernández and three sculptures by Holgar Villegas valued at $300,000, along with some jewelry.According to the OIJ, the burglars deactivated the home’s alarm, entered through a pedestrian gate and broke in the front door. This is not the first time works by Fernández have been targeted by art thieves. In 2011, the OIJ investigated a rash of thefts involving the famous Tico artist’s works. The stolen works have resurfaced in innocent buyers’ homes and private art galleries, as previously reported by The Tico Times.Some buyers may not be so innocent, however. OIJ Director Francisco Segura told The Tico Times in 2011 that some buyers likely know that their prized possessions are stolen.The Costa Rica Country Club in Escazú, southwest of San José, hosted an exhibition of works by Fernández, 78, on Sept. 5.The authorities request the public call the confidential tip line, 800-8000-645, with any information about the whereabouts of the works.  Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Shrimpers protest trawling ban

first_imgCarrying signs, horns and noisemakers, hundreds of shrimp fishermen marched outside the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday to protest the permanent expiration of another shrimp trawling license following the country’strawling ban.Known for its destructive impact on the ocean floor, shrimp trawling was banned  by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (Sala IV) for violating Costa Ricans’ constitutional right to a healthy environment. Boats with active licenses at the time of the ruling are allowed to continue trawling until their licenses expire.The fishing boat El Rey became the second Costa Rican vessel unable to renew its license after it expired on Sunday. While the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (Incopesca) reports that only four total licenses have expired since the ban, ocean conservation group MarViva filed a lawsuit against the agency last week, alleging that Incopesca illegally renewed three licenses in August after the ruling.According to Spanish-language daily La Nación, a total of 16 direct jobs were lost after the boats stopped trawling, along with other indirect jobs associated with the industry. Continued job losses were the primary fear for most of the protesters.“In Puntarenas there is really high unemployment,” said Roy Carranza, the president of the Puntarenas Chamber of Fishermen. “To eliminate an entire sector will be catastrophic.”Carranza’s position has found support outside of fishing circles as well, and a week after the Sala IV ruling lawmaker Rodolfo Sotomayor, from Puntarenas, the coastal city at the center of the debate, introduced a bill that, if passed, would regulate and reinstate shrimp trawling.According to Sotomayor and Incopesca officials, the bill would make trawling more sustainable and therefore would not conflict with the Sala IV’s decision.“We in the shrimping sector are in favor of regulation instead of elimination,” Carranza said. “We aren’t trying to fish wherever we want, whenever we want.”Just last month, artisanal fishermen gathered in the same spot to protest against the bill. Those protesters claimed that overfishing by trawlers depletes resources for other fishermen, and that making the practice sustainable through regulation was impossible.Tuesday’s rally centered on claims of environmental degradation, and fishermen argued that environmentalists have overblown the effects of trawling.Tico Times photographer Alberto Font contributed to this story. Facebook Comments Related posts:Costa Rica’s dolphin-safe tuna designation under scrutiny Stop giving away free tuna fishing licenses, says NGO Solís signs tuna fishing decree, but will it help Costa Rica’s oceans? Costa Rica investigates company’s navigation permits after weekend chemical spill in Nicoya Gulflast_img read more

No parking space for 120 A380s Emirates

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Emirates have expressed its intention to expand its Airbus A380 fleet by one third but lack the sufficient parking space to do so.In June, Emirates President Tim Clarke increased the airlines A380 order from 90 to 120 and he has stated that he would place more orders if not for the space constraint. “We would like some more but we are going to run short of space,” Mr Clarke said.“120 was the baseline figure that the planners worked to get where we needed to be, but we couldn’t order that amount because it was too many for here, so 90 was a compromise.”According to Mr Clarke, Emirates are currently growing at an annual 20 percent rate and these levels are expected to remain consistent over the next five years.If the airline follows through with these expansion plans, the USD$40 billion A380 order would strengthen the airlines influence in Europe.Inevitably US and European airlines have become worried that this could result in the Middle Eastern airline diverting traffic from their hub.“If they spend as much time running their business as they do trying to run us down they might make even more money,” Mr Clarke said.The airline was recently targeted by claims made by European airlines that its fuel bills are subsided. “I have said, you prove a subsidy and I will resign the next day, it is completely wrong,” Mr Clarke said.Mr Clarke said the airline will follow through with the purchase of 90 A380’s and it has also ordered 30 Boeing 777-300ER in July, a deal worth over USD$9billion.last_img read more

Sun sets on day one of TravelManagers 2019 National Conference

first_imgDay One of TravelManagers’ annual National Conference in Hawaii produced plenty of colourful moments, concluding with a sunset cocktail party.Sun sets on day one of TravelManagers’ 2019 National ConferenceA Hawaiian-themed sunset cocktail party overlooking Waikiki Beach marked the end of successful first day for TravelManagers’ Annual National Conference on Saturday night.Earlier in the day, the conference was formally opened by CEO, Joe Araullo, and Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, whose address included key announcements including the launch of TravelManagers’ new Network Assistance Program and a new partner supplier agreement with Luxury Escapes. Gazal and Araullo then handed over to the first of a series of presentations from personal travel managers (PTMs): a feature that has become an integral component of the conference weekend over the past eleven years.“This year’s first PTM presentation was from 2017 Avis Travel Agent Scholarship winner, Nakita Byrne, who shared how winning this accolade has impacted her personal and professional life,” Gazal says. “She talked about the need to take care of yourself first and foremost in order to balance life’s demands: a message that resonated with many.”Byrne’s focus on being able to spend time at home with her family whilst still following her dreams, served as inspiration to many PTMs, including Michelle Desmarchelier, representative for Berowra, NSW, who described the presentation’s subject matter as “close to home for many of us and a reminder to be true to ourselves.”The next presentation was from South Australia-based PTM Josh Faddoul, who explained that his business plan was based around “being able to make as much money as possible in the fewest hours possible, while having the freedom and flexibility to do whatever I want in my own time.”Faddoul outlined his top five tips for success and emphasised the need to focus on personal wellbeing in the quest for business success. His presentation was followed by a moving presentation from fellow PTM, Erin Ross. Ross, who is representative for Mount Cotton, QLD, brought a fresh perspective to the conference theme of success, earning a standing ovation after sharing about the journey she and her family have been on since her husband, Matt, was diagnosed with brain cancer.“Success is knowing that every day there is something to be thankful for – there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for,” Ross says.Ross has described the reaction to her presentation as overwhelming, adding that she felt overwhelmed by the beautiful messages she has received.“It made the nervous morning all worth it – I’m feeling so much love for my TravelManagers tribe, and feeling very, very thankful today, that’s for sure.”Ross was followed by the first of two keynote speakers: Derick Borean, who as co-founder and CEO of The Altius Group & PeopleSense, was at the conference to introduce TravelManagers’ new wellbeing initiative, the Network Assistance Program (NAP).“We know that a healthy mind leads to a more balanced and successful life,” Borean explains, “so it’s very exciting for TravelManagers that from 1 September, all PTMs and the NPO team will have access to a national network of clinical psychologists for professional counselling relating to any stage in their lives.”House of Travel founder and Executive Chairman, Chris Paulsen, picked up where Borean left off, sharing House of Travel’s 40+ year story and discussing the importance of loving life and following one’s passions on the road to success.Melanie Carter, who is representative for Scoresby, VIC, is just one of many PTMs who expressed her appreciation for Paulsen’s message: “I appreciated the honesty and openness, and I’m ever so grateful for the chances he’s taken along the way. All of our lives are changed because of them – mahalo!”Day Two and Three of the TravelManagers’ conference are to include further presentations, supplier workshops and a fun team-building activity that will take place in and around Waikiki, wrapping up with one of the main highlights: a gala awards dinner that Gazal describes as the ideal conclusion to a busy but rewarding weekend.“Nine personal travel managers (PTMs) have attended all eleven TravelManagers annual conferences,” says Gazal. “We believe that’s a great endorsement for a winning formula of fantastic locations. inspiring presentations and fun social and team building activities.”For more information or to speak to someone confidentially about TravelManagers please contact Suzanne Laister on 1800 019 599.Source = TravelManagerslast_img read more