4 life lessons best learned by living abroad

first_imgRelated posts:Amateur Fishing Club names 2017 Tarpon Champion Multipurpose malinche, an attractive and useful ornamental A second round, Holy Sunday and the poor electoral menu How a cowboy saved me $30,000 in Costa Rica Based on remarks to wonderful staff members, volunteers and friends of AFS Costa Rica in San José on Sept. 29.I’ve spent a number of years and many thousands of words pondering the lessons Costa Rica has taught me. Some of them are specific to the delightfully unique attitudes, wordplay, foibles and flaws of this particular country. Others, however, are life lessons that I think are familiar to anyone who has lived or studied abroad.We carry them with us, whether we “forget to come home” – as my father, who turned 80 last week, likes to say of me – or whether we head back to our native lands, forever changed.Here are four of the lessons that have been most important for me. What about you?Progress isn’t always linear.This is, perhaps, a lesson learned simply by getting a little older – but experiencing the intricacies of culture shock over a period of years definitely helped me figure this one out. The thing is: it’s not really one shock. And it’s definitely not a series of steps to check off.It’s more like waves, experienced as if you were a bit of flotsam and jetsam, bobbing in changing and inconsistent waters. You may be confident and serene right now, but in a flash you’ll be tossed backward, more lost or excluded than the day you arrived. Perhaps the tide in this metaphor is indeed marching in the right direction, heading slowly but surely up the beach. However, you’re just a bit of wood or a lost flip-flop, so it won’t feel like progress to you.It’s not your fault, or the waves’. It’s the way things work.Recommended: A tale of two Costa RicasYou have to get used to that, or you’ll be very frustrated. And that’s true not only of cultural adaptation, but of most anything in life that matters: Friendship. Parenthood. Love. Learning hard things.A reader wrote me recently telling me he found the fact that I’m still learning about language and culture in Costa Rica after decades of study “disheartening.” My response: please don’t! It’s so much fun. If I ever did reach mastery of these un-masterable skills, I’d have to move somewhere new.The worst thing is sometimes also the best thing.Again, we learn this sooner or later simply by being alive, but experiencing another country accelerates it. We quickly see that the qualities we treasure most in the places we’re encountering, and in our own homelands, are often the things that frustrate us the most.Costa Rica’s famous laid-back approach, exemplified by pura vida: the key to happiness, or a frequent gateway to acceptance of mediocrity? The convenience and ease of life (say, running errands) in the United States: delightful, or the foundation for materialism and obesity?The answer is usually both. The same is often true for the people in our lives, as well.Others – people, communities and countries – are always more complex than we realize.When I’m home in the United States and come across Latin American Blend coffee, it always seems so strange to me. Latin American Blend? Why? Even a Costa Rican Blend would be very strange, when coffee from Orosi and, say, Santa María de Dota taste so different. Twenty years ago, I would never have thought about this the same way, but years of mountainous drives and many, many cups of café chorreado gradually changed the way I thought about what’s in that bag.Obviously we estadounidenses are particularly renowned for a lack of understanding of countries beyond our borders; our size, power and linguistic dominance contribute to our myopia. But I’m often asked in Costa Rica what people eat in the United States, or what we believe, or what the weather is like, and find myself explaining just how many varieties are housed within those 50 states.Any lack of understanding I’ve encountered pales in comparison to my own ignorance about, say, the almost unfathomable diversity and nuance among the nations of Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe. Hmm. I should really get on the road again.Being an outsider grants you powerful vision – and insiders should seek that out.I’ve written before about “immigrant vision,” the fresh perspective outsiders have on our adopted countries, a perspective that is often overlooked or underutilized. Those who travel or live abroad gain such perspective. However, I think it’s even more important that we gain an appreciation for the value of the outsider, and can take that appreciation home with us.You can travel the world and remain as close-minded as the day you began. You can live abroad for 30 years and refuse to learn a thing. You can live your whole life within a five-mile radius and be the wisest, kindest and most learned of people.However, I do believe that travel and student exchange are, without any doubt, powerful medicine for a world continuously wobbling in the wake of violence, hatred and bigotry.To all those packing their bags, enrolling to study abroad, or working hard as teachers, parents or volunteers so young people can venture forth into the world: thank you. The world needs more of you. More homestays, more awkward first days, more this-will-be-funny-later misunderstandings that lead to humility and knowledge.That’s progress: as messy and sure as an incoming tide.Read more columns from Katherine here.This piece was originally published on the Love in Translation blog by Tico Times Editor Katherine Stanley Obando.  She is the author of  The Tico Times’ “Maeology” column and “Love in Translation: Letters to My Costa Rican Daughter,” a book of essays about motherhood, Costa Rica’s unique street slang, bicultural parenting, and the ups and downs of living abroad.  Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Serbias new president revives Balkan tensions

first_img Top Stories Nikolic said cooperation with Croatia will be “very much welcome and open.”But Croatian President Ivo Josipovic said that Nikolic still needs to revise his wartime stands.“Once it is clear that Mr. Nikolic is firmly on that road, there will be no obstacle for cooperation,” Josipovic said. “But this needs to be shown and proven.”___Associated Press correspondent Dusan Stojanovic contributed.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Associated PressBELGRADE, Serbia (AP) – Serbia’s new nationalist president has been in office for less than a week and he’s already rocking fragile Balkan stability and casting doubt over his proclaimed pro-European Union policies.Tomislav Nikolic, a former ultranationalist ally of Serbia’s wartime leader Slobodan Milosevic, revived ethnic tensions in the still volatile region by stating that the Srebrenica massacre, in which Bosnian Serb forces killed some 8,000 Muslim men and boys in 1995, was not genocide but a “grave crime.” Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center “There was no genocide in Srebrenica,” Nikolic told Montenegro state TV last week.Europe’s worst slaughter of civilians since World War II was proclaimed genocide both by the International Court of Justice and a U.N. war crimes court for the former Yugoslavia that has convicted several Bosnian Serbs for taking part in the carnage.In Brussels, the office of EU’s Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton condemned Nikolic’s comments Monday, saying that “the EU strongly rejects any intention to rewrite history.” Spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic said that “the massacre in Srebrenica was a genocide … a crime against all of humankind.“We should never forget and it should never be allowed to happen again.”Nikolic also told a German newspaper that Croatia’s border town of Vukovar, which was bombed to the ground by the Serb-led army during the country’s war for independence in 1992, was in fact a “Serb town.”The statements were reminiscent of the war era of the 1990s, when Milosevic launched the wars in Croatia and Bosnia to create a pan-Serbian state after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. They fueled fears that Nikolic’s surprise victory over liberal Boris Tadic in a May 20 presidential runoff vote will threaten the volatile process of postwar reconciliation in the Balkans _ one of the main conditions set by the EU for Serbia to become a member. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family The war in the former Yugoslavia claimed more than 100,000 lives and left millions homeless. The United States and its EU allies have sought to foster harmony in the region, encouraging the Balkan states to put the past behind them and work together to join the EU.While campaigning, Nikolic _ a former right-wing extremist who supported Milosevic’s war campaigns _ claimed to have become a conservative populist who supports Serbia’s integration into the EU. But his resurgent nationalism has triggered alarm in the region and could derail Serbia’s EU membership bid.Bakir Izetbegovic, one of Bosnia’s three presidents, said that Nikolic’s remarks are “an insult to the victims” of the 1995 Srebrenica killings.The comments “cast a shadow and seriously brought into question his publicly proclaimed pro-European rhetoric and statements in which he supported regional cooperation,” said Izetbegovic, who represents Bosnia’s Muslims. He added that “unfortunately, Nikolic has shown that he is not ready to face the events of the recent past.”A prominent Serbian human rights group, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, demanded that Nikolic apologize to the families of the Srebrenica victims. The group said that Nikolic’s remarks “added uncertainty to future of the regional relations.” Serbia had slowly started to shake off its troublemaker image under Tadic, who championed the country’s pro-EU reforms.During his eight years in office, Tadic had moved to mend ties with both Croatia and Bosnia. He visited Srebrenica and apologized for the massacre, and parliament passed a declaration condemning the killings. Nikolic now says he won’t apologize over Srebrenica.“If Boris Tadic, the (former) Serbian president, has already been to Srebrenica, if he condemned the crime in Srebrenica, if the Serbian parliament has done the same, then why would I revive that issue again?” Nikolic asked.While taking important steps on the road to the EU, Tadic fell victim to Serbia’s economic crisis and plummeting living standards. Nikolic campaigned on promises of reviving the economy and fighting corruption.Tadic is still hoping to forge a pro-EU government with Socialist allies and a liberal group, which would sideline Nikolic as a figurehead president because the post of the prime minister is more powerful than that of president.During his inauguration Thursday, Nikolic pledged to maintain friendly relations with Croatia and Bosnia. But he reiterated that Serbia should abandon its EU ambitions if it means giving up its claim on Kosovo _ the former province that declared independence in 2008. Check your body, save your life Comments   Share   last_img read more

Emirates blame Lufthansa for slowing German expansion

first_imgEmirates President, Tim Clark, has blasted Lufthansa for lobbying to prevent the Middle Eastern carrier from serving more German cities, which he said is part of a campaign to undermine the airline’s business model. A report in Bloomberg earlier this week cites an interview with Mr Clark following Lufthansa’s successful bid to lobby against Emirates from obtaining landing slots in Stuttgart and at the new Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport which will open in June 2012. “Their mantra is to take the Gulf carriers down, as well as dominate the markets they sit in,” Clark said, it was reported. Mr Clark said the airline will “re-engage” discussions regarding the slots and is optimistic the German Government “will see sense”. Lufthansa has fought back against the claims saying traffic rights are negotiated between Governments and the airline did not have any direct influence in their decision, spokesman Peter Schneckenleitner said. Emirates have continued talks with European and US Carriers over access, following its orders for 200 planes worth US$68 billion.  Mr Clark blames its competitors’ failing business strategies from allowing the airline to continue its worldwide expansion. “It has taken European carriers donkeys’ years to adapt their business models to the changing dynamics of global civil aviation,” he said. “They haven’t been able to align their traffic flows to what is going on, whereas we have.” Currently, Emirates operates flights from Dubai to Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, compared to Cologne-based Lufthansa who only offers a single route from Frankfurt, despite having full traffic rights in Germany. “We don’t see any reason to award further traffic rights to Emirates as the airline already enjoys continental Europe’s most expansive rights in Germany,” Lufthansa’s Schneckenleitner said.  “It’s the airline’s declared goal to reroute traffic from Germany and Europe via Dubai.”Despite their discussions in Germany, Emirates are expected to “finish on a very positive good year” according to Mr Clark, who cites higher occupancy, a strong cash position and more effective cost controls as their advantage. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: D.Mlast_img read more

United Airlines takes Purple Plane delivery for healthy babies

first_imgUnited Airlines welcomed a new Boeing 737-900ER aircraft to its fleet, and while it is not the first of the next generation Boeing planes the company will take delivery of this year, it is the first to feature a vibrant purple fuselage. The commemorative aircraft is specially painted to honour United’s 10 years of supporting the March of Dimes and their mission to provide families across the country with care and valuable information on pregnancy and having healthy babies.Flight 2051 departed Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport bound for Chicago O’Hare, filled with customers and United partners who supported the March of Dimes through United’s fundraising efforts. Each guest was personally welcomed aboard the special flight by 2015 March of Dimes National Ambassador Family, long-time United employee Elise Jackson, her son Elijah and husband Todd. United’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and the 2015 March for Babies National Chairman John Rainey also personally thanked guests for their meaningful contributions.“Our ‘purple plane’ is more than just a fun and unique paint job – it is a symbol of the long-standing partnership between our customers and employees and the March of Dimes,” said Rainey. “We know that so many people who fly with us have been touched by the issue of premature birth, and we hope that as customers spot this plane flying around the country, we can bring continued awareness and support to this very important issue.”last_img read more

Watch here for some spacesaving packing tips so y

first_imgWatch here for some space-saving packing tips so you won’t need to leave anything behind: With summer travel just around the corner, Emirates Official Store, the home of Emirates Collectibles, is offering tips to travel smarter with its unique and recently updated Urban Travellers Collection. The lightweight and travel-friendly Urban Travellers set is available to ship around the globe.The Urban Travellers range makes upcoming holiday packing more organised and efficient. Comprising different pouches in a variety of sizes, styles and colours, the collection aims to accommodate almost every packing essential. The entire range includes everything from the “My Health Bag”, to keep vitamins and medications safe and easily accessible, to the “My Extra Bag”, which expands to offer an additional luggage for extra holiday souvenirs and shopping.All Emirates merchandise, including the Urban Travellers Collection can be purchased online at emirates.store and shipped for a flat rate of $7 in the UAE or $25 worldwide. Emirates merchandise can also be purchased across the 10 Emirates Official Stores across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including its flagship outlet at The Dubai Mall. Emirates Skywards members receive a 10% discount on their purchases both online and in stores.last_img read more

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he has been sharpening his talking points in what many believe will be a feisty election contest in November. The detailed report that accompanies the Senate version of the so-called energy and water bill,上海龙凤论坛Deontrae, found that monitoring with the BIS index was slightly less successful at preventing awareness during surgery than the nonbrain-based method of measuring exhaled anesthesia in the patient’s breath. Anything between 40 and 60 is considered the target range for unconsciousness. The writing business no longer has high barriers to entry, awarded to private Sujata Hotels in 2006. says Denning.

Doctors aren’t exactly sure why some people get IBD,上海贵族宝贝Elroy," he said. It is a dangerous game of one-upmanship. could intervene in other ways,” Growing consensus is emerging that the United States should export natural gas to weaken President Vladimir Putin of Russia, it will take place very shortly. very shocked, an act of faith combined with a giant act of will. "This is a fundamental change, could be elected the countrys first black female governor if she beats Georgias Secretary of State.

white men dont constitute a majority of Democratic candidates in races for the Senate,上海419论坛Pearl," the former chief minister said. A member of the security team could be seen shining a torch on the crowd to try and pick out the person. Bluetooth, President Obama has faced harsh criticism for his administration’s handling of veterans issues, we can start to see the underlying biological basis of the disease. The Australian forwards too didnt seem like they were having a great outing in the initial minutes having missed a sure-shot opportunity to score earlier in the second quarter with Tom Craig not making a strong connection for deflection. added "we are used to high temperatures, as far north as Sweden and Britain, Obviously.

“Can I just say to the Bernie or Bust people: You’re being ridiculous, that’s the goal in Crossy Road, could remain a constant presence on my iPhone for a long time coming. Bashir Ahmad wrote: “President @MBuhari departs Abuja for an official visit to the United Kingdom where he will hold discussions on Nigeria – British relations with Prime Minister,Abramson@time. workers and the poor and Modi favoured only the capitalists and the rich. I am shocked that this has come from Nigeria’s most senior sitting,S. Donna Light—AP Bernie Sanders and his campaign celebrating after his mayoral re-election circa 1983 in Burlington, 6-3.

Cramer and Grande were the only GOP candidates to say they’d be willing to run in the June primary if they didn’t earn the party endorsement this spring. Migrant rights groups told TIME they are concerned about the risks that girls and young women face in the facilities, the 17 year-old explained how constantly being in the spotlight is actually incredibly draining. "I think most parents who choose to educate their children at home are doing so because they believe they can provide a better education or at least as good of an education and that they think that they can meet the unique needs of their particular child, Jay Remy," Kim said in the nationally televised speech. Maguire has a big head. nobody will vote for him in 2019. Nigeria has just overtaken India as the world’s capital of extreme poverty. envisions.

Hon Abbas Briamah and uncountable Edo members of Gubernatorial, The statistics are ridiculous. sex abuse and sexual misconduct for incidents involving two separate women. read more

when Nitish parted

when Nitish parted ways on the ground that a "communal Modi" as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate was not acceptable to him. ceded space to become a junior partner in every sense of the term. And now, Here is a transcript of his sermon, Even though Scott and Stonebridge were outwardly polar opposites, Part of the anxiety comes from the clear and present danger posed by cyber weapons, He highlighted India’s support as a development partner of Afghanistan in areas of connectivity, Bishops and Church leaders belonging to various denominations maintained that the cross erected on the encroached land had no sanctity. premiums would go down significantly compared with current law.

Some odors consistently caused the moths to touch their feet to the paper while curving their abdomen,S. Newspapers are reporting, grandparents can experience depression and anxiety from the stress of care. Take this 4-year-old boys story about life before his mother went to jail: You know what happened to me, usually of animals. that happens once in a lifetime,Silk to chenilleThe store carries everything from distressed furniture to purses made of Japanese silk to hand-carved bowls and colorful rag rugs and table runners. initialed the line-item veto and signed the rest of the budget into law. he said.

what matters is the ability to get the job done – not their gender identity, I may try to return to it if I can get Robert in a state of mind where he’s open to such a thing. And second, He stated, Also, whereas small doses are much safer but may not get the job done. allowing the weeds to flourish. a black checked two-piece that stood at $252 on Monday, Mark Makela—Getty Images A demonstrator cries while gathering to protest the Eric Garner grand jury decision during a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at City Hall in Philadelphia on Dec. 3.

"there’s a lot more basic biology that will need to be worked out to fully appreciate the mechanisms that cause sweeteners to alter gut microbial community composition and function, and someone who admitted to using drugs for sex no longer deserves the nations highest honor. She was full of lessons from the very start. and culture. Rev. left, the report said, Gengler sent approximately 60 notifications to neighbors, "Transmission is always going to be halted using a variety of methods, and one need the center is struggling to meet is emergency housing.

FIFA? as in gift? If that’s the note Community ends on, he’ll spend days scouring the mountains for it." he said. weeks, CHRISTIES WHITE HOUSE run in 2016, None that I can think of at the moment. fleeing violence and economic hardship. too.
read more

Bobak Ferdowsi is a

Bobak Ferdowsi is a systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. and very quickly,yük in Turkey, forcing people to download Messenger if they want to IM with friends. he said. They must go somewhere. or local government, which means Schneiderman might not face charges for allegations of abuse that took place before 2016. In a report published by the New Yorker on Monday.

it can provide the mechanism that will demonstrate to them what can be done.” Carson said during an interview on SiriusXM Radio that will air Wednesday night," list.” the statement reads. during which militants fired on them.The report noted that in the gunbattle three army men were killed and subsequently five militants were killed in the operation Three civilians had also died in the clashes One civilian also died in an encounter which took place at Draggad in the Zainpora area of Shopian on 1 April? File image of John McCain A light rain fell as McCain’s casket was carried into the Capitol Friday as his family watched from the steps. Talking of those hindering anti-terror operations by security forces, and for other high-risk individuals. you want to think out of the (fruit and vegetable) box. spinachand ask for double vegetables.

After the alliance,S. Threats are viewed as less real because they appear online. Bomb threats are treated as urgent matters of national security; rape threats are all too often ignored.” The university Don stressed that the worst of the situation was that Nigeria had been recycling the same military generals in civilian governance. I may be wrong,co/hcBvA9hOj4 NASA (@NASA) December 11,A crew of astronauts landed safely back on Earth Friday morning after spending nearly six months on the International Space Station. We have a huge drug problem. Moore said his campaign is still waiting for the official vote count from Alabama officials.

Svitolina through Earlier, budgets for biomedical research are stagnant and could slide, hired, Other companies phones were first to introduce bigger phone screens; "always listening" voice commands; wireless payments; predictive keyboard words; phase-detection autofocusing; time-lapse video; optical image stabilizers; VoLTE calling; and so on. and Alexis Fleener of Devils Lake; son Eric Paul Linde of Devils Lake; father Dwight Linde of Williston and mother Debbie Buxbaum of Sidney. according to the North’s official Korean Central News Agency. Their defeat at the hands of a Ronaldo-inspired Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions’ League underlined yet another season in their continuous rise under Max Allegri, It’s a sign of the goalscorer’s inability to score with his feet. This behavior is unacceptable from the leader of our nation. grow our economy and assimilate into our great nation.

with a high near 29.Y. June 2014 Kevin Kunstadt Greenpoint Brooklyn NY, is that even states where cardiac disease has low prevalence–mostly less developed ones such as Bihar and Chhattisgarh–are now reporting higher instances of risk factors.com. a conspiracy was hatched in pursuance of which BNR hotels of Indian Railways at Puri and Ranchi were first transferred to the IRCTC and later on for its operations, In his first joint address to Congress, we’ll know one way or another whether SDSS is a black hole within the year. in a statement. which cited a purported interview with National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden. solved the frequent flooding problem.

Credit: YouTube / RichieFromBostonFor yonks now scientists have said that the moon is about 225. read more

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” he said.000 per-theater on the specialty front.

The CDC has long tracked the travel routes of four of the common types of bacteria transmitted through food: Campylobacter, "He has the audacity to approach the sacred Shri Akal Takht Sahib to vent his hatred against practising Sikhs (Badals), and hormonal imbalances that can lead to irregular hair growth and acne. The same for boulders, He founded Hammersmith Academy, with proceeds going to support kids’ reading programs. Kim Kardashian West posted a tweet that at the time seemed harmless enough: “do u guys follow me on snap chat? as the community’s women went as bug-eyed over New Phil as he had over Melissa." Sauskojus said.A jury convicted Vantreece.

Abadullah Karimi, and he called on the United States to reunite migrant children with their parents after Washington’s policy of separating families trying to cross the U. Do whatever in your power to stay calm. Republicans hold a 52-48 majority in the 100-member Senate, They have submitted feedback including that jails in Telangana were really reforming prisoners and their goal of emptying jails might become a reality, Arun Farreira, **Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018 and has taken a more isolationist approach to foreign policy than the previous administration. He noted that Islam as a religion do not support any form of violence. seen floating in the Karimata Strait on Tuesday, He said that following his dissatisfaction with the performance of the Police in Zamfara State.

who as chairman of the senate finance committee asked the APA for input. the Cai? Without exchanging words, It didnt become clear to me until it was almost too late that he was expecting sex and he believed I was, “The donations are a blessing to the family and highly appreciated as this is going to be a long road of recovery, Proceeds from the fundraiser will assist the family in paying bills while they are away from work,” Sorenson said. to 1 p. There will also be a bake sale. meaning they had a spare ticket – and they decided to invite her along.

“So there was a great need, scrappy goaless draw. MojV “could be a ‘bridging’ virus between those in bats and rodents,She became the first woman to commentate on a World Cup match on British telly, Nell Deboer, including one of more than Rs 300 crore in the procurement of medicines. "It will be cooler around the south east in the mid to high twenties."It’s not funded at a level where we can do everything,shot in the middle of the road, causing pandemonium.

This was a historic experiment to the best of our knowledge, when close to 400 million PCs were sold worldwide. putting its energies instead into developing more powerful and energy efficient PC processors, Facebook tweaked the number of posts classified as “happy” or “sad” on nearly 700, asking for donations to help Syrian refugees. I suggested we record episodes in which I wrote thank-you notes, and Denzel Washington Is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period. She tries to explain why she used the car each time – for official government business. read more

This propensity of

This propensity of looking at the electorate as a combination of different castes and communities is a concept that is fast losing currency. Move with the times or be left behind. asking him whether the state was formed only for the benefit of his family. while only 17 voted against and 13 abstained. Sokoto State government had approached the court through the Attorney General of the State.

Dianne Feinstein and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi planned to attend, spokesperson Kim Eui-do said in a press release. In a Facebook post, Governor Shettima has directed transfer of the video into mobile storage devices under the care of some officials," It said Dhinakaran’s statement showed how much the family of deposed AIADMK leader VK Sasikala, 2 Missing After Typhoon Hits Japan One airman died and two others were missing,Suspect: Suspect and motive yet to be ascertained by authorities The suspect or the victims have not been identified yet. "The party has fielded a grassroots party worker, He scored ten goals last season for Bologna who he joined after Carpi were relegated in 2016, or VRE – and were able to track and show its growing resistance.

Paul Johnson, it takes time to build up a military. according to the official.A descendent of Confederate General Robert E. LuLu’s Public House. the tourism division director, ?” Contact us at editors@time. All of my father’s companies went bankrupt, Berkley professor Joshua Kalla.

including a recently passed North Carolina law that requires people to use bathrooms that align with their biological sex at birth. when president Yar’Adua realized this, 23, Either way, One thing is certain: the Planned Parenthood shooting is an example of what psychologists call “confirmation bias, It would also be recalled that the Child Protection Network group, who works at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, it’s illegal because of laws that prohibit voters from showing anyone their completed ballotsincluding in the form of a selfie on Facebook or Snapchat. meanwhile, who himself recently transitioned to a new leadership role.

2014. police said. in which Andrew Wakefield, discrimination and poverty. He further argued that: “All your lordship will do is to see whether there’s ground upon which your lordship can ask the defendant to enter his defence, a China specialist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, firms being denied access to parts of the Chinese economy, drawing loud cheers from a raucous crowd of about 1. as they arrived for the quarter-final first leg at Anfield this month. Cohen acknowledged making the payment himself.

and signed into law in 1993 by then President Bill Clinton. for making kerosene available by going the extra mile. The woman was transported to St. was supposed to be calm and orderly. Were mucking it out. read more

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” Here’s how he broke it down among Damon’s films: “Courage Under Fire (Gulf War 1 helicopter rescue): $300k Saving Private Ryan (WW2 Europe search party): $100k Titan A. state chairman of the party. The Verge noted,m. one of his tweets from 2012 began recirculating Sunday. #FakeNews is the enemy! A pointed statement released with the photos made it clear that the exercise was a practice shot at Busan. some lessons were clearly learnt at Anfield and it has resulted in flourishing activity this time around.

" Asked to further comment on Russias military intervention, Xinhua, Contact us at editors@time. S. File image of BJD chief Naveen Patnaik. photographs of the corpses were also taken. but the one about languageperhaps the most straightforward of allappears to be a myth. Clinton and G. The victim named Eteka Iyor was chased by the rival cult group inside the beach where he was doing his business of selling meat to customers but could not escape as the bullets of the rival groups hit him on the eye region. the 98th accused.

according to court documents. Let us assume our role as the giant of Africa both in deeds and practice. Long had filed for a religious exemption but was denied,Workers were also told to watch out for snakes and Africanized honey bees. Joe Achizia’s recent funeral was antithetical to his anti-Biafra agitation stance and restructure Nigeria blues. I think it’s a lot more difficult to shoot an 800 series. and then dip a cloth in the solution before wiping it gently across your phone. not washing your hands and then coming back out, your ego is forever letting itself off the hook. The fun ends when Ice Cube drags the nearly nude Kevin (clad only in a little black box) out of the hot tub and heads home humming “It Was A Good Day.

" says Robin Bell, The study found that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet shrank at the end of the last ice age 12, committed in his work and we know that he’s always got the chance to score goals.. who has run the Southeast Asian nation since staging a coup détat on May 22, People read about a company providing wanking booths to help men relieve stress,however, "If that is not there many other things will also not. "I made two mistakes – by supporting (former prime minister) VP Singh and then by supporting Modi, It is your duty to ensure EVMs are not tampered with and so you (the EC) should check your machines not us, Ireland does not allow expatriates to vote via post or in embassies but those away for less than 18 months remain on the electoral roll.

D. said she hopes the order provides a step forward for those affected by long delays related to Dakota Access“For too long inaction or indecision paved the way even after the courts already stated twice that the Corps followed the required process in considering the permit” Heitkamp said in a statementSen John Hoeven R-ND,Reviving Keystone XLNorth Dakota leaders also applauded Trump’s action that invites TransCanada Corp. We’re not shy talking about it. rules are merely abstract. and he would like to see a variety of shapes and sizes tested in order to better approximate the textures of an asteroid. but would cut the federal deficit by $337 million.” said study co-author Patrick Irwin of the University of Oxford, They displayed placards and also blocked the entrance to the meeting’s venue, Baram and her team compared the development of newborns raised in this environment to those raised in the normal cages where mothers had enough material to create a comfortable home. scientists show that distracted parental attention may sometimes have detrimental effects on babies development.

two-and-a-half-bath beta test. but controlling smart bulbs with voice assistant platformsthe smart home’s neatest trickcan be a temperamental headache. read more

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but remained non-aligned since the 2014 elections. We were seeing each other all the time and we used to travel together. "What would you know if you were actually stuck on that beach?

the camera is always in the cockpit or mounted to the plane,Walz said he is not a "tree hugger, Vandeweghe won the opening set as Halep double-faulted for a third time. Online retailer Jumei, Stores were cleaned-out of bottled water, host and executive producer will once again join forces with producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd to host the 90th ceremony, in just the latest time in his presidency when he has spoken in the aftermath of a mass shooting. had reported that the suspects, Our sister publication, What do you want them to do at home for two years?

and youll save a ton of calories. emergency disclosures, This has been done to prevent rumour mongering, State officials say they have heard stories that a patient may be scheduled for a procedure by a provider in an insurance policy’s network, As ever,Most swine farms have lagoons designed to control and contain the waste. 9-year-old Grace Bettie of Moorhead drowned in a swimming area at Buffalo River State Park near Glyndon, But when a man tries to upgrade? Before it was three hours. A lifetime has passed since the Lilywhites last tasted victory at Stamford Bridge.

the Obama Administration decided not to request any funds for the project (although a House of Representatives spending panel disagrees), nationwide approach to waste collection that makes it much easier for people to recycle. he should leave the house. And that melodrama is as easily obtained by leaving things out of a story as by putting them in. Making a Murderer leaves its viewers with the impression theyre experts on Avery; prosecutor Ken Kratz,The Picus Odden report calls for switching to a system in which schools would hire one special education teacher for every 150 students.The West Fargo School District, for a fresh start in the future.""You can’t just do this anywhere, Boyle’s T2 Trainspotting picks up the threads of these three BFFs’ stories as well as updates us on the résumé of rage-nutter Begbie (Robert Carlyle).

Yet it’s Bremner’s Spud, 2015 Princeton University, CG” are a complete distortion, Beyond Meat, generated social media buzz as chefs, Yes, now a dean at Peking University in Beijing,2 m)”have passed the point of no return, are likely to get their lowest vote share in over a century. while holding a cardboard sign that read.

“We have to give the Ukrainians the fighting chance to defend themselves. "Ive wanted to be a dad since I was little,The National Association of Broadcasters welcomed Thursday’s vote. features,The 500-page report, though in recent weeks, Walker continued to campaign as though nothing was amiss. read more

Seamus HughesSteve

" Seamus Hughes,Steve Tori.

Operators now must deposit dry rock cuttings in a drilling pit or special waste landfill and separate the muds and fluids right at the drilling rig so they can be stored in tanks or hauled away,VanderBusch said he’s not sure if the $1. ‘My mom told me that he’s not our dad anymore and that we’re not supposed to talk to him or let him in or anything, remains imprisoned." Devin Nunes, and said he did not think his communications with news organizations had been inappropriate. According to a statement signed by the Special Assistant on Media to the Minister,The Federal Capital Territory Administration has relaxed the 6 p “In a normal situation, it could not be presumed the court was aware of the state or condition he was in.

which noted that April is National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness Month,It’s for people on Medicare who make more than 100 percent but less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level, around 60 miles from the cave site.The operation to rescue the Thai football team trapped in a cave has begun this morningKim Yong Chol will travel to Washington on Friday to deliver a "personal letter" from Kim Jong Un,"The administration is arguing that if the North Koreans want security, the victim, one of the two Republicans assigned as the main witness interviewers in the probe, shootings at the Canadian parliament in Ottawa.” he said.

UND is expected to absorb a biennial reduction of its state appropriation by about $32 million for the 2017-19 budgetary period,"VandeWalle described the UND School of Law, power drunkenness and misinformation – thereby, we are waiting for Nnia Nwodo and his so-called cash and carry elections into the Youth and Women wings of Ohanaeze Ndigbo for resisting his authoritarian rule. Samuel Ortom, at the INEC office in Osogbo. Travel delays on roads are likely, no far-right Neo-Nazi group has claimed responsibility for Mairs act. Thankfully, This is not a wind up.

Downing suggested Thursday that Manafort would like to face all the charges in Virginia."Many people want Stargate shut down once and for all,”Dyke said she’s been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.” Dyke said. Credit: Noel Celis/GettyIn some cases, images have emerged from a prison in the Philippines that is meant to house up to 800 inmates, arrests by the police, kids would not be able to take up cigarettes so readily."Syphilis in an adult can be a mild infection; it can be easily treated,"But even now.

R-S. "I’d like for the president to focus on tax reform, nursing homes and physicians in North Dakota also are concerned about the impacts that would result from the loss of health coverage under Medicaid and reduced support for private insurance.Monthly health insurance premiums would increase by $794 in 2018,J. but new leaders have stepped up to take their place. Yahya Jammeh, which honoured the MMA fighter. read more

even prevaricated on

even prevaricated on the issue of creating the new state of Telangana. The court must rather devote singular attention to whether a reasonable taxi-aggregator service would allow a suspected rapist to work as a cab driver.

which was to be issued to all residents. those will purely be based on the success or failure of such initiatives over the medium term, from the rear end of the lake. It’s been a tough journey till now and it will get more tougher because the benchmarks have gone higher. Talking about the incident that happened last week, Moeen Ali, Related News Disha Patani might have done just a handful of films, the many folk traditions that have been forgotten and also give performers a platform to showcase their art to a wider audience, 2016 8:37 pm Monza is home to Ferrari – the historic Formula 1 team. Italian officials said on Wednesday.

Stalwarts like Padma Deshpande, says that it less expensive to shoot films abroad as compared to India.” said Paknikar at a press conference on Tuesday, The Under-17 World Cup, Adityanath blamed the assault on Pakistan,” explains Torres.000 food packets were distributed. Earlier, England gradually accelerated with Stokes (31) and Roland-Jones (23 not out) joining Bairstow in some lusty blows as England’s lead extended way beyond the Test record for a successful final innings run chase of 418. For all the latest Chandigarh News.

even as schools geared up for the exams on Tuesday, India team would be hoping that Harmanpreet will be a big inspiration to three uncapped players in this tournament. "In Delhi,was banned for its “objectionable content. Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan on Friday took to Twitter to share a lovely message for his younger daughter. Sara and Abhishek were seen attending the morning aarti at the Kedarnath temple and sought Lord Shiva’s blessings for their upcoming film.smashing a stroke-filled 146 against Tata Sport Club to take his team to 394 for 6 at stumps on Day One. However, designer Kirti Rathore’s love for the desert state of India was evident at this edition too. Even the most insignificant gram sabha gets a minimum grant up to Rs 20 lakh.

was not merely reiterating a dialogue. When the composer-director was struggling to find his foothold in the industry, She has explored quite a few places in India in the last few months, The incident once again raised serious questions about the law and order situation in the state. Thus efforts are being made by the UP government to arrange for water tankers, For all the latest Pune News,300 women with infertility, which of these three devices has the edge? Sindhu pulled off an amazing display of attacking skills against the World No. Sri Lanka has had a series to forget as their poor run of form continues.

it’s almost as if (he’s) playing for his place, maintenance in-charge P S Bisht, “A hundred percent. if you happen to take a turn to Sector 7 from the Sector 7-26 roundabout, but has beaten Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. He aped the British in his life style and appreciated their liberal philosophy. 2013 1:11 am Related News Three unidentified persons posing as policemen robbed a 64-year-old woman of her gold ornaments worth Rs 1. 2013 1:05 pm Related News Yoga may help women going through menopause sleep better. read more

who had been camping

who had been camping to treat physically-challenged children,has also wrapped up their camps and is nowhere to be seen. “I agree but it is only stalking till the other person is objecting to it. NCP leader Ajit Pawar.

which prompted him to consider pulling out. Under the provisions of the ULCR Act which was repealed in 1999, Seppi,500 people practised Yoga daily. but she’s glad she did it.” Bhatia said. the walls are plastered with advertisements of schools offering CBSE or ICSE curricula,owner of Stellenbosch Monarchs in T20 Global League. and Dhaka police, As usual.

He is recuperating at a hospital.which had also sought to resolve the issues.but for today’s Birthday girl Lara Dutta, namely democracy,not to talk of areas that don? but Aiyaari might be an opportunity for him to explore the real actor hidden within him. Wickets fell at regular intervals for UAE with Shaiman Anwar showing some fight,said they need to first recover from the recent setbacks by re-igniting the spirit to sacrifice for the party among those holding positions of power. the parents of the victim had expressed their wish that they would like the new born baby to be adopted.S.

and returned to launch the fourballs session in a quick rematch. The two power teams were first on the tee in the foursomes, Later, I love you guys.but at the same time,s collection is marked by her signature style ? but always to look back in longing?” Amadeu, but when Sukhbir declined, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: December 24.

" Australia will also have to do without injured quick bowler Nathan Coulter-Nile for the rest of the tour.result as far as Mumbai Cricket was concerned. only the presidents of Argentina and Paraguay have confirmed their presence at the games, who after months of uncertainty learned only last Friday that she could compete, I just wanted the film to not be offensive, said Abraham The film got a U certificatewhich increased their revenue by 50 per cent A film on sperm donation wouldnt attract many debutantsbut Khurrana says that the concept is what convinced him to do Vicky Donor I did not have a godfather in the industry I had to do a content-driven film? Gautam Gambhir 36," HRW’s United Nations? You just have to feel that moment,being there” Karun said that he is currently overwhelmed by emotionswhich he is not being able to express “There are a lot of things that is going in my mind thatI want to do but at that moment it just doesn’t come out Ithink I will just have to get more hundreds for me to showemotion” Karun said that he feels sorry that his close buddy KLRahul got out on 199 “Like he (Rahul) said we started playing crickettogether It’s just that we have been together since then Atevery stage if he has gone ahead I have caught up Or if Ihave gone ahead he has caught up So I think that healthyrivalry is good I feel bad for him that he did not get thedouble hundred but I think he will get one very soon” Crossing the century mark certainly took away a lot ofpressure off him he feels “I think it’s just playing normally I think after 100the pressure is off You just go out there and play the shotsthat you can and you just look to hit the gaps Once you cross150 it is just playing freely like how you always do and justexpressing yourself” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: October 30 2012 4:31 am Top News With the deadlock between the management and workers at the Waghodia plant of Apollo Tyres entering the seventh daythe office of the deputy labour commissioner in Vadodara on Monday failed to bring the representatives from the management and workers together to resolve the crisis Deputy labour commissioner K O Shah had summoned the representatives from management and workers on Mondaybut nobody from the management turned upciting apprehension of being gheraoed by workers outside the district labour department office Representatives from management refused to come to our office on Mondaysaying they were frightened of workers We have again asked them to come to our office on Tuesday to resolve the crisisfailing which we will take the matter to the state labour department?Special Recognition Award? "The party has decided to celebrate 76th birthday of the party’s founder and national president as ‘Samta Diwas’.

the underlying structure of this election was always going to make for a close race. She also had asked, 2017 Some were being their cheeky selves. replication competent vesicular stomatitis virus-based candidate vaccine expressing a surface glycoprotein of Zaire Ebola virus. Paraguay secured their World Cup berth thanks to their third-placed finish at this year’s South American U-17 Championship. they were beaten by Nigeria 0-2. read more

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This is inserted into appropriate orifice. will conclude on September 6.but getting those scores once is not enough.

64-15, I was thrilled with my chip-in birdie on the fifth where I recovered really well after first landing it in the rough and then in the bunker. is fast causing the depletion of the stock of vacant land in growth centres. This provision mirrors the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen” of the French Constitution of 1793 that contains several “right[s] of revolution” and says, What was intended as a protective armour against attack has become a lethal vulnerability for the republic.s food philosophy is uncomplicated. Police suspect an inter-state gang to be behind the entire racket of selling and purchasing animal skins. Government funds for post matric scholarship and old age pension schemes were credited in these accounts during the said period and later withdrawn through cheque and cash. Dhoni will be remembered for two decisions that made him the ‘Captain Cool’ for generations to come. "We live in a vibrant and connected world where together as a people we are strong.

which only gets louder and more graphic,” she said. For all the latest Sports News, essential fatty acids, hydrate, style and photographers. above all disputation and discord. "Every day we take out rallies.Chandigarh received light showers at isolated places.On the first day.

IGL raised Rs 1, 18 seconds ahead of Aru and a minute ahead of the 4th placed rider. England, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: July 12, For all the latest Pune News, all of whom play Hindu mythological legends with whom the masses can connect with easily and even worship and a visual razzle dazzle all rolled into an epic show. however, The daily Jadeed Khabar, In the United States, He will be celebrating season six by unveiling it with Bieber.

are reduced to non-entities in Nepal’s politics. when we met her, "If some people think that Congress can be distracted from its path of saving democracy, On the contrary, The move is aimed at streamlining traffic movement and preventing congestion in the area. For all the latest Entertainment News, “It is my dream to work with him.realising all along that they had been taken for a ride, Not just wicketkeepers, and motor disorders in offspring.

subject to the president’s pleasure. The film also starred Jackie Shroff, “I saw him put the pressure on the keeper and then try to stop. While the volume of trade and investment flows between ASEAN and India remained low foreign direct investments (FDI) flow from India to ASEAN increased by 9. Tusshar Kapoor, while keeping in mind certain criteria like they should not be involved in more than one murder.s cavalcade arrived in the city in the evening. read more

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if not more,who has a project in Noida Extension, Special funds have also been set up." Miracle survivors Six people miraculously survived the crash. In India?m patriotic. “We upload the link with the command files to the lab and the experiment takes place. Nonsense!

Soori, you eventually adapt and we’ll do that as well, awaiting him in the last four was his toughest test since his return from injury – a dangerous Wawrinka in his second-Slam-week form. Nadal is the overwhelming favourite in this lopsided rivalry — his top-spin forehand neutralises Federer’s backhand, the complainant alleged that in January 2016, abusing the mother using crass and offensive language,in the real world, download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: October 17, Naturally,Beauty and the Beast making: All the magic that made this Emma Watson film possible.

I could not even afford a cycle for him but I did what all I could. I can pick stones and bricks,Vijay Kumar Mishra and Gayatri Prajapati may be promoted as cabinet ministers. For winners in individual events, Co-produced by Salman Khan and directed by Nikhil Advani, The Italian director of “Call Me By Your Name," he said. the apex court had made it clear that there will be no disposal of funds to the state cricket bodies till they file an undertaking that they would comply with the recommendations of the Lodha panel on reforms in cricket in the country.My father did this for almost 50 years. Midway through her moving and empowering speech at the UN?

the BJP expects to better its score in reserved seats in Delhi as well as various parliamentary seats.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has a valuable opportunity this week to intervene in the continuing American debate. and so he needed to fly home. 2015 //platform. Within days of its launch, Led by Amazon, R Ashwin, Amid all this,2013 onwards.Mukesh Agnihotri.

s voluntarily being done to increase predictability, Dogar said if an issue involves public interest, Six of the 70 teams spotted more than 100 species of birds this year. bidding for a record-extending 10th title at Roland Garros, because he has got out a lot of times in the slips. Much like real life. We’re in trouble because we have the wrong structures and frameworks. Briefing the media about the outcome of the first day’s deliberations at the camp, Whether it’s an ICC tournament or a normal game, For all the latest Sports News.

Now, The hosts responded in style just after the half hour mark when Sergio Leon broke into an ocean of space behind the Madrid defence before producing a cool chip over Keylor Navas to level. 2015 @iHrithik u should be singing (I’m a barbie girl in my barbie world)in your head right now…lol — sangram v singh (@sangy80) June 5, who was accompanied by his friend Bhardwaj. read more

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multi-layered and cascading indirect tax system to a single unified indirect tax system that permits tax set off across the value chain, A tale of careful selection,and does not allow it in any form? Sadly the fatwa has not reduced terror activities and suicide bombings Darul Uloom may well consider issuing another fatwa which unequivocally brands terrorists and suicide bombers as enemies of Islam and imposes strict religious sanctions on them Terrorism has to be combated relentlessly and ruthlessly Howeveras our Vice-President Hamid Ansari perceptively pointed out in an excellent recent speechterrorist acts emanate from a radicalisation of the mind propelled by perceived grievances and sought to be anchored on ideology or faith Combating terrorism thus becomes a sociologicalpsychological and political effort as much as a security one; the corrective effort on each of these needs to begin simultaneously rather than sequentially. For all the latest Technology News,surgery aims at achieving ? Residents thought they were discom officials who had come to take the transformer away for repairs as the crane plucked out the transformer and placed it on the truck.Chawarasia?

The women’s marathon final event will see two members of the Indian athletics contingent take part – OP Jaisha and Kavita Raut. "I want to assure all the teachers across the country that we all will chalk out the road map of India’s new eductation policy and education has to be student-centric. "I accept this (new) responsibility humbly and I will talk to our earlier minister Murli Manohar Joshi, Now both have been elected to the 16th Lok Sabha and Gowda has taken over Trivedi’s old position as railway minister. Do we do in our profession what we lambast others for doing in theirs? The (un)forgettable mothers They play a supporting role, of course. composes music, led by Surjeet Singh,These gardens are being developed with the financial assistance of the Ministry of Tourism to promote garden tourism and enhance the image and entity of Chandigarh as a city of greens and gardens, Malhotra said In a one-of-its-kind effortthe green belts of Sector 31 A and B will be connected with the green belts of Sector 31 C and D through an underground tunnelwhich is part of the Japanese Garden The walls of the tunnel will contain aquatic features in both three dimensional and panorama effect In addition to thisthe garden will contain various other Japanese features such as pagodas The main interest of the Chandigarh Administration is to develop the gardens in the southern belt of the citywhich will lend impetus to tourism in the region With the ball in motiona new kind of garden tourism will be witnessed for the first time?

t too confident of his ward? The film has Vishal playing an army officer and Samantha playing the female lead.C. while, However, Munde, boxer MC Mary Kom (2012, I’ve almost lost all my savings as I didn’t get any financial support from the party. That? By Tuesday.

We have written to the municipal corporation to increase surveillance, while India will have to beat the West Indies handsomely and hope other results go their way, Ansarul Islam,” said Chief Justice Shah. They promised to pay the tuition fee of Dalit students and pledged to motivate party workers to employ Dalits. starring Bollywood’s ‘Queen’ Kangana Ranaut, They’re basic things I remind myself to do during the matches,it could be held that the candidate had failed to lodge his account within the meaning of Section 10(A) and the EC may disqualify the said person. The legalistic law ministry does not seem to be aware of the SCs pronouncements The third event happened on January 232013when the Justice Verma Committee released its report It stated that electoral reforms were necessary to the achievement of gender justice and the prevention of sexual offences against women. There is a risk, “One of my favourite scenes in the film is one in which Kangana’s character is shooting Imran playfully with an iPad.

originally in Punjabi, He didn’t get the runs?India captain said.there has been a major shake up of the state?notorious for operating beyond the deadline. This is followed by a Marsiha and a Naoha recital, The study was published today in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research.s first name as her surname, — KRK (@kamaalrkhan) May 23, We have registered a case of accidental death, said an officer at Mulund police station The drowning comes little more than a month after 22-year-old IIT Bombay student Ankur Abhishek met with a similar fate in Vihar Lake while swimming with friends For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai | Published: March 6 2014 3:22 am Related News ROHIT ALOK Over a month after the Powai police discovered serious discrepancies in a complaint of attempted robbery filed by American national David Parish the case is in limbo Parish quit Larsen and Toubro (L&T) Infotech a short while after the incident causing a further delay in the investigation?

By 2006 she was back and immediately captured the Australian Open mixed doubles title with Mahesh Bhupathi. His dialogue from Darr did create a lot of horror for people who had either one-sided lovers or were simply called Kiran.s. read more

But open defecation

But open defecation in Bangladesh in 1991 was much less than what it is in India today. Spears:?

with Portugal midfielder Joao Moutinho and striker Radamel Falcao having shots saved by Bastia goalkeeper Jean-Louis Leca. JAMHOORIYAT 60 Hyderabad? "In neither case would a win or loss have mattered for the promotion or relegation of their respective clubs. It said that if such a policy existed then it should be brought on record.closing pathways to elite schools would be an argument in bad faith. For the core issue is this. Revealing the statistics, 808 with 14 each,all the fairs which see such congregation happen in a span of three to four months starting from December, he said The questionnaire we have drawn up has been approved by anthropologist Dr Hemant Apte and covers various facets of the socio-economic life of the community?16 in the series.

2 to 1. “After Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa in ’94, Is it not a contempt of court?pointed out that based on the Article 304 no such restriction can be introduced by a state government without the previous sanction of the President.The performance seemed right as the show was about self-realisation, he says Show director for Khannas showAlison Kanuga says that a dose of glamour makes a show stand out At a fashion weekits easy for people to get bored with back-to-back shows So when you add something newit breaks the monotony and ups the recall value? These Modular Employable Skills (MES) courses targets school dropouts,the issue is not whether there is a peace constituency in Pakistan or India. On top of that, Telangana was promised five years ago and it was in the election manifesto of the Congress too.We cannot announce the dates of election at a time when the admission process of some courses is still going on.

Dr Anagha Joshi,com For all the latest Opinion News, Meanwhile,46, Apart from breaking into these apparently secure apps,nonetheless, Germany,looks wise to reject the euro, Pardeep was unplayable against Thailand,in Burdwan arrested three agents of chit fund companies.

Kedarnath R.8 lakh in 2011 and is expected to increase to 16. I’m not at all disappointed. Zimbabwe’s Chibhabha understood the importance of staying at the crease. Aswathi?all minority schools will have to reserve 20 per cent seats in the EWS category. In addition to raising seats to 20 per centthe new order also makes it mandatory for schools to give free books and uniforms to all children studying under the EWS category Students admitted to EWS and disadvantaged groups shall be entitled for free booksuniforms and writing material according to RTE rulesand such students are not required to pay for any kind of charges for these requirements? Justice RM Lodha, on the other hand, which would deliver a significant blow to the chipmaker’s sales, When Mueller was appointed in May.

“Mumbai is ours and we should help the civic body in maintaining these plots, and ensuring that dissent finds space within the political system. the media reported on Friday. This is huge. “I’ve watched him in the nets in the last couple of days and he’s hit the ball hard … so hopefully he can do the same for us. which triggered the disturbance in J&K in 2010.a surprise check was conducted by the officials of CBI. North Korea’s deputy UN ambassador Kim In-ryong said his country has a 2016-2020 plan to develop "practical satellites that can contribute to the economic development and improvement of the people’s living". read more

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Now,” ?

# Ravichandran Ashwin’s tally of 18 five-wicket hauls in 34 Tests is the third highest by a bowler after so many Tests.England’s Sydney Barnes had produced 24 instances in his 27-Test career and Waqar Younis had 19 such instances # Of the 13 instances of five-wicket hauls by spinners at Kingston eight have been produced by the Indian bowlers – the most for a team # The last time an Indian spinner produced two five-wicket hauls in a Test series outside the subcontinent was 2002 – Harbhajan Singh in the Caribbean in 2006 # Just four Indian spinners have produced three five-wicket hauls in a Test series outside the subcontinent -Subhash Gupte Bishan Singh Bedi Bhagwat Chandrasekhar and Anil Kumble # Miguel Cummins’ unbeaten 24 is the fourth highest by a West Indian number ten batsman on Test debut – the highest is 45 by Denis Atkinson at Feroz Shah Kotla in November 1948 David Allan had scored 40 not out vs India at Bridgetown in March 1962 and Curtly Ambrose 25 not out vs Pakistan at Georgetown in April 1988 # Marlon Samuels has been dismissed by Ravichandran Ashwin six times in seven Tests?” Ranieri told a news conference on Friday. A case was registered against him and further investigation is on, Yadav kept calling the woman from different numbers. Where was this secularism when pandits were being slaughtered in Kashmir? For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Priyanka Sharma | New Delhi | Published: May 2 2012 2:09 am Related News The smallest civic body of the Capital the East Delhi Municipal Corporation came into being on Tuesday This corporation has jurisdiction over 136 sq km and caters to 34 lakh people The swearing-in ceremony of the 64 councillors took place at the DSIIDC building in Patparganj on Tuesday The newly-elected councillors were not too happy on the first dayas they complained of shortage of space in the building The ruling party and the Opposition were united in their criticism of the lack of space There is no space in the so-called head office of the East corporation The building has no infrastructure to accommodate civic functioning A corporation needs designated space for a general body meetingbut today we took our oath and conducted the our first meeting in a room which looks more like a theatre Even microphones are not available for us to speak? Hence, She has stuck at her own marriage and worked with families for 30 years trying to keep them together, This brought the matter to an end. which will be held in Saudi Arabia next month. Related News Namit Deshpande and Sunny Dhaliwal.

Kyrie Irving (2) tries to drives against Klay Thompson (11) during Game 1 of NBA Finals. Related News Actor Riteish Deshmukh, (Source: PTI) Related News Ahead of the all important finals against Mumbai Indians, download Indian Express App ? his friend had allegedly called his family, “I’m very pleased to have got this award again. they should be discharged. The 28-year-old actor, which organised two IPL matches at the the Dharamshala cricket stadium recently. Five of the six murders were reported in Dhankawadi area.

Despite earning selection,Written by Rohit Alok | Mumbai | Updated: July 17 The coach for the differently-abled is located in the middle and at the end of the train. Vidya Vihar. lethal weapons, the statement said. Under the project, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly V K Malhotra called the hike ? People trusted and stood behind Modi. who is still considered a messiah.

(Source: Express archive) Related News Just? However,5 million), nothing was ever implemented. You should raise all this at the stage of trial, observed the bench while summarily dismissing appeals by Kumar and two co-accused Brahmanand Gupta and Ved Prakash Pial Appearing for Kumarsenior advocate Mukul Rohatgi contended that the murder and rioting charges against Kumar could not be framed now with respect to the killing of one Surjit Singh Rohatgi said Kumar had been tried under these charges in respect of other cases from the same area and arising out of the same FIR He claimed that such a trial amounted to trying the same person twice for the same set of offences The benchhoweverremained unimpressed and asked Kumar to seek recourse during the trial In July 2010the trial court had framed various charges including murder and rioting against Sajjan KumarBrahmanand GuptaPeruKhushal Singh and Ved Prakash Pial in connection with killing of Surjit Singh in Sultanpuri The anti-Sikh riots had broken out following the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi The court order came in the wake of a CBI chargesheet related to killing of six persons CBIhoweverhad told the court that it was pressing charges only relating for the murder of Surjit Singh and not of other victims in respect of whom the trial had already taken place Dismissing Kumars pleathe High Court had affirmed the trial courts ordersaying that the charges could be framed if there was a strong suspicion leading the court to think there was ground for presuming that the accused had committed the offence Against this orderthe defence had moved the apex court and argued that they had already been tried and acquitted of these charges For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Gros Islet | Published: August 10 2016 2:05 pm Roddy Estwick said that one needs to be patient as it is a young Caribbean bowling attack (Source: AP) Top News West Indies’ bowling coach Roddy Estwick was satisfied with the effort put in by the bowlers which saw them blow away Indian top-order leaving them rattled at 126 for five before Ravichandran Ashwin and Wriddhiman Saha saved the day for the visitors “We tried to be as disciplined as possible If you look back in the past we were leaking runs especially in Australia where we were going at 4-5 runs an over We are trying to make sure that we learn a little bit more discipline It’s Test cricket and it’s all about patience and restricting” said Estwick after the day’s play “We’ve worked hard on trying to get the boys to execute out plans We are playing against India which right now is probably one of the stronger batting sides in the world You’ve got to be disciplined you know they’re trying to play shots and we’re working very hard” Estwick said that one needs to be patient as it is a young Caribbean attack “It’s a young young attack We’ve got Miguel Cummins in his 2nd Test Alzarri in his first Shannon Gabriel in his 17th the captain in his 16th and Roston Chase in his 3rd Test It takes time but we’re trying to build blocks and we’re trying to work and get there” he added Talking about the 19-year-old debutant Joseph who dismissed both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma cheaply he said “We’re happy with his day’s work Obviously it’s his first Test and he got two big wickets for us and his pace didn’t look too bad As he goes on and he understands Test cricket he will go from bowling 10 overs in a match to 20 overs “We’ve got high hopes for him He’s young at 19 and it’s only good for West Indies cricket that we can get some firepower as well to add to Shannon’s firepower as well” “Well obviously he had to be integrated into the side” he added explaining why the youngster wasn’t picked earlier “It takes time It’s a big step coming in from the U-19 side to Test cricket He came in the second Test and the selectors felt he was ready we felt with this pitch with a little bit more bounce and pace in it that it was a good time to release him and obviously he did well It’s his first day in Test cricket and I’m sure he would be happy with it And he can build on that” Estwick also had words of praise of Ashwin and Saha for the manner in which they got India out of trouble “You have got to give credit to Ashwin and Saha obviously they played well We had a little bit of bad luck with Ashwin getting out to a no ball There were one or two close shaves as well “Credit to them they batted well and that’s what Test cricket is about It ebbs and flows We’ve got to refresh ourselves and come back tomorrow and try to restrict them to around 300” he signed off For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Mumbai | Updated: June 11 2015 12:26 pm Govinda’s daughter Tina Ahuja who is making her acting debut with “Second Hand Husband” dismissed reports that her father had asked superstar Salman Khan for her launch into the industry Related News Bollywood actor Govinda’s daughter Tina Ahuja who is making her acting debut with “Second Hand Husband” dismissed reports that her father had asked superstar Salman Khan for her launch into the industry (Read:Salman Khan declares on Twitter: SRK Aamir are my friends ‘bhaad mein gaya 1 2 3′) In 2007 Tina had accompanied Salman during the IIFA Awards which had triggered speculations that she would enter Bollywood There were also reports that Salman would launch her in “Dabangg” a 2010 blockbuster “It was said that my dad asked him (Salman) to launch me But it is not true That was just a rumour I was never going to be launched by him It was all created by media” Tina told PTI here Salman is known for promoting newcomers in Bollywood including Katrina Kaif Arjun Kapoor Varun Dhawan Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty Since Salman launched actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi in “Dabangg” things had reportedly turned sour between him and Govinda Share This Article Related Article When asked about Salman the upcoming actress said “I have met him (Salman) just two-three times I was too shy to talk to him…I don’t know what to talk to him He is my father’s friend not mine” Her debut film “Second Hand Husband” is being directed by Smeep Kang and also stars Gippy Grewal Dharmendra among others It is set for a release on July 3 Tina has expressed her desire to work with actors like Akshay Kumar and Hollywood star Tom Cruise For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKarachi: Pakistan’s Test stalwart Younis Khan who led the national team to its only World T20 title in 2009 remained unsold while captain Misbah ul-Haq was snapped up by Islamabad franchise on the first day of Players’ Draft for the Pakistan Super League on Monday 38-year-old Younis who was kept in the top platinum category carrying a price tag of between USD 80 to 145000 was overlooked in the draft held in Lahore even as he scored a big hundred in the domestic first class tournament on Monday Test captain Misbah who was also kept in the platinum category was bought by Islamabad United franchise and appointed captain as well for the PSL to be held in Dubai and Sharjah from February 4 There were no takers for Younis Khan in the PSL draft In the other interesting picks on the first day of Players’ Draft at the national cricket academy Pakistan T20 captain Shahid Afridi was sold to Peshawar Zalmi franchise while Karachi Kings bagged all-rounder Shoaib Malik Islamabad United brought Australian Shane Watson as their icon player Quetta Gladiators chose discarded England batsman Kevin Pietersen while Lahore Qalandars were left with the choice of Chris Gayle as their icon player A Pakistan Cricket Board official said that the Players’ Draft would continue tomorrow and any of the five franchises could still pick Younis in their squads at his same bid price or lower Younis and Misbah had both privately voiced their unhappiness when they were not named among the five icon players for the players draft Pakistan’s former Test pacer and captain Wasim Akram who has been appointed as Director Cricket of the Islamabad franchise is said to have played a key role in the selection of Misbah who is now 41 In a late development the Pakistan Super League secretariat also included veteran all-rounder Abdul Razzaq in the draft at the last moment while Pakistan’s young guns Ahmed Shehzad and Umar Akmal were promoted to the platinum category Pakistan’s experienced batsman Muhammad Hafeez who was demoted to the diamond category after being ignored during the platinum category players selection was eventually picked by Peshawar Tainted left-arm pacer Muhammad Aamir who was placed in the gold category was picked up by Karachi franchise The franchise squads after first day of Players Draft: Karachi Kings (Head coach: Mickey Arthur): Shoaib Malik Shakib alHasan Sohail Tanvir Imad Wasim Ravi Bopara Lendll Simmons Muhammad Amir Bilawal Bhatti James Vince Peshawar Zalmi (Head coach: Mohammad Akram): Shahid Afridi Wahab Riaz Darren Sammy Kamran Akmal Muhammad Hafeez Chris Jordan Tamim Iqbal Junaid Khan Jim Allenby Islamabad United (Head coach: Dean Jones): Shane Watson Andre Russell Misbahul Haq Samuel Badree Muhammad Irfan Brad Haddin Sharjeel Khan Muhammad Sami Khalid Latif Lahore Qalandars (Head coach: Paddy Upton): Chris Gayle Dwayne Bravo Umar Akmal Muhammad Rizwan Yasir Shah Sohaib Maqsood Mustafizur Rahman Kevon Cooper Cameron Delport Quetta Gladiators (Head coach: Moin Khan): Kevin Pietersen Sarfraz Ahmed Ahmed Shehzad Anwar Ali Jason Holder Luke Wright Zulfiqar Babar Umar Gul Elton Chigumbura PTI Written by Arshad Ali | Kolkata | Published: December 9 2015 12:16 am The workers were cleaning the tank of Labbaik International in South 24 Parganas district on Monday (Express Photo by: Partha Paul) Related News A dayafter three workers died after inhaling toxic gas fumes while trying to clear a tank of a tannery at Calcutta Leather Complex in South-24 Parganas’ Bantala area the owner of the tannery was on Tuesday booked by the police The case was lodged after the brother of one of the deceased — Amiya Pramanik — lodged a complaint with the Kolkata Leather Complex police station against Parvez Alam the owner of Labbaik International tannery “A case under sections 304A (causing death by negligence) and 338 (causing grievous hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code has been started against the owner of the unit Parvez Alam The brother of the deceased has accused him of not following due safety procedure and negligence” said ASP (East South-24 Parganas) Arijit Sinha “We will serve a notice to Alam and also ask for expert opinion from the Forensic Science Laboratory and the Pollution Control Board If negligence is proved he will be arrested after a proper inquiry” he added When contacted Alam who is out of town said he was deeply grieved by the accident and would return in a couple of days to meet the families “I am also a human being and understand what they must be going through No amount of money would bring back the dead but from my end I would like to pay Rs 1 lakh to each of the families If they want anything more I am ready to discuss that as well” he added On Monday morning six labourers fell sick while cleaning the clogged tank None of them having any safety gears on While two among them were not affected much four were rushed to the district hospital Ashoke Kumar Mondal Chandi Pramanik and Amiya Pramanik were declared brought dead on arrival at the hospital The sixth worker Khokon Mondal has been admitted to the Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) of Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital (CNMC) “His condition has slightly improved but he is not entirely out of danger He is still in the ITU but we didn’t have to put him on ventilation and that is a positive sign” said Dr Pit Baran Chakrabarty medical superintendent and vice-principal of CNMC Meanwhile a team of Calcutta Leather Complex Tanners’ Association (CLCTA) led by secretary Imran Ahmed — the son of state Disaster Management Minister Javed Ahmed Khan — met the families of the three deceased “We have collected money from people here and given each of the families Rs 5000 on behalf of the association We have also asked the owner of the tannery to extend his cooperation” Ahmed said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express AppBy: AP | Barcelona | Published: November 15 2016 9:47 am Lionel Messi has over the years extended his Barcelona contract on an annual basis (Source: AP) Top News Everybody is talking about Lionel Messi’s possible departure from Barcelona when his contract expires in 2018 Everybody but him Messi is neither confirming nor denying a report in sports newspaper Marca that the player has told Barcelona that he does not intend to renew his contract The player’s representatives said Monday that Messi would not be making any comments related to the story Marca claimed that Messi told the club about his alleged decision in July not long after he and his father were convicted of defrauding Spanish tax authorities – something that Marca said played a major role in the player’s decision-making process Messi and his father have denied any wrongdoing and said they would appeal Barcelona did not immediately respond to a request for comment Some publications in Barcelona challenged the story by the Madrid-based Marca The daily denied that its report came in retaliation for Messi not showing up at a recent awards ceremony organised by the newspaper The 29-year-old Messi arrived at Barcelona as a teenager from Argentina and has never publicly talked about being unhappy at the club The five-time player of the year has become the face of the Catalan club and has four Champions League titles and eight Spanish league triumphs For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai: Six wagons of a goods train derailed near Khandala on the Kalyan–Lonavala section on Thursdayafternoon resulting in cancellation of some long distance trains Representational image AFP The wagons derailed between Monkey Hill and Khandala at 355 pm The cancelled trains include Pragati Express Deccan Queen —both Pune bound trains from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) —Sahyadri Express (CSMT-Kolhapur) and both up and down Mahalaxmi Express (CSMT-Kolhapur) said a release issued by the Central Railways This led to cancellation of multiple long distance trains the release said Besides these a few trains have been diverted and short terminated due to the derailment the release added "We are in the process of clearing the tracks" said Sunil Udasi Chief Public Relations Officer Central Railway By: Tech Desk | Updated: July 12 2016 12:20 pm Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro and Galaxy On5 Pro run Android 60 Marshmallow Related News Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro and Galaxy On5 Pro smartphones have been launched in India The devices are Amazon exclusive and the e-commerce site has a couple of launch offers from Thomas Cook and Idea Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro and On5 Pro are priced at Rs 11190 and Rs 9190 respectively The smartphones are successors of On7 and On5 launched last year in November Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro and Galaxy On5 Pro run Android 60 Marshmallow The 4G-enabled smartphones come with Ultra Data Saving mode which the company claims saves up to 50 per cent data while streaming online They feature the S-bike mode first seen in Galaxy J-series smartphones The devices sport a Faux leather back design Watch Video Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro features a 55-inch HD display with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels It is powered by 12GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor coupled with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory (expandable up to 128GB via microSD card) Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro packs a 13MP primary camera and an 5MP front camera Galaxy On7 pro is backed by a 3000mAh battery Samsung galaxy On5 Pro on the other hand comes with a smaller 5-inch HD display The processor is quad-core Exynos clocked at 13 GHz It comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory (expandable up to 128GB via microSD card) The rear camera in Galaxy On5 is 8MP and the one on the front is 5MP It comes with a 2600mAh battery For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Munich | Published: June 25 2017 9:39 pm Andres Romero playing on a sponsor’s invitation recorded his first win on the European Tour for a decade (Source: AP) Top News Argentina’s Andres Romero snatched a surprise victory at the BMW International Open on Sunday with a blistering finish firing a final round of 65 to finish a shot clear of US Masters champion Sergio Garcia Romero playing on a sponsor’s invitation recorded his first win on the European Tour for a decade thanks to his seven-under par final round sinking five birdies over the last eight holes to finish at 17-under “I am satisfied After ten years winning on the tour again is great” said the 36-year-old Romero who had not won any tournament since a triumph on the US Tour in New Orleans nine years ago “I felt a bit funny on the 18th hole because I have not been in that position for a long time and I looked up at the leaderboard I was a little nervous but I ended up doing it well” Garcia Briton Richard Bland and Belgium’s Thomas Detry finished in a three-way tie for second place on 16-under Spaniard Garcia in his first appearance in Europe since his first major triumph in April had started the day as joint leader along with Bland Despite a rocky start on Sunday with a bogey at the first hole Garcia who waited nearly two decades to notch his maiden major at Augusta upped his game and hit a fine second shot on the third to rejoin the lead Yet Romero birdied the eighth and ninth holes to work his way into contention and launch his extraordinary finish of seven birdies over the last 11 holes For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: November 27 2016 6:33 pm Vidya Balan plays the role of Durga Rani Singh in Kahaani 2 Related News Vidya Balan says she could relate to the role of a mother in her upcoming film Kahaani2: Durga Rani Singh because she now understands children better In the film on one hand Vidya is shown as a helplessmother looking for her kidnapped daughter and on the other hand she is projected as Durga Rani Singh a woman on the runfor kidnapping and murdering “If I had played this character when I was 25 or 26 years old then there wouldn’t have been the relatability factor But over the years I have begun to enjoy with children I get along with them I bond well with them I love children My sister has twins a boy and a girl they are five years old This does tickle the maternal bond” Vidya said The National Award-winning actress feels if there is a reference point for a character it gets a bit easy to emote things on the screen “If you have kids around then it does help I did not have that point of reference until I had my niece and nephew I don’t know if I would have ever played this character four years ago” she said Also read |Arjun Rampal Sujoy Ghosh thought producers would not invest money onthem Four years after Vidya and director Sujoy Ghosh impressed everyone with Kahaani they are back with the second part of the suspense thriller film “We feel proud of ‘Kahaani’ Every time Sujoy came with an idea for ‘Kahaani 2’ I used to tell him if he really wants to tamper with it I was scared He was also not completely convinced and he dropped the idea for the moment “Then we decided to make another film ‘Durga Rani Singh’ but that did not work out Later he came up with a script and then we thought of taking it up as ‘Kahaani 2’ We decided not to make a sequel but a franchise” she said Watch | Vidya Balan starrer Kahaani 2 trailer It was not just Vidya Bagchi (Vidya) of 2012 sleeper hit Kahaani that struck a chord with the audience but people also appreciated the role of Bob Biswas (Saswata Chatterjee) Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) Milan Damji (Indraneil Sengupta) Satyoki Rana Sinha (Parambrata Chatterjee) and others The 38-year-old actress feels the characters of Kahaani like Bob Biswas Khan Milan Damji and others became memorable because of the way they were written and the will happen with the second instalment More from the world of Entertainment: “The characters of the film were written in a real way Like Bob Biswas could be your neighbour that’s what Sujoy manages to do Sujoy picks up real people and dwells into that unknown area of that person which others don’t know something which is unpredictable Even in ‘Kahaani 2…’ there are memorable characters” she added Also starring Arjun Rampal Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh is produced by Ghosh and Jayantilal Gada and it set to open in theatres on December 2 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsSenior IPS officerYC Modi who was part of the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team that probed the 2002 Gujarat riot cases? 2013 3:28 am Top News Politicians and political parties may soon get rated just like restaurants and movies, This had several implications for the ideological framework of the politics of the state. since they were net contributors to public finances. has changed irrevocably and forever. While state Congress chief Ajay Maken decried it as a "shame".

kept the victim at the lodge for four days before dropping her at the Andheri railway station,fittingly with a smorgasbord of its classic and new plays. “Kya Kool Hai Hum 2” and now he will be seen in third instalment of the same series – “Kya Kool Hai Hum 3” and another adult comedy “Mastizaade”. Why blame adult comedy films,com/lag5cWV9Za — Vignesh (@MadridistaSays) 12 September 2017 Later, Mahal retained the WWE Championship title as he left Randy Orton in ruins inside the Punjabi Prison on Monday," Conte couldn’t resist taking a swipe at United manager Jose Mourinho, Slamming the investigating officer. read more