Rep Lucido vehicle storage bill aims to protect locals in the towing

first_img The Michigan House today approved a bill sponsored by state Rep. Peter Lucido that prohibits local government or law enforcement from enacting new contracts for towing or motor vehicle storage facilities.“It’s proving to be unfruitful for anybody currently in or looking to get into the towing business because of the danger of a municipality starting up its own services in a reach for funding,” said Lucido, of Shelby Township. “If a business owner in a community invests in equipment – trucks, a building and labor – they should know that investment is sound without the threat of competition from a local government. This bill protects fair competition within this industry.”Facilities holding vehicles taken into custody for safekeeping that were in operation before the effective date of the bill, or contracts with outside vendors that were in place before the effective date, are to be grandfathered in.Lucido was joined by Michigan Towing Association President Joel Ballor in testimony on the bill before the House Local Government Committee on Feb. 14.“As small business owners, we are not afraid of competition amongst ourselves,” Ballor said. “We compete with our rates, customer service and the names on our respective doors and trucks. However, it is unfair for us to compete against the very people who set the rules for the game.”Added Lucido: “What other businesses compete with the public sector locally? If we start this and continue along this vein, I can see municipalities opening ice cream shops next to the ballfields in the summer to raise funds.”House Bill 4360 moves to the Senate for further consideration. 21Mar Rep. Lucido vehicle storage bill aims to protect locals in the towing business Categories: Lucido News,Newslast_img

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