27000 Black Lotus found during live Magic the Gathering pack opening

first_imgThough you may not come across it in your everyday life, Magic the Gathering is arguably more popular and successful than it has ever been. The rare and expensive cards from the early days that you remember are still the cream of the crop, and are even harder to find. Though banned from most formats of official play, the Black Lotus is still the holy grail of Magic, and one lucky fan just pulled one from a booster pack and happened to catch it on video.For those unfamiliar with Magic’s history, the Black Lotus originates from the Alpha and Beta sets of the game. The Alpha version is the more expensive of the two due to its limited printing of around 1,100 copies, compared Beta’s 3,300 or so. The card is part of the Power Nine, a set of early-run cards that were only printed for a few months between 1993 and 1994, with abilities that are considered to be the most powerful in the entire game. The Black Lotus is considered the most powerful card out of the Power Nine thanks to the extreme early edge the card provides if you happen to draw it early enough.A Black Lotus was recently auctioned off for over $27,000, so this lucky guy just hit it big. The pull begins at around 8:15.The video was mainly made to show players what card pulls looked like during the very early days of Magic. A Black Lotus pull was possible, though highly unlikely. It’s impressive how the fan doesn’t totally lose his mind when he flips over that last card and it turns out to be the most famous CCG card of all time.last_img

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