Team Geeks Favorite Movies of 2017

first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Solar Energy Outpaced Fossil Fuels in 20174 New Gadgets You Should’ve Bought in 2017 Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was the prime suspect to become a Wolverine fanatic. I collected the original run and dove deep into Claremont’s Uncanny X-men, the animated series it was based on, Origins, the Ultimate line. All of it! When I saw Logan’s adaptation in Singer’s 2000 X-Men film, I thought it worked. I felt there was so much more that could be shown to develop this character. Fast forward through all the abysmal Wolverine films, and we land on its final film in the franchise, Logan. This one adapts elements from the Old Man Logan comic, along with a few others, all while fitting it into the preexisting X-men film universe. For fans, this just spelled a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly enough director James Mangold worked pure magic with the screenplay work he was given. Not only is this the best Wolverine film; It can also be considered to be the best X-Men film to date. If you told me back the 80’s that a new Star Wars film would hit theaters starring Luke Skywalker and I’d still pick a Wolverine film over it; I’d say “You’re losing your sleigh bells, bub.” This entry is visceral, brutal and full of so much damn heart that I’d say it’s easily one of my top three comic films of all time. I know there are rumors with Disney buying Fox that Hugh might reprise the role of Wolverine one more time on screen in an Avengers film. But I’m simply okay with letting his portrayal of Logan end with this beautiful piece.      Mother!Submitted by Brittany VincentI went into Mother! knowing very little about what to expect. I’ve never been a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence, but this Darren Aronofsky flick enticed me from the moment I caught a glimpse of its ornate and grotesque poster with Lawrence seemingly offering her bloody, beating heart up to someone just in the distance. What I got from the film was more than I could ever have expected. If you’ve ever heard that you should go into the movie blind, or that the end product is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, know that those rumors are absolutely true. I gained a new appreciation for both Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem as well as the depth of their acting chops, and I can’t wait to be able to add this unique and wholly bizarre film to my 4K Blu-ray collection when it finally arrives.ColossalSubmitted by Sheilah VillariColossal was one of those movies that hit me right in the gut. And it’s not just because I have the same tic as our heroine, which I do in the exact same spot. (I hit my head on a cabinet years ago and still pick at it when I’m nervous.) Anne Hathaway plays a writer looking for redemption or inspiration or both. At a dead end in every way in her life, she returns to her childhood town and reconnects with old “friends.” Through supernatural forces, she begins to find her place and purpose. As she learns how her actions impact not only herself but those near her and around the rest of the world she begins to rethink it all. We should all connect with our inner “monster” and evaluate the damage we do to ourselves and our environment. Colossal while not a perfect film, it plays with imagery that should be supported for daring to try something different. In 2017 we returned to some of our favorites franchises and watched those worlds expanded and advanced. But we also had some pretty provocative and innovative storytelling come out of the cinema too. Whether you like comedy, drama, horror or anything in between, this year there was definitely something for everyone. We here at Geek had a hard time picking our favorites but here’s what we chose.Thor: RagnarokSubmitted by K. Thor JensenSure, one could say that I’m a little biased because my parents named me after Marvel’s God of Thunder, but Thor: Ragnarok gave me everything I’ve ever wanted from a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Taika Waititi jumped in with both feet and just had fun with everything that the comics had to offer, giving us a wildly likable Thor on an alien planet forced to battle for his life. Brisk, beautiful and candy-colored, it did everything right that Justice League did wrong. Logan LuckySubmitted by Insha FitzpatrickI can not say enough good things about this movie. I will not stop until everyone knows how fantastic it. I’m a huge fan of simplicity that packs a punch, and that’s precisely what Logan Lucky does. It’s another take on the heist movie that’s straightforward, ambitious, painful to watch and utterly brilliant. It’s an “everyman” movie. We’re given different types of heist movies in Hollywood, but this goes back to the everyday man trying to make his life better. Steven Soderbergh allows you to get to know each of the characters in a different type of development. You want to be their friends AND want the heist to work out. The hilarious moments come sharply, which allow you not to miss a beat of the jokes and the action. Every actor no matter how small or large of screen time they received, pulls it off. It’s a movie that’s uncomplicated but demands it’s presence to be known for its emotional punches and character dynamics. Logan Lucky is a movie that made Soderbergh come out of retirement. If he keeps making things like this, please never leave us again. Get OutSubmitted by Jordan MinorI’ve enjoyed Jordan Peele since his MadTV sketch comedy day. But seeing him blossom into a full-blown auteur has been a highlight of a bleak 2017 when it comes to the race relations Get Out brilliantly tackles.Tense, horrifying, hilarious, and razor-sharp in its depiction of how society unfortunately still is, Get Out is one of the best and most timely films of the year. It’s also the most fun you could have had in a theater with the right (Black) audience.MenasheSubmitted by Stephanie MlotYou’ve probably never heard of one of the best films of 2017. Film festival darling Menashe is a simple story of a man (Menashe), his community (Hasidic Judaism), and the daily grind. Recently widowed, the character—based loosely on star and namesake Menashe Lustig—tries to regain custody of his 10-year-old son. Things, of course, are complicated by the traditional Rabbi, a difficult boss, and critical family. The movie is as inspiring and culturally informative as it is charming. Most impressively, the film’s entire cast (save for Menashe himself—a comedian and actor) had never performed a day in their life, and risked extradition from their ultra-orthodox community for appearing in the Yiddish-language feature.Star Wars: The Last Jedi Submitted by Nick MangioneYeah, I know we’re all still high off of seeing the new Star Wars, but Rian Johnson delivered the best Star Wars movie since 1980. In fact, The Last Jedi may have unseated Empire Strikes Back as my favorite Star Wars movie. It’ll take another marathon of all eight movies to make sure, but it really is that good. The fact that people are so divided over it is only proof to me that it’s one of the best, if not the best, movie in the franchise. A truly great work, one that has something to say and nails its messaging, one that really speaks to people, is going to rub others the wrong way. Anything that elicits such a strong positive reaction from one person is going to draw a strong negative reaction from another. Both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi did exactly what they had to do. The Force Awakens had to remind us of what Star Wars was. The Last Jedi had the tougher job of expanding that definition, and showing us what Star Wars could be. It assured us that we’re not going to be watching the same story play out over and over again. It fleshed out the world, and gave us a small glimpse of how ordinary people in this galaxy live. It reminded us that The Force is in everyone and a talented Force user can come from anywhere. The Force Awakens brought Star Wars back. The Last Jedi allowed it to stay.LoganSubmitted by Keenan McClellandlast_img

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