Airbnb in Hot Water Again Over Hidden Cameras

first_imgStay on target Airbnb For Work Simplifies Business TravelAirbnb’s Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Rental Is a Hot Dog Lover’s Paradise Airbnb has a serious hidden camera problem.A week after The Atlantic reported on Peeping Tom hosts, a California couple did anything but smile upon discovering they were on candid camera.Christian Aranda and Alondra Salas wanted some quiet time together. So they booked a one-night stay in Garden Grove, not far from their Santa Ana home.Billed as “cozy and romantic,” the dream room quickly turned into a nightmare.According to the local ABC affiliate, the pair found a hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector—hanging directly over the bed.“It’s disgusting, that there’s people out there, recording you, getting intimate,” Salas told the news station. “They have this labeled as a romantic getaway on Airbnb.”The next morning, they confronted the homeowner—whose name has not been released—and called the police.The camera, it turns out, was not turned on and nothing of Aranda and Salas’s night was recorded; Garden Grove officers say no crime was committed.Airbnb does allow “any mechanism that can be used to capture or transmit audio, video, or still images,” including Wi-Fi cameras, nanny cameras, Web cameras, baby monitors, and surveillance systems.Hosts, however, are required to list any such devices in their House Rules, and disclose if an active recording is taking place.“The safety and privacy of our community—both online and offline—is our priority,” Airbnb said in a statement emailed to Geek. “We take reports of any violations very seriously.”Following Salas and Aranda’s complaint, Airbnb provided a full refund and removed the unidentified host from its site. That’s not enough, though.“They need to do something about this because not only [were we] in the room with the cameras,” Aranda said, “but 24 other people who left reviews were in the room with cameras, as well.The couple are considering legal action against the homeowner and Airbnb.It’s obvious why someone might want to spy on strangers staying in their home; evidence of theft, vandalism, or deception is always helpful for the police.But it’s against Airbnb’s rules, and can result in an investigation, removal from the site, and possible jail time.That hasn’t stopped some folks, though, according to The Atlantic, which highlighted the issue in a recent in-depth article.More on to Acquire Last-Minute Booking Service HotelTonightAirbnb Host Admits to Killing Guest Over Unpaid $149 BillAirlines: Creepy Entertainment Screen Cameras ‘Not In Use’last_img

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