Track Your Dogs Health Fitness With Waggit Wearable

first_img Wearable technology is helping people maintain longer, more robust lives. So why shouldn’t our canine companions reap the same benefits?Waggit—wearable health tech for man’s best friend—aims to do just that.Equipped with wellness, activity, and location tracking, the Waggit smart collar learns your dog’s personal baseline to provide early indications of potential health issues.“Waggit exists to strengthen bonds, prolong the lives of our fur babies, and to give pet parents peace of mind that comes with knowing their dogs’ well being is always a top priority,” according to founder and CEO Susan Sierota.Plus, it’s cute and unobtrusive.Track key health indicators from your phone (via Waggit)Worn like any other collar, Waggit pairs with a mobile app so owners can monitor their pet’s safety, nutrition, and training goals.“Our dogs aren’t just pets. They’re part of the family. And when there’s something wrong, our dogs can’t exactly tell us,” Sierota said. “Not only that, dogs hide their pain, so it’s not always easy to tell that there’s a problem until it’s gotten really bad.”Until now.A change in your dog’s habits may be a sign of pain or other health complications (via Waggit)Waggit notifies users of any changes in their dog’s key health indicators—body temperature, heart and respiration rate, sleep patterns, activity levels, even body positions. (Yes, the fact that your dog is no longer lying on its right side may be a sign of pain or other complications.)And its built-in GPS takes the stress out of searching for a lost dog; receive a notification any time your pup strays outside of its set “virtual fence” boundaries.Just like the Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, or Apple device strapped to a human’s wrist, Waggit tracks your tail-wagger’s activity time, distance, and speed, then compares it to that of similar dogs for a bit of friendly competition.Awwww (via Waggit)A $200 pledge via the company’s Kickstarter campaign guarantees you one Waggit collar (size and color of your choice). Expected to retail for $279, the product is also available in packs of two ($339), three ($503), or four ($671).Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Next-Gen Google Glass Wearable Ready For BusinessCan Smart PJs Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep? last_img

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