Vodafone adds signal booster and phone charging to an umbrella

first_imgVodafone UK has developed a new accessory for anyone who lives where it rains a lot, has a hard time getting a decent network signal, and would benefit from charging their phone on the go. It’s called the Vodafone Booster Brolly, and it promises to keep your phone connected and charged, and you dry even in the worst downpours.We are coming up to the festival season in the UK where thousands of people hope for lots of sunshine, but ultimately end up getting drenched in a field watching their favorite bands play. This same group of people, typically the teenage to late 20s crowd, is an important customer base for the likes of Vodafone and other network providers, so they want to keep them using their smartphones whenever possible.The Booster Brolly aims to do just that. It has been fitted with a high gain antenna that is hooked up to a low power signal repeater. What that does is make it easier to get a good signal while providing better coverage for anyone standing underneath or near to the umbrella.For charging, the umbrella carries a dock which you can place your phone in. This is connected via USB to an on-baord battery that gets its charge from 12 solar panels sewn into the umbrella’s canopy. In order to charge that battery you need a decent amount of sunlight, but then an umbrella also acts as a great sun shield so that shouldn’t be a problem. And if you phone is fully charged you can save the battery for when it gets dark and activate the integrated torch instead.The umbrella only weighs 800 grams with all this additional kit fitted, so it won’t be a major burden to anyone carrying it around. Now we just need to know if and when Vodafone is going to make the Booster Brolly available to purchase, and how much they expect us to pay for it.Read more at the Vodafone UK bloglast_img

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