Steve Jobs action figure cancelled eBay prices skyrocket

first_imgDo you remember that Steve Jobs action figure that was recently up for pre-order? You know, the one that looked so much like the late CEO that it creepily merged the Silicon Valley with the Uncanny Valley? It is no more.The company that was manufacturing the figures, In Icon, has announced that it is cancelling the launch of the Steve Jobs doll. Why pull it now? Apparently the lawyers of Apple and Jobs applied immense pressure, and In Icons decided to cancel it “out of heartfelt sensitivity to the Jobs family.”In Icons does, however, insist that there was nothing illegal about the figures. It may have had a case too. Legal experts weighed in and said that, in most US states, non-actor celebrities’ images aren’t protected after death. Since the sale of the figure may have been legal in many areas, it isn’t clear what kind of legal pressure led to the cancellation. The company may have looked at the lengths that Apple was willing to go and decided that — win or lose — the legal fees didn’t justify the potential profit.The few models of the Jobs figure that are available are now hot collector items that have skyrocketed in value. Though the figures could recently be found on eBay for $130 or so, the remaining dolls are now listed for $1,200 up to $3,500.No detail was spared in creating the figure, which was based on a 2007 image of a still-healthy looking Jobs. It wore his trademark black faux-turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers. There was even an extra pair of hands (for gestures like pointing), and a “One more thing” backdrop.In Icons, via MacRumorslast_img

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