Geek deals Dell Inspiron 560s desktop with a monitor for 350

first_imgThese days, desktop PCs seem to come in three flavors: cheap “get the job done” boxes, sexy all-in-ones, and high performance workhorses. The majority of people who need a computer would fall into the first category and the bar is set even lower when you consider just how little of today’s PC performance is needed for web browsing and MS Office. When shopping for this category of computer, value is the name of the game above anything else.This package from Dell is about the best value I’ve seen in a desktop in a long time, as well as having the lowest price with a monitor included. You get the requisite dual-core processor, clocked in at 3.2GHz even, with a respectable 4GB RAM and 1TB hard drive in a reasonably stylish mini tower chassis at that. Toss in a basic, but perfectly workable 18.5-inch monitor and you’ve got a perfectly suitable system for everyday usage.While you might spend upwards of $500 for a basic desktop with monitor, keyboard, and mouse or $300 for a netbook that really isn’t even good for net access, this complete package is on sale for a ridiculous $349 after $270 in savings. It even has a DVD burner and media card reader, so don’t think you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here. The $50 coupon code that sweetens this deal expires after limited uses, so snap this one up if you’re digging this uber-value PC.Total savings on this deal are $277, or 44% of the total package. Combine that with free shipping and you’re getting an awesome deal on a reasonably powerful, undersized computer that packs in a free display.Get the Dell 560s desktop deal from Logic Buylast_img

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