Add Flash to Your Old iPhone

first_imgHave iPhone 4 envy? Your older model will never be as cool as the shiniest, newest version, but at least there’s one thing you can do to help soup the thing up. The iFlash plugs into your iPhone or iPod’s dock connector. It offers 10cd of light, to help you take better shots with your phone.The iFlash has an on/off button and is powered by the phone itself. There’s also a string on the thing, so you can let it dangle from your phone, when not in use. The iFlash is a bit pricey, at $39.95, and, let’s be honest, is a bit less exciting than it could be, given the addition of a flash on the latest version of the iPhone. But if you’ve got $40 and demand sharp phone pictures, you can pick one up today.last_img

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