Iowa Sports Anchor Rips Nebraska Fans

first_imgNebraska RB Devine Ozigbo runs through an Iowa defender.IOWA CITY, IOWA- NOVEMBER 23: Running back Devine Ozigbo #22 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers runs up the field in the second half against defensive end Anthony Nelson #98 of the Iowa Hawkeyes, on November 23, 2018 at Kinnick Stadium, in Iowa City, Iowa. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)No sub-.500 team enters the 2019 season with the hype of Nebraska football. The Huskers showed serious development in the second half of last season, including a tough loss against Big Ten West rival Iowa.The Huskers and Hawkeyes enter the year as co-favorites to win the division. While it hasn’t really happened to this point during Nebraska’s tenure in the Big Ten, there is increased talk about the two forming a true rivalry in the Big Ten West.The Athletic‘s Scott Dochterman went deep on the budding rivalry, calling it the “best new rivalry” in the sport since conference realignment shook things up earlier this decade.The piece, which is behind the site’s paywall, leads off with an anecdote from a Michael Buble concert in Lincoln, of all things. “I know it was a tough year, but coach (Scott) Frost is going to take this thing, maybe not next year, but the year after, you guys are going to be bad, bad asses,” Buble told concertgoers. “You guys know that.“So, suck on that, Iowa!”Iowa-Nebraska: How a shared border, free beer and Christmas crooner Michael Buble has turned fans’ emotions from mild disdain to realignment’s best new rivalry @TheAthleticCFB— Scott Dochterman (@ScottDochterman) July 23, 2019Iowa fans have an established rival in Iowa State, but would probably welcome a true Big Ten rivalry. Nebraska, meanwhile left behind its most meaningful series, like Oklahoma and Colorado, when it left the Big 12.Still, many Husker fans were not a fan of Dochterman saying that this was a true rivalry for the Huskers.🙂— Paula Lavigne (@pinepaula) July 23, 2019It’s more of a rivalry w/ Iowa fans than Nebraska. I live in the NW part of Iowa & Iowa fans literally hate Nebraska w/ a passion. They talk more about Nebraska than they do Iowa. Yes Iowa has beatin NU 4 straight years but let’s remember NU had 3 losing seasons in that timeframe— Brett Johnson (@Dewiz_45) July 29, 2019Iowa wants this rivalry so much more than Nebraska does. You can’t trash talk your way into one. Until Iowa wins anything of value (which they haven’t) they’ll just be another game. Nebraska has their sights on something much bigger than a dumb corporate sponsored rivalry trophy— Andrew Kinne (@akinne_47) July 29, 2019Iowa sports anchor Andy Fales flipped the argument on Nebraska, saying that it only isn’t a rivalry because of the Huskers’ recent struggles.Fales, of WHO-TV in Des Moines, fired back at the notion in his “What’s Bugging Andy” segment. Per Fales, he saw Nebraska fans that were offended by the thought, calling Husker fans “mouth breathers” over the reaction.“Nebraska fans were somehow offended. You’d have thought Dochterman told them they couldn’t park in their yards anymore. They lit up his Twitter feed with mouth-breathing calls of ‘BS’ and ‘fake news,’ appalled that Scott had the gall to even suggest that Iowa and Nebraska are even rivals.”Whats Bugging Andy: Is Iowa-Nebraska a rivalry? According to Husker fans, no. @AndyFales sets the record straight.— SoundOFF (@SoundOFF13) July 29, 2019Fales goes on to argue that the only reason the rivalry isn’t established is thanks to the Hawkeyes’ recent dominance of the series, and not because of anything that Nebraska has done.“They’re not wrong. They’re in denial and stuck in the 90s, but they’re not wrong. To have a rivalry, you need a back-and-forth. Iowa has won four-straight and five-of-six… If Iowa and Nebraska are rivals, then so are Las Vegas and Branson, Missouri…“They don’t want Iowa as a rival, they think they’re above Iowa… Bowl season last year? The Hawkeyes were playing in the Outback. You merely…played out back, in an empty lot, dreaming of Tommie Frazier and the days when the only thing more foreign than losing was a forward pass.”Finally, he wrapped up his segment by admitting that he is rooting for the Huskers to improve, as he would like to see the Iowa-Nebraska rivalry bud into something special, as college football is at its best when heated rivalries dot the landscape.“Well it’s 2019, Scott Dochterman is right, this rivalry is set to take off and Nebraska should improve, a lot, fast. And whether you like Nebraska or like Iowa, you should be hoping for all of that, because in-conference, regional rivalries are what college football fans, all of them, should embrace.”That last point is one that most should be able to get behind.last_img

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