WWE: Braun Strowman defeats Roman Reigns in Last Man Standing match on RAW

first_imgBraun Strowman had the last laugh against Roman Reigns after emerging as the Last Man Standing on Monday Night RAW.Strowman attacked Reigns even before he could make it to the ring and it soon converted into a brawl.’The Monster among Men’ had the upper hand in the beginning before Reigns took the steel steps and started hammering Strowman repeatedly and for the first time in the match, the referee began the count with Strowman looking to beat it. However, Strowman got back to his feet at the count of 8.Reigns looked to unleash the Superman Punch but Strowman caught Reigns in the middle of the air and slammed him. Reigns was down for another 8-count before making back to his feet.The hammering continued and ‘The Big Dog’ was all set to hit his opponent with a spear but Strowman did one better and dropkicked him to take the Samoan down.After getting up and forcing Strowman out of the ring, Reigns grabbed a table from underneath the ring. However, Strowman recovered and was taunting Reigns after hitting him with a few blows. Reigns then showed great strength and picked Strowman up and Samoan Dropped him through the table.Both men were down and it was heading towards a draw but both men got up at 8 with Reigns.Action moved outside and Reigns was poised to spear Strowman through the barricade but the Monster among Men amazingly flung an office chair into Reigns’ head — stopping him on his tracks.advertisementReigns somehow managed to beat the 10-count and the two rivals took the fight into the crowd. The action then shifted to the stage as Strowman used the screen to wear Reigns down. But Reigns won’t give up and Strowman then looked to put him through the announcer’s table. But that didn’t work out as Reigns hit him with two Superman punches. He was all pumped up sprinted down the ramp to stun Strowman with a spear.By the look of this, Reigns was about to be the Last Man Standing before Samoa Joe interrupted. He was a part of the audience and completely blindsided Reigns and locked him in the Coquina Clutch and put him to sleep.With both men down, The referee started a fresh count and at the count of 8 both men were down before Strowman somehow made it to his feet with a jolt to pick up the victory.last_img

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