Artesians Voted Best Crest in Washington State for the Second Time

first_imgFacebook7Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Oly Town ArtesiansThe Oly Town Artesians have been voted the best soccer crest in Washington State by fans and readers of, it was announced Thursday morning.  The victory marks the second time that the Artesians’ blue and green Olympia inspired horseshoe crest has been named LogoWARS champion since the founding of the club in 2014. Oly Town Artesians won the top logo title in 2015 as well.LogoWARS – a bracket style competition pitting 16 professional and semi-professional Washington soccer crests against each other – ran over the past few weeks on Washington soccer website Oly Town knocked off Centralia’s Twin City Union, Bellingham United, Tri-Cities Alliance, and the Seattle Stars to claim the title once again.Yakima United claimed the crown of top soccer crest in Washington State in 2014 and Bellingham United won the first competition in 2013. The competition has been won by Evergreen Premier League teams in each of the four club competitions. The EPLWA logo was also voted top league logo in 2016.With the LogoWARS victory, the Artesians are celebrating with an online sale on scarves and shirts. Visit the Oly Town Artesians online shop and enter the promo code LOGOWARS at checkout to get $5 off any order.Indoor soccer starts shortly in Oly Town with the annual Western Indoor Soccer League meeting taking place on Sunday, September 10th. Details of the 2017-2018 season will be hashed out and prepared at the meeting in preparation for the annual preseason tournament on October 28th at the Tacoma Soccer Center and the league’s regular season beginning in mid-November.No tryout dates have been set in stone yet for the 2017-2018 indoor Artesians, but announcements regarding the season will be made soon with tryout dates likely occurring on the last weekend of September or first weekend of October. The squad will return to The Pavilion at The Evergreen State College for their fourth season in the WISL.Stay up to date with the Artesians by visiting the Oly Town Artesians website, following them on Twitter, and liking them on Facebook.last_img read more

CPA rewards winners of Spelling Bee Competition

first_imgThe Community Policing Association (CPA) on Thursday rewarded several students who were successful at the last Spelling Bee Competition that was organised in observance of the Community Policing Group’s 43rd anniversary.Several events were planned and successfully staged as part of the CPG anniversary, including the Spelling Bee Competition, a Youth Conference, and a Road March.Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan and the winner of the 43rd Community Policing Group’s Spelling Bee CompetitionForty primary and secondary school students had converged in the various policing divisions for the preliminary competitions, after which the winners had travelled to Region Three to participate in the quarterfinal, semifinal and finals stages.The quarterfinals were held at the Greenwich Park Primary School on March 12, followed by the semi-finals on March 16 at the Wales Primary School. The finals had seen five juniors and eight seniors showcasing their intellectual skills to determine the winners of each category.In the end, the five juniors were adjudged winners, since they had exhausted all the work that was assigned for the finals.On the other hand, three students in the senior group were successful in acquiring the top spots. Two others were adjudged runners-up, while three were eliminated in the early rounds of the final, which was held at the West Demerara Secondary School.The winners were rewarded with trophies and other gifts. The Public Security Minister urged the students to continue excelling in their academics. He noted that the competition was planned in order to foster social cohesion.last_img read more

Live updates: Warriors vs. Wizards, Thursday at 5 p.m.

first_imgJoin us for live news and analysis Thursday at 5 p.m. as the Warriors are in the nation’s capital to take on the Washington Wizards.The Warriors (33-14) take an eight-game winning streak into their battle against the Wizards (20-26), who are on a bit of a roll themselves, having won their last two and seven of 10. Washington has been gaining ground in its chase for an Eastern Conference playoff spot despite playing without All-Star point guard John Wall and center Dwight Howard.The …last_img

Shrink Validity Is Shrinking

first_img(Visited 33 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Should you trust the diagnosis of a psychiatrist?  If it helps, individuals are free to choose.  Behind the scenes, however, there are severe, deep-seated debates about whether professional shrinks understand disorders, let alone diagnose them properly.In New Scientist, James Davies reported about protests at the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) annual meeting.  Some protestors feel that psychiatry is “not even wrong”; psychiatrists don’t know what they are doing, and sometimes end up abusing patients:The demonstration aimed to highlight the harm the protesters believe psychiatry is perpetrating in the name of healing. One concern is that while psychiatric medications are more widely prescribed than almost any drugs in history, they often don’t work well and have debilitating side effects. Psychiatry also professes to respect human rights, while regularly treating people against their will. Finally, psychiatry keeps expanding its list of disorders without solid scientific justification.That list includes major changes with each new edition of the psychiatry “bible,” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).  Edition V is coming out, loaded with new maladies that were never diagnosed before, and altering the description of other disorders – changes that can have major effects on prescriptions, insurance policies and scientific “explanations” for various behaviors.Davies said that some psychiatrists who filed past the protestors acknowledged that they had some legitimate concerns.In another article on New Scientist, “Trials highlight worrying flaws in psychiatry ‘bible’,” Peter Aldhous focused on flaws in tests that psychiatrists use to diagnose mental illness.  “While for some diagnoses reliability was good, others yielded scores little better than chance,” he said.  Some of the worst results concerned some of the most common diagnoses:The conditions with questionable reliability include subtly altered descriptions of two of the most common diagnoses in psychiatry: major depressive disorder and generalised anxiety disorder. That has opened a can of worms, leaving some mental health professionals wondering about the reliability of even established psychiatric diagnoses.The final wording of DSM-5, scheduled for publication in May 2013, will have profound effects on people’s lives. The manual not only helps determine who is given psychoactive drugs, but in the US may determine whether treatment is covered by health insurance. Some diagnoses are even used to justify holding people indefinitely in secure mental hospitals.There are others that Aldhous worried about: diagnoses of autism, and an alleged precursor of schizophrenia dubbed “attenuated psychosis syndrome.”  Psychiatrists use a value called kappa that is supposed to measure the “the consensus between different doctors assessing the same patient, with 1 corresponding to perfect diagnostic agreement, and 0 meaning concordance could just be due to chance.”  Unfortunately, chance could not be ruled out as a hypothesis for some of the most common disorders.  For instance, regarding attenuated psychosis syndrome, “While field trials gave a kappa of 0.46, the variability was so large that Darrel Regier, APA’s head of research, told the meeting that the result was “uninterpretable”.One theory escape mechanism for the questionable reliability of “major depressive disorder” and “generalized anxiety disorder” diagnoses was to suggest that depression and anxiety are like the “fevers” of a deeper mental disorder whose symptoms can mask a variety of conditions.  Aldhous did not seem impressed; “if depression and anxiety can’t be reliably diagnosed, many patients will wonder how many more disorders stand on similarly shaky ground.”For more on problems with the DSM, see the 2/17/2010 and 4/21/2011 entries.Psychiatrist: “Our new textbook indicates that your delusions of grandeur were misdiagnosed.  In other words, you’re cured.”Patient:  “Some cure!  I used to be Napoleon.  Now I’m nobody!”Psychiatry is a pseudoscience acting like a religion (i.e., telling people their problem and the solution), but masquerading as a science with big words and lots of money.  Since it is a pseudoscience, we can have a little fun with it by imagining a world in which the Darwin skeptics have the money and the power.  Like them (e.g., 2/27/2010), we can use scientific jargon to diagnose our foes as mentally ill. We could publish our manual in the DSM, Darwinian Symptoms of Madness.Suppose, for instance, we were to diagnose Richard Dawkins with “Design denial disorder” (DDD) with symptoms including (1) obsessive acts of self-persuasion that what one is observing was not designed, but evolved; (2) incessant repetition of Dobzhansky’s proverb that nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution; (3) willingness to believe in intelligent design when it comes to aliens seeding life on Earth, but only if the aliens evolved by natural selection; (4) a compulsion to persuade others that there is no God by making money selling books, and (5) an illogical preference to live in a theistic country while promoting atheism.  With the right consensus, we could probably obtain high kappa values to prove our etiology is valid and our diagnosis reliable.  We might even get insurance companies to cover prescription drugs aimed at curing DDD.  Anyone protesting our actions we could diagnose with “DDD co-dependent syndrome” (DDD-CDS), and drug them, too.  Remember, we have the power and the self-serving science to back it up.We would never do such a thing, of course, since we believe in compassionate persuasion and intellectual integrity.  We would never wish to manipulate power by imitating psychiatry’s flawed methods and Darwinian “survival of the fittest” ethics.  We would wish to be transparent and consistent about our belief that “mental illness” is an oxymoron, believing instead that people’s behavioral problems are caused by either sin or physical flaws such as brain damage.  But our imaginary power play is certainly a conceivable thought experiment.  It turns the tables on what some Darwinians actually do: calling their critics insane.The evolutionists’ bible is Darwin’s Origin of Species, with its evolutionary tree of life, and the shrinks’ bible is the DSM-V, with its man-made judgments of what constitutes normal and abnormal behavior.  These ‘bibles’ have their genesis in the flawed assumption that human brains were not designed, but evolved.  The authentic trees of life and of knowledge of good and evil are known by their fruits (02/28/2010).last_img read more

Standard Bank reduces carbon footprint

first_img17 November 2010South Africa’s Standard Bank has installed a hybrid solar water heating system at its head office in Johannesburg in order to reduce its carbon footprint – while saving the financial group nearly R1-million a year in energy costs.The pilot system comprises 100 solar power panels covering more than 200 square metres on the roof of 6 Simmonds Street, one of the buildings that makes up its head office complex, known as the Standard Bank Centre, in downtown Johannesburg.The new system will be used to heat 48 000 litres of water a day – 20 000 litres via solar and 28 000 litres via energy-efficient heat pumps – saving up to 5% of current building energy consumption.A back-up and top-up system consisting of two heat pumps will support the solar installation for days when the sunshine is not optimal.According to Standard Bank channel development director Marius de la Rey, water heating, lighting and air-conditioning are three of the biggest energy consumers at the bank, and they are also the areas of energy consumption that can most easily be addressed in existing buildings.“The challenge in implementing clean energy solutions is taking the older infrastructure in existing buildings and upgrading and converting to cleaner more efficient systems using alternative power sources where possible,” he said in a statement last week.“We have to be more creative in reducing the energy consumption in our older assets. Standard Bank Centre is already achieving benchmark energy efficient performance.”Committment to green building standardsStandard Bank Group is looking at introducing energy saving measures across the group, and the pilot of the large-scale solar system, combined with the use of energy efficient heat pumps, could be used in areas where energy constraints hinder new business development or the full optimisation of the bank’s properties.“We are committed to building all of our new real estate developments to 4-star green building standards, and cater for reducing CO2 emissions, optimal energy use and savings, and the introduction of the latest green technology,” said De la Rey.Standard Bank Group has also upgraded its air conditioning chillers at the Standard Bank Centre in Johannesburg, while continuous energy audits are also conducted to assist with the introduction of energy efficient technology and other improvements.Driving sustainabilityWith the introduction of alternative energy solutions in the areas of water heating, light control and air-conditioning, Standard Bank Group has reduced its energy demand to 56 watts per square metre, well below national averages.According to Standard Bank Group sustainability director Karin Ireton, the energy efficiency project is part of the bank’s commitment to driving sustainability, and forms part of efforts to make the group environmentally and economically efficient.“In implementing new technologies, companies like Standard Bank can reduce the demand for fossil-fuel based energy and take pressure of the electricity grid,” she said. “Energy constraints are currently a potential cap on growth within the economy and the challenge to all companies is to increase economic output with less energy.”SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Bar Refaeli wants $10,000 donations to make sex tape

first_imgSupermodel Bar Refaeli has reportedly appealed to her fans to donate 10,000 dollars so she can make her very own sex tape. Obviously the whole thing is just a joke for a new video from comedy website know what youre thinking,?? the Mirror quoted the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model as saying in the video.Who would watch that? Im not sure myself. But maybe a small audience might want to watch me have sex. After all, Im really good at it,?? she says.In the video, she said, “Hi, my name is Bar, and Im currently working as a model and actress – you know, just to pay the bills – but I need your help to make my real dream to come true. I want to make a sex tape.??Just to be clear, this would be a tape of me having sex with some dude, in many different sex positions, for at least a few hours,?? she said.In the video, she offers some incentives if the donation is made through Kickstarter (the donations website) – for 50 dollars you get an autographed picture of her having sex, if youre into that kind of thing??, for 200 dollars you can visit the set of the sex tape if you have time?? and for 1,000 dollars, shell put you in the running to be in the film.last_img read more

PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal advance at Hong Kong Open

first_imgIndians enjoyed a good outing at the ongoing Hong Kong Open badminton tournament with P.V. Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Ajay Jayaram and Sameer Verma winning their respective singles matches in Hong Kong on Thursday.In the women’s singles, Sindhu defeated Hsu Ya Ching of Taiwan 21-10, 21-14 in 36 minutes while Saina faced a much more difficult task against Sayaka Sato of Japan before prevailing 21-18, 9-21, 21-16 in 51 minutes.In the men’s singles, Jayaram beat China’s Huang Yuxiang 21-18, 21-19 while Verma won 19-21, 21-15, 21-11 over Kazumasa Sakai of Japan in 53 minutes.However, H.S. Prannoy crashed out of the men’s singles competition after going down fighting to Chong Wei Feng of Malaysia here on Thursday.Prannoy started off on a promising note at the Hong Kong Coliseum before going down 21-15, 11-21, 15-21 over 58 minutes in the second round encounter.Sindhu, who had won the China Open a few days ago, was off to a poor start with Ching taking an early 4-1 lead. But the Olympic bronze medallist soon recovered to level the scores before winning five consecutive points to lead 9-5.The Hyderabad shuttler continued to push home her dominance, building on the advantage with another five-point streak before clinching the first game with four back to back points.The Taiwan shuttler produced more of a fight in the second game, going neck and neck with Sindhu till 12-12 before the Indian opened up a three-point lead at 15-12. (Five takeaways from PV Sindhu’s China Open victory)advertisementAlthough Ching tried to stage a comeback, Sindhu went on another rampaging run of five points to clinch the game and the match.Saina faced a strong challenge from Sato, with the duo fighting it out till 12-12 in the opening game. But the London Olympics bronze medallist dominated the game from thereon, taking a 17-12 lead and maintained the advantage till the end.The Japanese came back strongly in the second game, opening up a 7-1 lead early on. With Saina struggling to score, Sato increased her lead steadily before winning the game to level the scores.The third game was a closely contested affair with both shuttlers fighting hard for the points.Saina took a 7-1 lead in the early stages but Sato did well to pull level at 8-8. The lead changed hands at regular intervals but Saina managed a three-point lead 18-15 before clinching the issue.The day had however, started on a disappointing note for the Indian contingent with Prannoy going down to Chong.Prannoy wrested the advantage early in the first game, opening up a 9-7 lead. Chong fought back to restore parity before the Indian won four consecutive points to lead at 13-9.Prannoy never looked back from there and another four-point streak enabled him to force game point at 20-14.Although his opponent managed to hold off one game point, Prannoy did not have to wait long, taking the very next point to win the opening game.The second game was a hard fought affair in the early stages before the Hong Kong shuttler won five back to back points to open up a formidable 14-7 lead.Another streak, this time of four points, saw him increase the advantage to 18-9. Although Prannoy won a couple of points more, it was not enough to stop Chong from taking the game and restoring parity.Chong stamped his authority right at the start of the third and decisive set by taking a 6-0 lead. (Saina, Sindhu in Hong Kong Open second round)Not to be outdone, Prannoy fought back to level the scores at 8-8.The game was a tense, neck and neck affair till 14-14, when Chong won four consecutive points to lead 18-14. He never looked back from there, going on to win the game and the match.last_img read more

23 days agoMan City boss Guardiola: Dinamo Zagreb made it difficult

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man City boss Guardiola: Dinamo Zagreb made it difficultby Paul Vegas23 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester City boss Pep Guardiola praised Champions League opponents Dinamo Zagreb after last night’s win.City encountered a stubborn Dinamo defence at the Etihad Stadium, who were eventually unlocked by what has become a trademark Guardiola move.Having worked the ball wide, Riyad Mahrez played it across the face of goal and Raheem Sterling, as he so often is, was there to bundle it home.For the Catalan, it is the perfect way to score and he admitted the visitor’s resolute defending made the goal even sweeter.“We don’t have big headers for crosses,” added the boss.“We play that way for the quality of the players we have in small spaces.“We believe when you attack inside and put a ball wide and people arrive for the cross, that’s the best way to score a goal.“It was really nice, but they defended so well. Even for the goal the defender was there. They were so good.“I didn’t expect them to play so deep, because they didn’t have a shot on target, apart from one or two set pieces.“But what they did in that part of the pitch was so good. They won duels and anticipated all the time.“They deserve a lot of credit. That’s why it was an incredible battle.” last_img read more

Commentary Tressel stands tall against NCAA critics attacking his credibility

Inside and outside of Columbus, there is a crusade-like movement to put an end to the Jim Tressel era at Ohio State. Like King Leonidas in the movie “300,” I’ll lead the charge of the outmanned against the mass of millions who want to take out the OSU football coach. This much is clear already: Tressel is not going to step down neither because of withholding information from the NCAA nor because of any punishment levied against him. If anything, he’s now entrenching himself even deeper as an OSU football coach by refusing to step down while simultaneously increasing the pressure on the administration to fire him. Fortunately for him, athletic director Gene Smith and university President E. Gordon Gee gave him their full support during their press conference March 8. Imagine banning OSU from the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game and a bowl game. Can the NCAA bring itself to do it? So far, the only hit the program as a whole has taken is its reputation in the media. And the media onslaught isn’t forgiving toward Tressel. Sports Illustrated’s Stewart Mandel wrote Monday: “Tressel’s tenure at Ohio State is numbered. It may even be over before the end of the calendar year.” This isn’t really a fresh take. It should have been evident since the original story came out that Tressel intentionally misled investigators in an effort to protect his players and their eligibility. If you didn’t believe he should have been fired a month ago, there’s no reason why Monday’s findings should change your mind. Nor should it increase the likelihood that he gets fired. He did violate his contract, and that is a fireable offense by the terms of his agreement with the university. It’s hard to say that’s honorable. Yet, in defiantly standing against the NCAA, he is honorable. Tressel had the option of sending a dagger into the dreams of a potential national championship season last year. Instead, he’s now daring the NCAA to slam the Buckeye football program. Is he putting the program in jeopardy? Not at all, considering the NCAA’s tendencies. If it proves to be as gutless as it usually is in handing out punishments, then the only one who should — and probably will — get hit hard is Tressel himself. Some media members are speculating that a bowl ban is a potential penalty. That would equate this situation to USC, which received a two-year bowl ban after former running back Reggie Bush received improper benefits. If OSU compliance has been as up-front about the situation as it leads on, there is no lack of institutional control here, unlike at USC. OSU athletics is a sacred cow and a huge moneymaker for the NCAA. With the slew of victories and Big Ten titles under Tressel’s watch, that hit isn’t even enough to make a dent to the people who matter most: potential recruits and current players. To them, Tressel’s legacy and the program’s reputation are as sterling as ever. I know Leonidas and his soldiers meet death in the end, but Tressel will survive this NCAA onslaught. read more

Jose Gimenez hopeful of Diego Godin stay

first_imgAtletico Madrid defender Jose Gimenez has revealed he wants teammate Diego Godin to remain at the club despite speculation over his future.Gimenez is keen to continue playing alongside Godin with Los Rojiblancos for a long time as the veteran defender continues to be linked with A move to Italy.Godin’s contract expires at the end of the current season and the former Villarreal defender has been tipped to join Serie A outfit Inter Milan in July.The 32-year-old, who reportedly rejected a move to Manchester United at the start of the season, has called the Wanda Metropolitano home since arriving from Villarreal in 2010.Gimenez, who’s also a teammate of Godin at international level with Uruguay, is keen to continue learning from the experienced defender.Five players who might struggle at Inter Milan next season Taimoor Khan – August 5, 2019 Inter Milan are going to be a different prospect next season with Antonio Conte in charge and some players are going to find it…There is a lot of talk of team-mates and I want everyone to do well in their careers,” Gimenez said, according to FourFourTwo.“But I want them with me because they are great players and we need them.”“I hope everyone stays, I love them all personally. The club also loves them and will do their best for everyone. I hope Diego is my partner for a long time.”last_img read more