Umphrey’s McGee Performs Prince Tribute Show For Halloween [Video]

first_imgOn Saturday night, Umphrey’s McGee returned to The Palace Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota for the second night of their Halloween run, performing a tribute to the late and legendary Prince. For Saturday’s performance, each member of the six-piece donned a costume representing different eras from Prince’s long-running career. Throughout the show, Umphrey’s wove in numbers from Prince’s catalog, kicking things off with the band’s debut cover of “Let’s Go Crazy” off 1984’s Purple Rain.“Let’s Go Crazy” Check out the band’s recap video below:Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee | Palace Theatre | St. Paul, MN | 10/28/2017Set One: Let’s Go Crazy [1], Bridgeless > Blue Echo > Rocker Part 2, The Linear [2] > Bridgeless, Raspberry Beret [1]Set Two: I Wanna Be Your Lover [3] > Ocean Billy [4], Utopian Fir > Attachments, Mulche’s Odyssey, Little Red Corvette [1]Encore: 1999 [1]Notes: [1] debut, Prince | [2] with Driven to Tears (The Police) and Tom Sawyer (Rush) teases | [3] debut, Prince; with Ahmed Gallab on vocals; with #5 jam | [4] with Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Michael Jackson) jam [Photo: Umphrey’s McGee’s Facebook] Following this opening cover, the majority of the first set was housed in a “Bridgeless” sandwich, with the first instance of the song moving through “Blue Echo” and “Rocker Part 2”. After a quick pause, the band came back with “The Linear”, which saw an extensive percussion solo ahead of the song’s climax, before landing back into “Bridgeless”. From there, Umphrey’s closed the set with yet another debut cover of Prince, this time “Raspberry Beret” off 1985’s Around The World In A Day.Umphrey’s McGee Pays Tribute To Fallen Former Bandmate Mike Mirro In St. Paul [Video]To start off the second set, Sinkane’s Ahmed Gallab came out to offer vocals on Umphrey’s McGee’s debut cover of “I Wanna Be your Lover”. Following this cover, Gallab departed from the stage, leaving the band to perform “Ocean Billy”, which saw tastes of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” within it. The next tune, “Utopian Fir”, again saw references to The Purple One, as the band worked in a verse from Prince’s “7”. After performances of “Attachments” and “Mulche’s Odyssey”, Umphrey’s closed out set two with the debut cover of “Little Red Corvette” before offering the debut of “1999” as the encore for their Prince-inspired Halloween tribute set.“I Wanna Be Your Lover”last_img read more

South Florida seniors to receive increase in SS benefits

first_imgAmericans receiving Social Security benefits in 2018 are expected to receive the program’s largest payment increase in years. The trustees of the program met last week and made the decision to increase benefits 2.2 percent or an average of $28 per month for recipients effective January 2018.Social Security is the only income for many seniors Recipients of Social Security mainly Americans over 65 years of age have been pushing for increase in benefits for the past five years. For several seniors, including residents in South Florida’s Caribbean community Social Security monthly benefits are their sole source of income. However, for the past several years the trustees of the program didn’t raise the rates as the national cost of index did not justify an increase. The COL index is the primary barometer the trustees use as a gauge with which to calculate increase in benefits.Last year the Social Security Administration increased benefits by a mere 0.3% increase. The increase did not reach beneficiaries monthly checks as it was used to offset the increase in the cost of their monthly Medicare benefits.The average monthly payment for the program’s 61 million beneficiaries is $1,253.Problems could be ahead for SSDespite the positive news for beneficiaries the trustees caution there could be pending problems with the Social Security program. These problems could see the funds from which benefits are paid be depleted.The trustees said the longer Congress waits to address the problems, the harder it will be to sustain Social Security and Medicare without significant cuts in benefits, big tax increases or both.Social Security is independently funded by payroll taxes, and not subject to annual spending bills approved by Congress. The American Association for Retired People (AARP) wants it to remain so.“Social Security should remain separate from the federal budget. Medicare can improve if we reduce the overall cost of healthcare ….. and if we lower prescription costs, instead of giving tax breaks to drug and insurance companies,” said AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins.Over the past decade, Social Security and Medicare made up about 40 percent of federal spending. That share is projected to grow in the future, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.Copyright 2017 – Caribbean National Weekly Newslast_img read more