Raiders’ Darren Waller saw greatness in Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson

first_imgALAMEDA — Before they exploded on to the scene as big-time play-makers in 2019, Lamar Jackson and Darren Waller were plying their trade on the service team of the Baltimore Ravens.Jackson, who leads the Ravens (10-2) into a showdown Sunday against the 49ers (11-1) in Baltimore, spent the first nine games of his rookie season as backup to Joe Flacco, getting occasional work as a change-of-pace quarterback. Waller, reinstated after a year’s suspension for violating the NFL policy on substances …last_img

Shrink Validity Is Shrinking

first_img(Visited 33 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Should you trust the diagnosis of a psychiatrist?  If it helps, individuals are free to choose.  Behind the scenes, however, there are severe, deep-seated debates about whether professional shrinks understand disorders, let alone diagnose them properly.In New Scientist, James Davies reported about protests at the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) annual meeting.  Some protestors feel that psychiatry is “not even wrong”; psychiatrists don’t know what they are doing, and sometimes end up abusing patients:The demonstration aimed to highlight the harm the protesters believe psychiatry is perpetrating in the name of healing. One concern is that while psychiatric medications are more widely prescribed than almost any drugs in history, they often don’t work well and have debilitating side effects. Psychiatry also professes to respect human rights, while regularly treating people against their will. Finally, psychiatry keeps expanding its list of disorders without solid scientific justification.That list includes major changes with each new edition of the psychiatry “bible,” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).  Edition V is coming out, loaded with new maladies that were never diagnosed before, and altering the description of other disorders – changes that can have major effects on prescriptions, insurance policies and scientific “explanations” for various behaviors.Davies said that some psychiatrists who filed past the protestors acknowledged that they had some legitimate concerns.In another article on New Scientist, “Trials highlight worrying flaws in psychiatry ‘bible’,” Peter Aldhous focused on flaws in tests that psychiatrists use to diagnose mental illness.  “While for some diagnoses reliability was good, others yielded scores little better than chance,” he said.  Some of the worst results concerned some of the most common diagnoses:The conditions with questionable reliability include subtly altered descriptions of two of the most common diagnoses in psychiatry: major depressive disorder and generalised anxiety disorder. That has opened a can of worms, leaving some mental health professionals wondering about the reliability of even established psychiatric diagnoses.The final wording of DSM-5, scheduled for publication in May 2013, will have profound effects on people’s lives. The manual not only helps determine who is given psychoactive drugs, but in the US may determine whether treatment is covered by health insurance. Some diagnoses are even used to justify holding people indefinitely in secure mental hospitals.There are others that Aldhous worried about: diagnoses of autism, and an alleged precursor of schizophrenia dubbed “attenuated psychosis syndrome.”  Psychiatrists use a value called kappa that is supposed to measure the “the consensus between different doctors assessing the same patient, with 1 corresponding to perfect diagnostic agreement, and 0 meaning concordance could just be due to chance.”  Unfortunately, chance could not be ruled out as a hypothesis for some of the most common disorders.  For instance, regarding attenuated psychosis syndrome, “While field trials gave a kappa of 0.46, the variability was so large that Darrel Regier, APA’s head of research, told the meeting that the result was “uninterpretable”.One theory escape mechanism for the questionable reliability of “major depressive disorder” and “generalized anxiety disorder” diagnoses was to suggest that depression and anxiety are like the “fevers” of a deeper mental disorder whose symptoms can mask a variety of conditions.  Aldhous did not seem impressed; “if depression and anxiety can’t be reliably diagnosed, many patients will wonder how many more disorders stand on similarly shaky ground.”For more on problems with the DSM, see the 2/17/2010 and 4/21/2011 entries.Psychiatrist: “Our new textbook indicates that your delusions of grandeur were misdiagnosed.  In other words, you’re cured.”Patient:  “Some cure!  I used to be Napoleon.  Now I’m nobody!”Psychiatry is a pseudoscience acting like a religion (i.e., telling people their problem and the solution), but masquerading as a science with big words and lots of money.  Since it is a pseudoscience, we can have a little fun with it by imagining a world in which the Darwin skeptics have the money and the power.  Like them (e.g., 2/27/2010), we can use scientific jargon to diagnose our foes as mentally ill. We could publish our manual in the DSM, Darwinian Symptoms of Madness.Suppose, for instance, we were to diagnose Richard Dawkins with “Design denial disorder” (DDD) with symptoms including (1) obsessive acts of self-persuasion that what one is observing was not designed, but evolved; (2) incessant repetition of Dobzhansky’s proverb that nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution; (3) willingness to believe in intelligent design when it comes to aliens seeding life on Earth, but only if the aliens evolved by natural selection; (4) a compulsion to persuade others that there is no God by making money selling books, and (5) an illogical preference to live in a theistic country while promoting atheism.  With the right consensus, we could probably obtain high kappa values to prove our etiology is valid and our diagnosis reliable.  We might even get insurance companies to cover prescription drugs aimed at curing DDD.  Anyone protesting our actions we could diagnose with “DDD co-dependent syndrome” (DDD-CDS), and drug them, too.  Remember, we have the power and the self-serving science to back it up.We would never do such a thing, of course, since we believe in compassionate persuasion and intellectual integrity.  We would never wish to manipulate power by imitating psychiatry’s flawed methods and Darwinian “survival of the fittest” ethics.  We would wish to be transparent and consistent about our belief that “mental illness” is an oxymoron, believing instead that people’s behavioral problems are caused by either sin or physical flaws such as brain damage.  But our imaginary power play is certainly a conceivable thought experiment.  It turns the tables on what some Darwinians actually do: calling their critics insane.The evolutionists’ bible is Darwin’s Origin of Species, with its evolutionary tree of life, and the shrinks’ bible is the DSM-V, with its man-made judgments of what constitutes normal and abnormal behavior.  These ‘bibles’ have their genesis in the flawed assumption that human brains were not designed, but evolved.  The authentic trees of life and of knowledge of good and evil are known by their fruits (02/28/2010).last_img read more

Emirates set for shake-up

first_imgThe world’s biggest international airline, Emirates, is about to embark on the biggest changes in its 31-year history: the introduction of a fourth travel class and low-cost-carrier-style a la carte price to pay for extras that are now free.The airline is scrambling to find new sources of cash as price competition from other airlines hits not only yield – average fares paid – but also total revenue, which has dipped even though the number of passengers the airline is carrying continues to grow strongly.However, Emirates isn’t rushing: it says the announcement of what form its new premium economy service will take could still be up to 18 months away.In fact, it may even decide to launch two different forms of premium economy at once – an economy-plus seat-only deal similar to “economy comfort” offerings popular among US airlines priced at  20-30 per cent above best economy discount fares; and a fully-fledged premium economy similar to that offering by its joint-venture partner, Qantas, which usually sells at double the economy discount rate or more.The new class of seating would offer more “pitch” per seat row – typically 36-38 inches (91-95 centimetres) – with a wider seat (19 inches – 48 cms — across) at eight-abreast per seat row, instead of the squeezy 10-abreast standard economy seat in the airline’s Boeing 777-300ERs, which are just 17 inches (43 cms) wide.At 10-abreast – also used by American Airlines, but not by many other carriers, who’ve stayed with nine-abreast —  Emirates’ 777-300ER have one of the world’s highest seat counts for the type at up to 427.By contrast, airlines that have stuck with nine-abreast have as few as 244 seats (Japan Airlines). Emirates also offers 10-abreast economy in its A380 superjumbos, but the seats are 18 inches (46 cms) wide.Emirates has been forced to make changes to its business model after the latest half-year, reported in November 2016, saw a 75 per cent collapse in profit to $US212 million and a contraction in overall revenue, down one per cent to $US11.3 billion, even though the number of passengers carried by the airline grew nine per cent to 28 million.“The bleak global economic outlook appears to be the new norm, with no immediate resolution in sight,” Emirates’ chairman and chief executive, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, lamented.But the airline had seen in coming. “I see a change in the way corporate business is going to develop which of course will affect our yields because the high end stuff isn’t going to come through as it was in the good old days,” Emirates president, Sir Tim Clark, told the annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association in June 2016.He said passenger volumes would still grow despite a weak global economy, but air fares were expected to fall 7% this year and would remain depressed.“We are going to be there for a long time on these fare levels,” he said, warning that competition would intensify as new low-cost, long-haul carriers like Norwegian Air Shuttle pushed further into intercontinental routes.That’s great news for travellers, but it means Emirates must now re-evaluate how it generates revenue and profit. Being the only carrier that offered in-flight entertainment in every seat, which Emirates was once alone in doing, is no longer enough.“The trick is to (price) match and deliver more,” Clark told one interviewer. “That is becoming more difficult these days, because in the old days, we were the only kid on the block doing what we’re doing. Now, there are others who are emulating us.“Because certain segments of our markets have become deeply discounted, we’re having to look and see whether we can extract more value through the ancillary revenue stream.“It’s somewhere we’ve never traditionally gone, but the digital world tells us that that’s the way people are thinking. Where the value is clear to them, and is delivered to them in a manner that they expect, they will pay for (extras).”That’s backed by an Ipsos survey of 3000 flyers last year for the US airline lobby, Airlines for America, which found that two-thirds liked the new world of optional extras on top of the basic fare.In fact, Emirates began surcharging for advance seat selection in October 2016 – as little as $US10 on short routes and as much as $US40 on long-haul routes for passengers who want to sit together and not be separated by the booking engines’ random seat allocation.Clark forecast that other optional fees were on the way for items like second checked bags, special food and wine requests, premium check-in or expedited security clearance.Premium economy has also become a money-spinner for airlines like Emirates partner Qantas, which resisted the trend towards the new class for a decade before jumping on board in 2007.According to some airline analysts, for full-service carriers, premium economy is now the most profitable offering per square centimetre of the floorspace it requires, given the cost of the higher service levels afforded to business and first class passengers.Qantas typically charges double its best discount economy fare for premium economy, but on the long intercontinental routes between Australia and the US, a host of carriers including Virgin Australia, Delta, American and United have been successful with less expensive economy-plus offerings providing slightly less legroom than premium economy, but still substantially more than standard economy.Clark has said the long lead time before the change is partly to allow time for a large number of Emirates’ 230 aircraft to be refitted before premium economy is officially offered to travellers.last_img read more

Cote d’Ivoire crisis: Zuma looks to AU

first_img24 January 2011South African President Jacob Zuma has pinned his hopes on this week’s African Union meeting in Ethiopia to defuse the unfolding political crisis in Cote d’Ivoire.Political rivals Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara have been at loggerheads since a disputed second-round presidential election in Cote d’Ivoire in November last year, bringing that country to a political standstill.Both the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU) have since come out in support of Outtara, who is widely believed to have won the poll. Gbagbo is still clinging to power, however, and maintains control of the country’s army, a number of its state bodies and much of its cocoa sector.According to the UN, the post-election stalemate has so far left around 247 people dead and forced thousands to flee their homes.‘Political solution similar to Sudan’s’Speaking to journalists in Pretoria on Friday, Zuma said he was hoping a solution would be found soon, and called on the AU to discuss the matter with both leaders.“We are hoping that the AU will be able to resolve the matter and convince the parties … Our view is that we need to do something to help the situation, and don’t demand that one leader should go,” Zuma said.He was speaking following a meeting with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, who was on a two-day state visit to South Africa.Both Zuma and Museveni agreed that a political solution similar to that of South Sudan was needed to bring about political stability in Cote d’Ivoire.Pretoria would further support any recommendation of the AU to prevent any outbreak of violence in resolving the standoff between Gbagbo and Ouattara, Zuma said.Pressure on Gbagbo mountsThe United States, meanwhile, says is working with its African partners to impose sanctions against Gbagbo and his supporters, along with a broadened a travel ban, in the latest bid to pressure him to step down.“At this point, there are travel restrictions and financial restrictions on Gbagbo and his immediate circle of friends and family and those people who allow him to remain in power,” US Assistant Secretary for Africa Bruce Wharton said in Pretoria on Thursday.He was addressing the media on US government policy in Africa and the year ahead.The US has joined other countries and blocs, such as the European Union, which have frozen Gbagbo’s assets.Wharton said the US would continue to increase these pressures, making it more difficult for Gbagbo to remain where he was.“It’s my hope that eventually he will see that the future of Cote d’Ivoire and the people that he claims to serve is best served by his departure,” Wharton said. “And if that can be done peacefully, then Cote d’Ivoire can move on.”Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

South African Music Awards has a new venue

first_img1 April 2016The South African Music Awards (Samas), regarded as the premium music awards in the country, will be hosted in Durban for the first time later this year. The ceremony takes place on 4 June.That is indeed correct. The 22nd annual @TheSAMAs will be taking place at @DurbanICC in association with @eThekwiniM— Refiloe Ramogase (@refiloer) March 30, 2016“We are pleased that this prestigious awards ceremony is being held in Durban as we constantly strive to ensure our highly talented musicians are provided with opportunities and the necessary platforms to showcase their talent,” eThekwini Mayor James Nxumalo said on Wednesday, 30 March.The 22nd Samas will take place at Durban’s main convention centre, the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre, with the eThekwini Municipality as the hosting partner.“Music brings people together, irrespective of race, creed or culture and eThekwini is proud to be hosting the 22nd Samas,” the mayor said.“It is fitting that the ceremony will take place at our historic venue, the Durban Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC), which has been transformed into a world-class events and conference centre over the years.”The Samas had a long history of promoting local music and acknowledging the contribution made by musicians to grow the music and entertainment industry.“We salute our musicians and appreciate the role they play in impacting lives as well as showcasing South Africa’s diverse culture and rich history through music. eThekwini is proud to be partnering with the Recording Industry of South Africa for this year’s SAMAs.”Samas chairman Refiloe Ramogase said the new partnership with the eThekwini Municipality marked a fresh chapter for the awards ceremony.Award nominees will be announced later this month.Source: South African Government News Agencylast_img read more

The Feds, not Forrester, Are Developing Better Definitions for Cloud Computing

first_imgService Models:Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS). The capability provided to the consumer is to use the provider’s applications running on a cloud infrastructure. The applications are accessible from various client devices through a thin client interface such as a web browser (e.g., web-based email). The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network, servers, operating systems, storage, or even individual application capabilities, with the possible exception of limited user-specific application configuration settings.Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS). The capability provided to the consumer is to deploy onto the cloud infrastructure consumer-created or acquired applications created using programming languages and tools supported by the provider. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network, servers, operating systems, or storage, but has control over the deployed applications and possibly application hosting environment configurations.Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The capability provided to the consumer is to provision processing, storage, networks, and other fundamental computing resources where the consumer is able to deploy and run arbitrary software, which can include operating systems and applications. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure but has control over operating systems, storage, deployed applications, and possibly limited control of select networking components (e.g., host firewalls).Deployment Models:Private cloud. The cloud infrastructure is operated solely for an organization. It may be managed by the organization or a third party and may exist on premise or off premise.Community cloud. The cloud infrastructure is shared by several organizations and supports a specific community that has shared concerns (e.g., mission, security requirements, policy, and compliance considerations). It may be managed by the organizations or a third party and may exist on premise or off premise.Public cloud. The cloud infrastructure is made available to the general public or a large industry group and is owned by an organization selling cloud services.Hybrid cloud. The cloud infrastructure is a composition of two or more clouds (private, community, or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability (e.g., cloud bursting for load-balancing between clouds). 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now alex williams Related Posts IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Several months ago, the federal government drafted definitions for cloud computing. It was generally recognized as doing some excellent work.The definitions are a work in progress. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) last updated the definitions on October 7. The latest version is available for download. It’s free.Forrester Research says we need better definitions for cloud computing services. Principal analyst James Staten maintains that vendors are “cloudwashing,” providing their own sets of definitions that are just confusing customers.He outlines 11 cloud computing services that he places in three categories:Rented softwareApplication services that allow developers to build platformInfrastructure servicesThe problem is that analyst groups like Forrester just make it more confusing when they make up their own definitions that really are only meant for paying customers. It just turns into a circus. We guess Forrester believes that they are helping the process but it feels more like they are looking for a way to put their stamp on how we all define cloud computing.We do not have access to the Forrester report that has more about these three categories and eleven services. It is available for download. The cost is $1749.NIST is not super-aggressive about promoting its definitions. And the comment system is pretty archaic. You can subscribe to an email list to provide feedback. If there was a more public face to the process, the definition game would be a bit less confusing for everyone.In the meantime, for all of our benefit, we’d like to share some of the latest definitions that have been drafted by NIST:Definition of Cloud Computing:Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model promotes availability and is composed of five essential characteristics, three service models, and four deployment models. Tags:#enterprise#news Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img read more

U.S. Broadband Map Shows an Unconnected Nation

first_imgTags:#news#NYT#web The National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Federal Communications Commission have released a map of the broadband connections across the United States. The most surprising thing in looking at the map? The reality that much of the country is not connected to broadband at all. But that was rather the point. The NTIA gives grants to projects in every state to increase the reach of broadband. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… curt hopkins Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Areas of intense connection include the Eastern Seaboard, the Pacific Northwest, the Bay Area, the Chicago area and the Southland. The overwhelming majority of the Mountain West and Southwest, as well as inland Northwest and California are a broadband desert. The map was built from 25 million documents that provided information on what kind of connections are available, who the providers are, where the connections are and what speed they operate at. The site allows a user to analyze the data, browse the map or enter a specific location to see how connected it is. It also requests that users provide missing information, such as an unlisted broadband provider. The APIs used to develop the map are all listed and developers are invited to use them. The home page lists the top five locations that have been searched on. 38 w 45th st new york, ny 10036franklin mcpherson square2 1st avenue, new york, ny2017 mission street, san francisco, californianyOther sources: PopSci Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

The Ongoing Campaign for “Homestar”

first_imgEven though the federally expanded Weatherization Assistance Program has struggled to gain its bureaucratic footing, the logic behind the program and others designed to encourage further energy efficiency retrofits is, in the current economic climate, too compelling for the Obama administration to ignore.President Obama’s pitch in Savannah, Georgia, this week for the “Homestar” home-retrofit-and-rebate legislative proposal, whose essentials the White House unveiled last November, played directly to populist hunger for programs that create jobs and to the notion that eco-friendly, energy-saving home improvements that are done correctly can save homeowners money.Making upgrades rebate-readySpeaking to an audience at the Savannah Technical College, where students are trained in energy efficient construction, the president cited a few Homestar details (which also are outlined on the White House press office website) aimed at making it easier for homeowners to manage the upfront costs of retrofit projects.Purchases of certain materials and services from participating vendors, installers, and utility programs, for example, will be eligible for point-of-sale rebates. Under what Homestar proponents call “Silver Star” improvements, consumers would be eligible for 50% rebates, up to $1,500, on simple upgrades such as duct sealing, installation of insulation, energy efficient water heaters, HVAC systems, windows and/or doors. Certain combinations of upgrades could boost the Silver Star rebate to as much as $3,000.Another retrofit category, called Gold Star, offers a $3,000 rebate for a whole-home audit and upgrade that reduces the home’s energy costs by 20% or more.A stimulus-funded precedentThe program would focus on products made in the U.S. and installed by certified contractors, and would include support for state- and locally sponsored financing plans. And while WAP is aimed at low-income households, Homestar rebates would be available to consumers in all income brackets.Obama is presenting the proposal as a nonpartisan, “common-sense approach” to the nation’s high unemployment rate and the need to decrease energy use, although his political opponents said they are skeptical the plan will deliver as promised. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, Republican of Virginia, cited unmet expectations for the $5 billion Weatherization Assistance Program as evidence that a stimulus plan like Homestar would disappoint. That assessment, however, is premature, since WAP has only now begun ramping up to peak operation. A fair assessment of the current incarnation of the WAP is several months away.last_img read more

10 months agoArsenal kid Bukayo Saka thrilled to make Premier League debut

first_imgArsenal kid Bukayo Saka thrilled to make Premier League debutby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveBukayo Saka was thrilled to make his Premier League debut in Arsenal’s 4-1 win over Fulham.Saka replaced Alex Iwobi with three minutes remaining in our 4-1 win over Fulham, adding to his two appearances in the Europa League late last year.“Right now I’m feeling so happy,” he said. “I feel blessed to have made my debut and get minutes on the pitch. I just want to thank my family, my friends and everyone at the club who’s helped me to get to this stage.“It’s been a tough stage, a long stage, but through hard work and determination I managed to get here.“I’m not stopping now. I’m very hungry. I just want to work hard with every chance I get. In training I just want to impress the coach so I can get back on the pitch.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more