Lecture analyzes Celtic Tiger

first_imgSarah L. Townsend, a visiting faculty fellow at the Keough-Naughton Institute, traced in a talk Friday the literary usage of the term “pig” during the Celtic Tiger period in Ireland.Townsend analyzed the Celtic Tiger, a name for the rapid economic growth of the Republic of Ireland in the late 1990s, in the lecture titled “Miracles of Development: From Irish pigs to Celtic Tigers,” which focused particularly on Patrick McCabe’s “The Butcher Boy” and Enda Walsh’s “Disco Pigs.” “The works serve as fascinating barometers of the Celtic Tiger sentiment by capturing the early dizzying promises while simultaneously conveying depression for its excesses, exclusions and violent ends,” she said.These pig-oriented narratives reveal the mental logic of the Celtic Tiger and its aftermath, Townsend said. The Irish works by McCabe and Walsh convey well the transition of Ireland into the Celtic Tiger and the subsequent depression, she said.The authors’ portrayal of characters emphasizes the country’a mentality during the time of transition into the Celtic Tiger economy, Townsend said.“McCabe’s and Walsh’s texts critique the piggish tendencies that development in Ireland caused because of the economic development of the latter 20th century … such as calling out the excesses of Celtic Tiger society,” she said.One example of aligning the transformation of characters to the transformation of the Irish people’s mentality was marking the characters’ development in terms of piggish consumption, Townsend said.“Development of consumer desires [by the characters] mark the emergence of a socialized and mature individual finally able to make and spend like the Celtic Tiger demand,” she said.The characters’ ultimate decline by over-consumption echoes the fate of the Celtic Tiger, which Townsend said transitioned Ireland from the country with the highest standard of living in the world in 2005 to one with a depressed economy by 2010.Tags: Celtic Tiger, Enda Walsh, Ireland, Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies, Patrick MaCabe, Sarah L. Townsendlast_img read more

Colombia Makes Progress with Humanitarian Mine Clearance

first_imgBy Myriam Ortega/Diálogo September 17, 2018 In mid-August, the Colombian Army announced that three areas in the east and center of the country were free of mines, making great progress toward its goal to clear 119 municipalities by the end of 2018. The Humanitarian Demining Engineer Brigade (BRDEH, in Spanish) cleared La Pradera municipality in Valle del Cauca department, as well as Villavicencio and Fuente de Oro municipalities in Meta department. “We cleared 37 municipalities in the first quarter and 35 [in the] second quarter,” Colombian Army Colonel Giovanny Rodríguez León, BRDEH commander, told Diálogo. “About 70 percent of our goal has been met in the first half of the year, and we expect to clear 50 municipalities in the second half.” The Colombian government’s goal is to free the country of antipersonnel mines by 2021. According to Descontamina Colombia, an office of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia’s Administrative Department, the country has 264 municipalities and two departments free of mines. Three mine-free municipalities After six months of work from BRDEH’s Sixth Humanitarian Demining Engineer Battalion, La Pradera municipality was declared mine-free on August 17th. Soldiers cleared the last 12,700-square-meter area through manual clearance. According to the Army, the Sixth Battalion successfully cleared more than 91,000 square meters in Valle del Cauca department. On August 1st, the Fourth Humanitarian Demining Engineer Battalion finished clearing the municipalities of Fuente de Oro and Villavicencio in Meta department. The work benefited 30,000 inhabitants. In Villavicencio, units investigated and identified 27 areas with mine contamination risks, where 22 victims of antipersonnel mines were identified. In these areas, the battalion cleared more than 32,00 square meters. Accidents involving antipersonnel mines were recorded in three areas of Fuente de Oro. After collecting information, soldiers started removing and destroying the explosive artifacts. Socialization work “An interinstitutional agency made up of the [Colombian] Ministry of Defense and the director of Descontamina Colombia, conducts identification of areas according to criteria they use to carry out mine clearance,” Colombian Army First Sergeant John Alexander Ramírez Antonio, a member of BRDEH’s non-technical survey team, told Diálogo. “Once areas or municipalities where intervention is likely to take place are identified, they are assigned to the brigade.” Descontamina Colombia defines non-technical survey as the collection of information and data analysis obtained from available sources, as well as investigation on the ground to collect new evidence. This work is part of the first phase of humanitarian mine clearance. “The non-technical survey consists of going to every house in every small town and investigating based on the information obtained,” 1st Sgt. Ramírez said. “Depending on what is found in each visit, with national standard criteria and operational procedures, we determine whether it’s a potential danger for the community.” Socialization work, carried out with regional authorities, local Community Action Boards, and villagers, is fundamental to identify the areas where explosive artifacts are planted. Occasionally, locals even point out the places farmers, who abandoned their land, avoided. “Illegal groups planted the mines,” 1st Sgt. Ramírez said. “There are no maps or registries of how artifacts were installed, and the kind of device used. Any item you find might be an explosive artifact.” The second phase of humanitarian mine clearance consists of a technical survey, a thorough investigation to confirm or cancel the area in question. In the third phase, experts begin clearance to remove and destroy mines using three methods: manual, mechanic—with minesweeping equipment—or canine. “We now work with minesweeping equipment in [the departments of] Caquetá and Meta; [and] with canines in Caquetá, Putumayo, and Valle del Cauca,” Col. Rodríguez said. “In 90 percent [of the territories], the clearance is done manually.” Minesweeping equipment can cover up to 3,200 square meters in an hour, the officer said, while the manual method covers between 6 and 16 square meters a day. Statistics According to Descontamina Colombia, between 1990 and July 31, 2018, a total of 11,615 troops and civilians were victims of explosive artifacts in the country; 2,287 of them died. Authorities destroyed more than 6,000 explosive artifacts in that period. At a public hearing on July 31st, Sergio Bueno Aguirre, director of Descontamina Colombia, announced that the number of victims dropped drastically in 2018, thanks to the Peace Accord between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Between 2015 and 2018, Bueno said, the number of victims decreased by 60 percent. “Being able to meet the country’s goal to be mine-free and fulfill its commitment to the Ottawa Treaty has been one of this government’s priorities,” said Bueno. For his part, Col. Rodríguez looks forward to the future and projects to come. “Antipersonnel mines highly affected our farmers. This practice caused displacements and affected regional economies due to insecurity about going to the fields,” Col. Rodríguez said. “After humanitarian mine clearance is done, other state projects will be implemented, such as crop substitution, land restitution, and productive projects.”last_img read more

Thirty-two awarded for their ‘labour of love’ to Dominica Labour Party

first_img Share LocalNews Thirty-two awarded for their ‘labour of love’ to Dominica Labour Party by: – October 10, 2011 Sharing is caring! Share Tweetcenter_img Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit addressing the DLP Awards Ceremony on Saturday.Thirty-two members of the Dominica Labour Party were on Saturday awarded for their hard work and ‘labour of love’ towards the development of the party.At a special award ceremony at the Officers’ Quarters of the Fort Shirley in the Cabrits National Park Cabrits in Portsmouth, the fifty-six year old party led by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit highlighted the contribution that these thirty-two ‘giants’ have made towards the Dominica Labour Party throughout the years.Mr Skerrit noted that while awards are usually associated with prizes or payments, no amount of money can compare to the level of commitment and dedication these members have shown.“Tonight we give special recognition to thirty-two of our comrades who have given exemplary and dedicated service to our Party. We normally associate the word “award” with a prize or payment. While this is good, there is no prize or payment that can compensate for the commitment demonstrated, the loyalty shown and the sheer hard work done by the awardees in fighting the fight for Labour. For them, their love for Labour has been translated into “a labour of love”.Prime Minister Skerrit also singled out “Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan and Communicator Extraordinaire Charles Savarin who I believe are shining examples of what Labour warriors ought to be”.In saluting these thirty-two giants, Senior Counsel Astaphan and Honourable Charles Savarin, Mr Skerrit also lamented the fact that some former friends of labour have become distracted by innuendo and lies of opposing forces.“I have to admit, with some regret, that some of our one-time brothers have found themselves entrapped in the language, innuendo and lies of those who do not wish your leadership well. Though very few in number, they could not embrace the shift in political strategy that was critical to turning around the fortunes of our party, allowing it to grow, to become more inclusive, while continuing to empower the hard working men, women and children who make up the bulk of our citizens.”Mr Skerrit however said “there comes a time when even the best of friends must part; I wish them well, but the door is always open for their return”.The Prime Minister also issued a warning to anti Labour forces who are seeking to incite violence in the country based on their personal vendetta against him that “whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall in it”.“It includes a vocal fringe with personal vendetta against Roosevelt Skerrit, who spend every minute, awake or asleep, conjuring up schemes and stories designed to place him on a slippery slope towards destruction; they attempt to invoke events of the past and superimpose them on the progressive achievements of Labour over the past decade in the hope, albeit false, that people will be incited to rise up against the duly elected Government; but friends my warning to them is this: ‘Whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall in it’.”The Prime Minister also shared his vision with his members for the next award ceremony, stating that it should also include an induction ceremony to include new members.“We should set the target of welcoming at least one hundred new members into the ranks of our party, this averages only about five inductees per constituency, and I know you can do this,” he said.Meantime Member of Parliament for the Cottage Constituency Reginald Austrie also encouraged member of the Dominica Labour Party to welcome new members into the party.“We must adopt an open policy; we must allow for the changes to take place within the party, we must put out the olive branch, we must welcome people into our midst. It is our intention that every single Dominican will vote for the Dominica Labour Party but in order to do this; we have to encourage them, we have to cajole them and when they come no matter where they come from we need to embrace them and welcome them,” he said.The Paix Bouche Cultural Group and the Capuchin Cultural Group provided entertainment to the crowd during the celebration for the awardees.Here are a few photographs of the ceremony: [nggallery id = 76]The awardees are; Helena Gasper of Castle Bruce, Mona Susanna Edwards of Colihaut, Dian John of Colihaut, Magdalene Joseph of Grand Bay, Isaiah Joseph of La Plaine, Henry Alexander of Mahaut, Vernice L. Davis of Marigot, Rosaline Joseph-Roberts of Morne Jaune/Riviere Cyrique, Eutychus Fabien of Paix Bouce, Reynold Alcendor of Petite Savanne, Vivian Remy of Portsmouth, Bernard Nicholas of Roseau Central, Augustina Darroux of Roseau North, Augustin Henry Ferguson of Roseau South, Keith Richards of Roseau Valley, Darroux Lawrence of Salybia, Ethel Prosper of Salisbury, Theresa Verna Theodore of Soufriere, Aaron LeBruin of St. Joseph, Gerold Jean of Penville, Whitfield E. Wallace of Wesley, Peter Royer and George Thomas of the Western Zone Labour Youth Organization, Wilbert Wylis of the Central Zone Labour Youth Organization, Jannel Thomas and Cathy Moise of the Southeastern Zone of the Labour Youth Organization, and Lisa Fabien of the Northeastern Zone of the Labour Youth Organization, Vinna Royer of Western Zone of the Labour Women’s Organization, Vena McDougal of Central Zone of the Labour Women’s Organization, Rosemary Williams of the Northeastern Zone of the Labour Women’s Organization and Hermina Lazare and Corinthia Blanc-Esprit of the Southwestern Zone of the Labour Women’s Organization.Dominica Vibes News Share 212 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

The Latest: T-Wolves’ Towns donating $100K to Mayo Clinic

first_imgNCAA President Mark Emmert has said postponing the tournament indefinitely was not feasible.___4:45 p.m.Brazil’s soccer confederation has suspended all competitions under its control due to the coronavirus outbreak.The tournaments affected include the men’s Brazilian Cup, the top two tiers of the women’s Brazilian championship, and junior tournaments. The Italian soccer federation is planning to ask UEFA to postpone the European Championship.Federation president Gabriele Gravina tells Mediaset TV that Italian officials want Serie A to be completed by June 30.The Stadio Olimpico in Rome is slated to host the opening match of Euro 2020 on June 12, plus three other games of the tournament.Gravina says, “The hope is to finish by June 30. … And we’ll need to insert the Champions League and Europa League also. The deadline is June 30, then we’ll eventually see if we need to exceed that.”He adds, “We’ll propose to UEFA that they postpone the Euros.” When asked what his biggest baseball concern was, Daniels responded: “I don’t really have one to be honest with you, my head’s not even there. It might have been a few days ago, but it’s been pretty solely focused on making sure everyone’s got what they need, and everyone’s family is taken care of, and that we can get everybody home. We’re going to have plenty of time to figure out the baseball piece.”___6:24 p.m.Keeneland announced it will be closed to all non-essential guests starting Monday. Only essential employees, owners, trainers, veterinarians, blacksmiths and stable workers will be allowed into the track in Lexington, Kentucky.The track will set up screening checkpoints to monitor those seeking access and everyone will have their temperature taken. Only people with a temperature less than 100.5 degrees and showing no symptoms of the COVID-19 virus will be admitted. The screening will continue indefinitely. The men’s top-tier Brazilian championship is scheduled to begin in April. The decision does not affect state championships currently being played. Some matches were held without any fans this weekend in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. São Paulo, Rio and other state soccer bodies are set to decide Monday on their course of action.___2:50 p.m.The New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority says all of the ski areas and venues that it manages will suspend operation at the close of business Sunday. The measure applies to the men’s top flight and second division as well as the fledgling women’s league. Soccer officials said in a statement that the suspension would remain in effect until it’s determined that it’s safe to restart play in coordination with Mexico’s Health Department.Mexico previously played soccer matches without fans for several weeks during the 2009 H1N1 influenza health emergency, an outbreak with Mexico as the epicenter.Federal health officials on Saturday night raised the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country to 41, up from 26 the previous day and 11 the day before that. On Sunday at least two more were announced by state-level authorities.___ The Minnesota-based medical system said it expects the money from Towns will help increase capacity for COVID-19 from 200 tests per day to more than 1,000 per day in the coming weeks. The Mayo Clinic has been working for the past month on developing its own test for the virus to supplement other existing avenues.___9:45 p.m.Hornets owner Michael Jordan and the Hornets players have partnered to establish a fund to provide financial assistance to the team’s part-time employees adversely affected by the loss of games and events due to the coronavirus pandemic. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said suspending sports in the country is “hysteria.” He directly mentioned Brazil’s soccer confederation for suspending its tournaments.Bolsonaro took part in protests that gathered thousands in his support on Sunday despite medical recommendations that he stay in isolation due to coronavirus contagion risks. Several people that traveled with him to the United States last week tested positive for the virus. He said Friday he had tested negative.___5:11 p.m.The Seattle Sounders say a member of the team’s support staff is in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19. Payments from the fund will assist more than 500 part-time staff.The fund will impact employees who serve in various capacities during games and events, including ushers, ticket takers, box office attendants, entertainers, public safety officers, retail staff, guest services personnel, technical operations and others.The part-time staff for the Hornets will be compensated through the end of the scheduled NBA season on April 13. There also will be assistance for part-time employees working Spectrum Center concerts and Greensboro Swarm part-time staff through the end of March.___10:10 p.m. The team says the staff member worked the club’s match against Columbus on March 7, but did not become ill until four days later. The team said the individual did not have access to the general public and “only had access to the team in controlled areas during the game.”The team said no players or coaches have reported having any symptoms related to the coronavirus.“We remain in constant communication with a number of regional and national health authorities, and based on the information we collectively have at this time, there is not felt to be a risk to any fans that attended our March 7 match at CenturyLink Field,” Seattle general manager Garth Lagerwey said in a statement. “The individual that tested positive for COVID-19 did not have access to the public on matchday, and fortunately we have no other confirmed cases within the club at this time. Alongside public health authorities, we are actively monitoring this situation, and should new details emerge, we will continue proactively communicating with our community.”___5:34 p.m. The Latest: T-Wolves’ Towns donating $100K to Mayo Clinic Associated Press Closures include all Nordic and Alpine ski resorts including Mt. Van Hoevenberg in Lake Placid, Belleayre Mountain Ski Resort in the Catskills, Gore Mountain in North Creek and Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington, near Lake Placid. All Lake Placid Olympic sites will also be closing, including the Olympic Jumping Complex, Olympic Sports Complex, The Olympic Oval and the Olympic Center including its museum and retail shops.___6:45 p.m.Soccer players at Brazilian club Gremio have staged a protest of their own by wearing face masks on the field before the start of their game against São José on Sunday. 4:05 p.m.NCAA vice president of men’s basketball Dan Gavitt says brackets won’t be created for the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments that were canceled due to coronavirus concerns. Gavit says he made the decision and it was supported by basketball committees.“There is not an authentic way to produce tournament fields and brackets at this point without speculating,” Gavitt said Sunday, the day the men’s NCAA Tournament field had been scheduled to be announced. “And, that isn’t fair to the teams that would be positively or negatively impacted by manufacturing March Madness. More importantly, in light of this global health crisis, I believe we need to keep college basketball in perspective.”College basketball’s showcase was canceled on Thursday, leading to suggestions from coaches and athletic directors to release brackets for the event even though it won’t happen this year.“Players and coaches want to see their school name on the bracket,” Gavitt acknowledges. “Members of the media want to dissect matchups. Bracketologists want to compare the work of the committees versus what they’ve predicted. Fans are curious for those same reasons. All of us want something to fill the void we’re feeling. However, anything less than a credible process is inconsistent with the tradition of the NCAA basketball championships. … There will always be an asterisk next to the 2020 NCAA men’s and women’s basketball championships regardless if brackets are released.”center_img ___4:49 p.m.The Texas racetrack that hosts the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix and other motor racing series announced it is closing indefinitely after a series of cancellations because of concerns about the coronavirus.The Circuit of the Americas was supposed to host the MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas on April 5 and the IndyCar Challenge on April 26. Both races have been canceled. The track is also home to the USL soccer team Austin Bold and the league season has been suspended.The facility also has a concert amphitheater and hosts large concerts and other events. Austin city officials have banned gatherings of 250 people or more at least until May 1. March 15, 2020 The F1 US Grand Prix remains scheduled for Oct. 25 if the season resumes. Formula One has postponed all races until at least May. MotoGP has tentatively rescheduled its Texas race for Nov. 15.“The joy of creating memorable occasions has been replaced with the disappointing reality of a worldwide crisis,” track officials said in a statement. “We hope everyone stays healthy, heeds the caution advises by leaders and experts, and comes back to COTA when good times return.”__5 p.m.Major League Soccer has extended the moratorium on team training through Friday. Gremio players and coaching staff arrived at the Rio Grande do Sul state championship game wearing the masks. Authorities in Brazil have not ordered the cancellation or postponement of sporting events because of the corona pandemic but recommended that games are held without fans. Grêmio beat tiny São José 3-2 with no fans present.___5:15 p.m. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the coronavirus outbreak’s effect on sports around the world (all times local):10:55 p.m.Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns has announced he’ll donate $100,000 to the Mayo Clinic for testing for the COVID-19 virus. MLS announced a 30-day suspension of match play on Thursday because of the new coronavirus.The league said Sunday that players should remain in the market of their team and exercise safe social distancing. MLS said it is working with its players’ association and other North American professional leagues on a protocol to allow players at training facilities for rehabilitation or individual training.___2:10 p.m.Professional soccer is shutting down in Mexico following Sunday’s matches, which were already being played with no fans present as a precaution due to the new coronavirus. One of the prep races for the Kentucky Derby has been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.The $700,000 Sunland Derby on March 22 in New Mexico was called off Sunday, according to a report in the El Paso Times.Officials at the track across the border from El Paso, Texas, also said it would be the last day of racing to comply with the request of the governor. The meet was scheduled to end April 21.The Sunland Derby winner would have earned 50 points toward qualifying for the 20-horse field in the Kentucky Derby. Track officials had previously said the race would be run without spectators.It’s the second time the Sunland Derby has been canceled. In 2016, an outbreak of an equine herpes virus among the horse population forced it to be called off. ___3:39 p.m.Texas general manager Jon Daniels says the team has “effectively” closed down its training camp in Arizona, with a bulk of players from the big league camp electing to go home. He says 15 to 20 players were headed to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where they either have a primary residence or a place where they live during the regular season.A charter plane was scheduled Monday for players to return to Texas, though some still elected to drive their own cars from the Arizona camp that is just more than 1,000 miles from their new ballpark in Arlington, Texas. Daniels said five or six players would be staying in Arizona, along with some staff members who have their offseason homes in the area. Other coaches were returning home to be with their families. Serie A is currently suspended until April 3, along with all other sports in Italy, the European epicenter of the virus outbreak.UEFA has a meeting planned on Tuesday to discuss the calendar. The virus outbreak has also tested the limits of soccer’s World Cup schedule.___1:15 p.m. The Spanish league has suspended play due to the pandemic. Most people quickly recover from the global virus after experiencing only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia.___More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 Valencia’s Argentine defender Ezequiel Garay says that he has tested positive for the coronavirus, making him the first Spanish league player to become infected. “I have tested positive for the coronavirus,” Garay wrote on a social media account Sunday. “I feel well and now the only thing to do is to follow the instructions of health officials to remain confined.”Valencia added in a statement that a total of five members of its staff and team have the new virus, without specifying if Garay is the only player. It says that all are in good health and confined at their homes.Garay, who is recovering from surgery after tearing a ligament in February, said in a message posted on Instagram that “it’s clear that 2020 is starting on the wrong foot.”On Saturday, fellow Spanish club Alavés said that two members of its coaching staff had the virus. It said they are in good health. last_img read more

NFL preseason 2019: 5 storylines to watch in Week 2

first_imgHere’s something to watch for each night.5 storylines to watch in Week 1 of NFL preseason1. Nick Foles won’t get his first revenge gameNick Foles did not play in the Jaguars preseason opener last week, and he’ll sit again this time around. This news, however excepted, does rob fans of the potential Foles-Carson Wentz matchup.Jacksonville hosts Philadelphia to start Week 2 action Thursday and a Foles sighting this isn’t part of coach Doug Marrone’s plan. He said earlier in the week he is saving his starters for Week 3.”We will play [our starters] the third preseason game and the reason why, just so I’m clear on that, is because in the third preseason game, this is exactly what we do,” he said, via the team’s official website. “We’re going to do the exact schedule that we do during the year. The players come in at a certain time, the reps are going to be exactly what we are going to do during the year. It’s a [dry] run. If there are any issues, we can go ahead and clean some things up.”Foles, who most notably led to the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory two years ago, was picked up by the Jaguars as a free agent in the offseason. The Eagles have put all their eggs in one basket for the oft-injured Wentz, who will supposedly make his debut in Week 3 as well. The matchup will still be interesting, though, as first-year offensive coordinator John DeFilippo is still working through Jacksonville’s offense.Game time: Eagles at Jaguars, 7 p.m. ET Thursday2. Daniel Jones needs to take advantage of his opportunitiesDaniel Jones should only see the field during the preseason, according to Giants owner John Mara. It’s nothing against the rookie signal-caller, Mara just hopes Eli Mannnig can stay healthy and have ” a great year .”These next couple week’s will be Jones’ chance to show he can hang with the veteran. He already led the Giants down the field in his debut last week. The 67-yard scoring drive was his only for the game and he was perfect — literally. Jones was 5-of-5 to best Manning, who went three-and-out at the sound of boos from the crowd. “I think my job right now is to prepare, to improve as much as I can, and control what I can control,” Jones said. “How that plays out, I certainly hope we’re winning a whole lot of games, too.”The Giants might be able to win again versus the Bears, who suffered a loss to the Panthers last week.The double whammy? Keep an eye on Chicago’s kicking competition. Elliott Fry impressed in Week 1 after successfully making his lone 43-yard field-goal attempt.Game time:  Bears at Giants, 7:30 p.m. ET Friday (NFL Network)3. No Zeke, big problem?It’s still early in preseason and if Ezekiel Elliott was in fact playing, his time and carries would likely be limited. But in his absence, there’s a void in the Cowboys’ backfield. But they aren’t the only ones facing issues at the running back position.The Rams are considering keeping Todd Gurley sidelined for the entire preseason — not even coach Sean McVay seems sure.”That’s something that I would say, more likely than not, but we’re still working through the specifics of that as we kind of get closer and closer to that,” McVay said . “I don’t have the full answer, but more likely than not, he will not go.”The players that will actually be involved Saturday have quite a bit at stake. Both Dak Prescott and Jared Goff are looking for new contracts and leading their respective offenses without their biggest stars is a sure way of securing that.Did we mention this game is in Hawaii?Game time:  Cowboys at Rams, 10 p.m. ET Saturday (NFL Network) 4. Will we see the stars on Sunday? This week is turning into a Where’s Waldo of talent.This next question — will Drew Brees make a showing for the Saints?Teddy Bridgewater got a bulk of the workload under center in Week 1. He’s already improving on his reps from last season after he missed all of the early action joining the New Orleans squad just days before their final exhibition game. He’s making the case for eventually replacing Brees. But for now, fans still want to see their QB1.With Brees in, top playmakers Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara will likely get a few more reps themselves.Meanwhile, Philip Rivers will make his showing in the Chargers’ first home game of the preseason.Game time:  Saints at Chargers, 7 p.m. ET Sunday (CBS)5. The 49ers franchise quarterback is backHe’s back!It’s been a long road for Jimmy Garoppolo, but he will finally make his return after missing nearly all of last season with a torn ACL. The 27-year-old quarterback will be able to once again add to his legend, but his first test won’t be easy as he’ll face a tough Denver defense. Garoppolo, who has started a combined 10 regular-season games in his five-year career, will face the likes of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. The QB will have to rely on his offensive line for production, and hopefully his full mobility to get him out of trouble if necessary.Game time:  49ers at Broncos, 8 p.m. ET Monday (ESPN) Another week of preseason football brings another week of storylines to follow through the now five-day slate of games.The NFL is bringing action from Thursday to Monday with a number of stars returning, stars still missing and everything in between.last_img read more